Super Frosty Loomis Roundup

The snowfall was somewhat sparse in late January, but Mother Nature was kind enough to blanket Hammond Hill with enough snow for the third annual Super Frosty Loomis Snowshoe Race. The low-key event drew 26 runners to Hammond Hill State Forest to run shortened versions of the classic Thom B loop over 5k and 10k distances. Sunny skies were enough to keep runners moving, despite the 20-degree cold and the hilly course—and no one got permanently lost in the woods. (Boris included!)

Thank you to everyone who came out to Hammond Hill for the race—whether it was to run hard and win a pair of socks, or to burn some extra calories on the eve of the Super Bowl. Kudos to Jim Miner, who, after winning the Loomis 5k, hightailed it up route 96 at 88 mph to complete a marathon at the Cast-a-Shadow 6-Hour run. Also of note: Sarah Ridenour topped the women’s 5k for the third straight year. Will anyone step up and challenge her reign in 2018?

A shout out to our race sponsors: Hopshire Farm Brewery, Finger Lakes Running & Triathlon Co., and Stonewall Wine & Spirits.

Race results


Videos from the 2017 Hartshorne Masters Mile

If you couldn’t be at the Hartshorne Masters Mile this year, you can now relive the excitement by watching the videos of each heat, a number of which feature thrilling finishes.

Hartshorne Masters Mile Men Elite 40s 2017

Hartshorne Masters Mile Men Elite 50s 2017

Hartshorne Masters Mile Men Section I 2017

Hartshorne Masters Mile Men Section II 2017

Hartshorne Masters Mile Men Section III 2017

Hartshorne Masters Mile Men Section IV 2017

Hartshorne Masters Mile Women Elite 40s 2017

Hartshorne Masters Mile Women Elite 50s 2017

Hartshorne Masters Mile Women Section I 2017

Hartshorne Masters Mile Women Section II 2017

Register to Attend FLRC’s Annual Meeting on Sunday, March 5th at 4 PM

FLRC’s annual meeting will take place this year from 4–6 PM on Sunday, March 5th at Joe’s Restaurant (602 West Buffalo Street). The event is free, and if you’re coming, please register on Webscorer so we can get a headcount for the food.

Speaking of which, appetizers will be served in the form of a social buffet and we’ll once again have our annual Dessert Contest. The menu includes Spinach Artichoke Dip, Stuffed Mushrooms, Gouda Macaroni and Cheese Balls, Vegetable Crudites, and Joe’s Signature Meatballs in Red Sauce. Lemonade, water, and a coffee/tea bar will be provided. A cash bar is available for folks wishing other options for beverages.

To join in the Dessert Contest, bring your favorite dessert to share with others. We will be voting on the yummiest and a winner will be announced.

Along with a quick recap of FLRC’s successful year in 2016, we’ll be announcing the Volunteer of the Year and new Lifetime Members, and there will be a short presentation by a special guest runner.

Race results from 1998–2009 are back online

For anyone looking for results from long-ago FLRC races, we’ve brought results pages from 1998 through 2009 back onto the site. You can once again view them in their original glory! There’s also a temporary link in the Menu tab at the bottom of the screen; we’ll add a permanent link to the Results page soon.

Hartshorne Masters Mile Results and Thank Yous

To all Hartshorne Memorial Masters Mile volunteers, supporters, and competitors:

Whew, it’s a bit surreal that the 50th anniversary running of the Hartshorne Memorial Masters Mile is complete! The 2017 event was the largest on record, and it is hardly an exaggeration to say we saw some of the best, most exciting racing in five decades at the track on Saturday!

Results are available here on the Finger Lakes Runners Club web site. A searchable database of results and videos of all the races will be posted soon, so be sure to check back. We also have results with lap splits via Leone Timing.

Media coverage begins with a brief article by Ken Stone of, which includes profiles of elite 40s winners Sasha Scott and Peter Brady. There is also a nice write-up in the Ithaca Journal of race highlights and results from some local runners, and video footage of the men’s Section 6 heat.

This event simply could not happen without the support of the volunteers who cover all the posts—from registration to holding the finish line tape. The runners could run, but it would be only a workout and not an exciting, timed mile event with all the trappings of the bigger track meets at Madison Square Garden and The Armory in upper Manhattan. Putting on the masters races as the introduction to the collegiate track and field meet—which begins immediately after the Hartshorne Masters Mile—is one of the reasons why the masters mile has the energy and attention it deserves. Showing masters competition at its best to all of the college athletes in Barton Hall lets them see themselves 20 or 30 years down the road, and plants the concept of a life of aerobic exercise and competition well beyond their college years. Having support from the college track and field athletes cheering for the “old timers” gives a big boost to our runners out on the oval. So thank you to of all the collegiate track and field athletes from Cornell and the many competing schools for your applause and support of our masters milers!

We are enormously grateful to many people for helping to make the Hartshorne Masters Mile’s 50th year a success. Jim Miner and John Whitman were first on the scene at Barton Hall to staff the registration desk, even while Jim jumped in to race in Section 3. Bruce Roebal and Steve Shaum stood track-side to count laps and call lap times to the runners while Nancy Kleinrock and Aaron Proujansky guided runners in the elite heats through the finish line banner. Dan McKee was crucial at helping to manage a myriad of tasks at the starting line, while Carl Franck and Jim Bisogni expertly handled data entry of the results. Thanks you to Joel Cisne, Darian Muresan, Bert Bland, and Sean Nicholson for keeping order on the third turn and east entrance door.

We were happy to once again have Joe Simpson as course clerk, and Lennie Tucker and Dan Hurley as official starters. Lennie, the force behind Felder Track & Field in Syracuse, NY, started the women’s Section 2 while Dan pulled the trigger for the remaining heats, then continued as starter for the collegiate meet that followed!

Special thanks to our talented rabbits this year: Ben Rainero (ME4), Julie Quinn (WE4), Jay Hubisz (ME5), and Jullien Flynn (WE5). They all did a great job setting the pace for the elite section winners.

Thanks to Tim Bangs and the crew from Bangs Ambulance Service for providing EMS support throughout the day, Jorge Cuevas for his expert video coverage, sound support, and DJ talents at the post-race banquet, and Peter Taylor’s smooth, track-side announcing. (Watch for Peter’s article about this year’s race in National Masters News.) Many thanks to Steve Gallow for his keen eye behind the camera, and to Mary Swan for her great run and her gorgeous rendition of the national anthem that opened the event.

As always, we’re indebted to Cornell coaches Artie Smith, Zeb Lang, and Rich Bowman for their continued support of masters running. They graciously made room for ten heats of the Hartshorne Masters Mile this year, while in the midst of putting together the collegiate track and field meet that began at 12:30 p.m.

We thank Pat Leone, Rick Streeter, and the Leone Timing crew for their excellent timing services. We are deeply grateful to race sponsors Sean Nicholson, Joe Daley, Ken Zeserson, Bill Quinlisk, and Lennie Tucker.

Lastly—and most certainly not least—a tip of the hat to Rick Hoebeke, our 2017 Honorary Race Director. Rick directed the Hartshorne Masters Mile for 20 years after taking over from race founder Jim Hartshorne, before moving to Athens, GA, in 2011. Rick was the force behind the recruitment of national and international class masters runners, and in building the Hartshorne Masters Mile into the premier event it is today.

Thanks to all the fans, friends and families that come to cheer these master athletes.

Finally, and most important of all, thank you to all the athletes who came to run the 50th anniversary event. Your dedication to the sport is an inspiration to all of us!

Tom and Charlie, race directors

Winter Chill 5K #3 Race Report

Hi folks,
Okay, so maybe it was more like a spring thaw than a winter chill this weekend! The results from Winter Chill 5K #3 have been posted to Webscorer. Thank you to the various businesses, coaches, and members of the community that we had the pleasure of sharing space with at Island Health & Fitness, and to Island for allowing us to stage the race on their property.

A few notes from RD Bob Talda:

  • Thanks to all the volunteers: Mickie, Shelly, Ally, Harris, Adam, Scott, Denice (and anyone else we may have left out!)
  • Kudos to Yvette and Linnie for joining us despite the 3 a.m. return from marching in Washington, DC.
  • We’re still sad that the change of start didn’t get to everyone
  • We’re glad that most of the runners still made it over to Island Health & Fitness in time to join us!
  • To the runner who ran the usual course, please e-mail me with your time so I can credit you for participating.
  • I really enjoyed the PJs!
  • It was also an amazing day to be out watching runners—the view up and down the inlet was spectacular! It was even beneficial, as we could yell over to any runner who missed the turn up the hill.
  • Ian’s race photos are on Facebook here:…

The FLRC raffle winners are as follows:

  • Skunk Cabbage Classic Half Marathon & 10K: Jake McNamara and Wendy Kozlowski
  • Tortoise & Hare entry: Mo Barger and Gerrit Van Loon
  • Thom B Trail Runs entry: Brett Donaldson and Annette Schaff
  • FLRC Pint Glass and Hat: Laura Morse
  • FLRC membership: Ashley Schmidt

We look forward to seeing new and familiar faces next week for Winter Chill 5K #4. The theme is “colors of the rainbow”—and the prediction is for a return to traditional Winter Chill weather. Don’t forget about the gathering at Kelly’s Dock-Side Cafe immediately following the race!

Winter Chill Mid-Term Report

So that’s two Winter Chill 5Ks in the books, two more to go. Chill #1, on January 8, brought 54 runners to Cass Park to battle the 15 degree cold and some nasty headwinds. Adam Pacheck was the top male finisher in 18:27, and Sarah Jackson was the lead lady in 21:05. (Full results on Webscorer.) Several folks dressed up in their favorite team apparel, and Bob even forgave those who forgot to represent the Steelers!

We had almost an identical number of runners for Chill #2 on January 15, with 52 participants. The weather was much warmer and less windy this time around, but many folks were at Barton Hall for the track meet at the same time as the Winter Chill. Courtney Marin was the women’s and overall winner in 19:43. Top male, and second overall, was Klaas Van Wijk in 20:00. (Full results.) The costume theme this week was “animals,” and some runners went so far as to add floppy tails to their costumes. Kudos to David Keifer who, after running the 5000-meter event at the track meet, threw down a respectable 24:16 at the Winter Chill, then returned to Barton Hall to race the indoor mile. Wow!

For Winter Chill #3, on January 22, the 5k will start and finish at Island Health and Fitness. The course will remain an out-and-back on the Waterfront Trail—only the staging area is different. This is to coincide with Ian Golden’s promotional event to bring together active members of the community across all endurance sports. 5k runners will have the option to demo some shoes from Topo Athletics, and there will be post-run refreshments. (See flyer below.) We have a pajama theme for the costumes this week, so no need to change after you roll out of bed! You can click here to pre-register for Winter Chill #3 and/or #4.

The 5k series will conclude on January 29 with the fourth and final Winter Chill. Make sure to hang around afterward and join us for a post-run brunch at Kelly’s Dockside immediately following the race.

Results from FLRC’s January track meet are up!

The results from Sunday’s meet are up at:

It was one for the record books, with well over 300 registrants and 267 finishers across five events. It was also our longest meet ever because of having so many runners — we didn’t finish until 2 PM, thanks to needing 19 heats of the 60m, 23 heats of the 400m, and 9 heats of the mile. And some of those 400m and mile heats were twice as large as we’d normally run!

There were numerous great performances as well, with Ben Ericksen of Norwich winning an exciting 5000m in 17:00. He held off Dave Cook of Auburn in 17:07 and Nate Bowers of Owego Free Academy in 17:09. On the women’s side, Kylee O’Hara won in 20:27, with Ithaca High alumna Julia Sinton second in 20:58.

We worked our way up through the 19 heats of the 60m to culminate with Damoy Allen’s 7.25, a hair ahead of Noah Bosket’s 7.27 and Peter Sigona’s 7.33. Elinor Kops of Ithaca took the women’s crown, with an 8.78 that beat out Leila Vargas of Team PREFO’s 8.96 and Maia Wright of Owego Free Academy’s 9.03.

In the 400m, Leon Atkins of the Auburn Pulsars continued his dominance of the event at FLRC meets with 50.59, well ahead of Clayton Wolfe of Owego Free Academy, who still ran an impressive 54.53. Elizabeth Lucason of the Syracuse Track Club took the women’s race in 1:07.6, beating out Katie Laris’s 1:08.09 and Laurel Vargas of Team PREFO’s 1:08.93. The 400m was the most popular event of the day, with 142 finishers.

In the mile, which is the first installment in FLRC’s MITHACAL MILE SERIES, Camden Zaidel of Corning-Painted Post West ran a 4:49.4, outkicking perennial masters champion Jim Derick by 1 second. Nathan Lawson of Corning-Painted Post West was close behind in 4:54.3. Elizabeth Lucason of the Syracuse Track Club doubled her wins for the day, taking the women’s mile in 5:24.2, ahead of Alyssa Walker of Team PREFO in 5:28.7 and her sister Morgan Lucason in 5:49.6. Watch the Lucason sisters — they’re going places!

We’ll be working on the MITHACAL MILE SERIES results soon, since masters runners get to add to their best four race tally at the upcoming Hartshorne Masters Mile. Non-masters runners will have to wait until the February FLRC meet to post another time for the series. Remember, the runners with the best four mile times across all FLRC track meets in 2017 — broken out by age groups, of course! — will win prizes in a special end-of-summer award ceremony.

None of this would have been possible without outstanding performance from our volunteers as well. Alex Colvin stepped in to act as head timer, Tom Rishel took over as starter, Steve Shaum recorded finisher numbers, Tonya Engst and Carl Franck herded the cats as clerks of course, Nancy Kleinrock kept registration moving and did backup timing, Ved Gund manned the computer for race seeding and results entry, David Keifer helped with setup and lots more, Jullien Flynn did backup timing and results entry, Ruth Sproul managed the lap counter, Jesse Koenecke and Mike Stewart helped with results entry, and Alan Evans and Sara Sparling provided additional backup timing help. Thanks to all of you!

Finally, we know some people had to leave before their races because the meet went so long. Sorry! For future meets, I’ll be posting estimated event start times on the FLRC Web site, mailing list, and Facebook page the day before the meet so pre-registered runners can come later in the meet and pick up their bib numbers a reasonable amount of time before their race.


FLRC is doing something new to encourage runners to participate in more track meets across the year and to spark the competitive spirit beyond a single race: the MITHACAL MILE SERIES.

Every indoor and outdoor FLRC track meet in 2017 will feature the 1 mile race. To compete in the series, you must run the mile in at least four meets. That’s four of six regular track meets (three indoor, three outdoor), and masters runners can pick their best four of seven if they run the Hartshorne Masters Mile. It’s a perk of aging.

We’ll average your four fastest times across all those meets, and at a special award ceremony at the end of next summer, we’ll give highly appropriate prizes to the top male and female runners in each of the following age groups: 1–10, 11–15, 16–19, 20–29, 30–39, 40–49, 50-59, 60+. This will be a standalone evening event with food and drink, not just a quick announcement at the end of a track meet.

So if you need that little push to entice you to Barton Hall this coming Sunday, come sign up for the mile. You don’t have to do anything apart from running the mile; we’ll compile all the results automatically.

And don’t assume that you won’t win because there are faster people in your age group; the MITHACAL MILE SERIES is about speed and consistency!

See you Sunday! And if you still need to register, you can do so at DirectAthletics.

Check out Barton Hall’s new track in FLRC first indoor meet of 2017!

It may be cold and snowy outside, but you can run in shorts at the the first FLRC indoor track meet of the year on Sunday, January 15th at Cornell’s newly renovated Barton Hall. Runners of all ages and abilities are welcome!

Bib pickup starts at 8:00 AM and ends at 8:40 AM, with the first event starting at 9:00 AM. Registration is free for FLRC members and for non-members costs only $3 for students and $5 for adults. Day-of-meet registration is available, but is discouraged and costs $10 for everyone.

If you want to run, please pre-register at DirectAthletics and enter your estimated seed times now so we don’t have any delays in starting the meet.

The schedule of events for this month is as follows:

  • 5000m
  • 60m
  • 400m
  • 1 mile
  • 400-200-200-800m relay (sign up on a relay card at the meet)

More info and registration…