MITHACAL MILE Standings After June Track Meet

We’ve updated the MITHACAL MILE SERIES standings with results from FLRC’s June meet! To be eligible for prizes at an evening award ceremony for runners and coaches a week or two after the August meet, you must have run at least four races across FLRC’s 2017 indoor and outdoor track season — the awards go to the runners with the fastest average times in each age group.

Read on for an overview or click the Webscorer link for the full standings (click each age group on the main screen for details, and then the Show link for a runner to see their races on the subsequent page). What you’ll see on Webscorer is based on the best two times so far, not the final best four of seven. That way you can see who is still in the running. If you or your runners are in the “null” category, that means there were no birthdates entered in DirectAthletics; let Adam Engst know what’s right and he will fix the data.


  • F 1-10: No one has run more than one race in this age group, meaning that no one will be able to hit the necessary four races.
  • F 11-15: Although Cassandra Collins is currently in the lead with a 6:35 average, due to having completed four races, she’s actually only in 7th place overall in that age group, meaning that if one of the girls ahead of her runs four races, they can nudge her out. This is a particularly competitive group, with Elizabeth Lucason (5:20) of the Syracuse Track Club likely to take it if she can get one more race in. If she doesn’t make it down from Syracuse, Team PREFO’s Faithe Ketchum (5:45) has a good shot, also needing only one more race.
  • F 16-19: Marian Cooper (6:05) of Corning-Painted Post West can still win this one if she runs the next two races; no one else in the age group can get four times in.
  • F 20-29: Amanda Fastiggi needs two more races to win this category, where she’s currently averaging 6:48. However, if she doesn’t run both, Stephanie Krusch needs only one more race to win with her 9:52 average. If you don’t run, you can’t win!
  • F 30-39: Alas, no one in this age group has run two races, so although Becca Lovenheim has a good 5:54 for her one race, no one will be able to hit the necessary four races.
  • F 40-49: Tonya Engst looks like a lock in this age group, since she needs to run only one more race and she has the fastest average already, at 6:57.
  • F 50-59: Lorrie Tily has run two races, with an average of 7:04, and will clinch the award if she runs two more, since no other women in this age group can hit four races.
  • F 60-69: If it weren’t for a fall near the start of the mile in the February meet, Coreen Steinbach would likely win this category, based on her 6:28 at the Hartshorne Memorial Masters Mile. That fall prevented Coreen from getting a time in February or March, so neither she nor anyone else can hit four races in this category.
  • F 70+: Alas, the only 70+ runners on the women’s side concentrated on Hartshorne, and haven’t run any other meets.


  • M 1-10: As with Cassandra Collins, even though Freddie Collins has run four races so far, he’s only in 8th place by time in his age group (7:42 average), opening up the competition to the likes of Owen Gasper of the Auburn Pulsars (6:08 average), who’s currently leading. A number of other Auburn Pulsars and Team PREFO members have run two or three races, so this category is likely going to come down to the wire.
  •  M 11-15: Lots of kids in this category have run two races, with Cody Ripley in the lead with a 5:14 average. It’s wide open, and could even go to Conrad West of Southern Tier SOAR, whose 7:20 average is the slowest of the eligible runners, but since he has three races done, he needs only one more to be eligible for an award. So for everyone else in this category, be sure to show up in July and August!
  • M 16-19: Here’s where most of the speedsters are, and there are seven runners who need only one or two more races. Camden Zaidel of Corning-Painted Post West is in the lead with a 4:46 average, but Ethan Seltzer of Cornell University is in second with a 4:55 average, and he may have more opportunities to run than Camden. Close behind are Joseph (4:59) and Stephen (5:05) Thompson, who both need only one more race.
  • M 20-29: Alas, despite some great times in this category, including Leon Atkins’s leading 4:37, no one has run two races so far so no one can hit four races total.
  • M 30-39: This category could be close, with Bruno Salcedo (5:18) and Phil Kwasney of STRC (5:28) both having two races. If they both come to the next two meets, it could come down to a kick in the August meet.
  • M 40-49: High Noon’s Alex Colvin is leading this category with a 5:11 average, but he needs to run both of the next two meets, whereas Jason Brayman (5:44) needs only one more race.
  • M 50-59: This category could prove interesting too! High Noon’s Casey Carlstrom is leading with a 5:10 average after two races, but since the FLRC summer meets conflict with Casey’s Tuesday night bike rides, he may not be able to run the necessary last two meets. Next up is Keith Eggleston, with a 5:31 average, but Keith pulled a hamstring at the National Senior Games a few weeks ago, and helped out at the June meet rather than running. If he can recover from the hamstring pull without losing too much conditioning, he can clinch with just one more meet. If not, Gerrit Van Loon is solidly in third place with a 5:57 average after three races and a strong likelihood of getting his necessary fourth race. The dark horse is Kevin Nelson, who has a 6:41 average after three races and is also likely to run a fourth.
  • M 60-69: Jim Miner has a lock on this category with a 7:10 average, but only if he can run the last two meets — no one else in the category is eligible.
  • M 70+: It looks like High Noon’s David Keifer has this category sewn up, thanks to a combination of a 6:54 average and four races under his flats. But it’s still contested, since Joe Reynolds has a 7:56 average after three races, and is still in the running, at least mathematically speaking.
There you have it! If you’re in the running but need one or two more meets, make sure to sign up for the next two meets on July 18th and August 15th, both at Lansing High School.