FLRC Trail Circuit

The FLRC Trail Circuit offers something for everyone. Long or short, hilly or flat, gorges or lake views, spring, summer, or fall—the choice is yours! For best results, run them all, recover, and then repeat annually.

How It Works

For each race, every runner gets a score determined by dividing the winning time by their time, then multiplying by 100. So the winner gets 100 points, and everyone else gets a score under 100.

  • Pebblehead: The Pebblehead rankings are based on each runner’s top three races, and the Pebblehead awards are usually won by runners who have won or placed high in three races—Pebbleheads are our speedsters. Awards are given to the top man and woman.
  • Stonehead: For the Stonehead rankings, all qualifying races count, and scores are tallied cumulatively. The more races in the circuit you run, the more points you garner. Stoneheads may not be the fastest, but they’re our quintessential trail runners, grinding out solid race after solid race. Awards are given to the top man and woman.
  • Boulderhead: The Boulderhead rankings use a simpler scoring system—1 mile equals 1 point, regardless of finishing place. The runner—and there’s only one—who notches the most miles wins. Run the longest distance in each of our trail races and you’ll hit 150 miles.

Results appear on the Trail Circuit leaderboard right after the race.

2024 Races

Race nameMonthDistance(s)Location and other notes
Super Frosty Loomis Snowshoe RaceFebruary5K, 10KHammond Hill State Forest, Dryden NY
Thom B Trail RunsMay13K, 26K, 42KHammond Hill State Forest, Dryden NY
Lucifer's CrossingJune3.3, 6.6, 13.1 milesRobert H. Treman State Park, Ithaca NY (Not sponsored by FLRC, but part of the FLRC Trail Circuit.)
Finger Lakes FiftiesJune25K, 50K, 50 milesFinger Lakes National Forest, Hector NY
Tortoise & Hare Trail RunJuly10KButtermilk Falls State Park, Ithaca NY
Forest Frolic Trail RunsJuly7K, 15KKennedy State Forest, Virgil NY
Forge the Gorge Trail RunAugust3.5 miles, 7 milesFillmore Glen State Park, Moravia NY
Monster Marathon & Half MarathonSeptember13.1 miles, 26.2 milesKennedy State Forest, Virgil NY
Danby Down & DirtyOctober10K, 23KDanby State Forest, Danby NY

2023 Rankings and Winners

Congratulations to the 2023 winners! For the full rankings in each category check out the 2023 Trail Circuit leaderboard.

  • Pebblehead (F): Amelia Kaufman — 300.00 points
  • Pebblehead (M): Dan Timmerman — 300.00 points
  • Stonehead (F): Sarah Ridenour — 499.74 points
  • Stonehead (M): Robert Swizdor — 660.70 points
  • Boulderhead: Jessica Smith — 117.5 miles

2022 Rankings and Winners

Congratulations to the 2022 winners! For the full rankings in each category check out the 2022 Trail Circuit leaderboard.

  • Pebblehead (F): Amelia Kaufman — 300.00 points
  • Pebblehead (M): Dan Timmerman — 300.00 points
  • Stonehead (F): Sarah Ridenour — 534.15 points
  • Stonehead (M): Kyle Reynolds — 516.24 points
  • Boulderhead: Peter Diebold — 98.3 miles

2021 Rankings and Winners

Congratulations to the 2021 winners! For the full rankings in each category, click the headings below or check out the 2021 Trail Circuit leaderboard.

Trail Circuit awards

Pictured above: 2019 awards. Big thanks to Steve Supron and Michael Xiao of Rev, Ithaca’s business incubator, who put in hours of work helping us create 2019’s awards on Rev’s Glowforge laser engraver.

List of Winners 1997 – Present:

# Won Pebblehead by tiebreaker  |  * Overall Boulderhead winner  |  ** Tie

Note that Boulderhead only awards the overall winner and was not part of the series prior to 2007.

2022MKyle ReynoldsDan TimmermanPeter Diebold *
2022FSarah RidenourAmelia KaufmanMargaret Frank
2021MGerrit Van LoonAdam Pacheck ^Gerrit Van Loon *
2021FSarah RidenourEllie PellPaige Anderson
2020MCanceled due to COVIDCanceled due to COVIDCanceled due to COVID
2020FCanceled due to COVIDCanceled due to COVIDCanceled due to COVID
2019MBill KingEric SambolecPete Kresock *
2019FSarah RidenourGreta SieveCatarina Massa
2018MBob SwizdorDan TimmermanRon Cunningham *
2018FNancy KleinrockYvette de BoerNancy Kleinrock *
2017MBill KingRich HeffronRon Cunningham **
2017FKerra QuinnNora McIver-Sheridan ^Kerra Quinn **
2016MBill KingFred HarleRon Cunningham
2016FAudry BalanderNora McIver-Sheridan ^Nancy Kleinrock *
2015MGary McCheyneScott Wehrwein ^Morningstar Fowler *
2015FAudry BalanderDonna Langerfeld ^Nancy Kleinrock
2014MMorningstar FowlerEric SambolecJames Miner
2014FKaren IngallNancy KleinrockNancy Kleinrock *
2013MTim IngallScott WeirweinScotie Jacobs *
2013FAudry BalanderNora McIver-SheridanSandy Mustico
2012MGerrit Van LoonEarl SteinbrecherGerrit Van Loon *
2012FNancy KleinrockNancy Kleinrock ^Kerra Quinn
2011MTim IngallEarl SteinbrecherGerrit Van Loon *
2011FMaria CostanzoYvette de BoerLiz Brundige
2010MTim IngallEarl SteinbrecherTom Nesterick
2010FNancy KleinrockYvette de Boer ^Nancy Kleinrock *
2009MTim IngallEric SambolecJoel Cisne *
2009FAudrey BalanderYvette de BoerChris Reynolds
2008MTim IngallChris BylerYassine Diboun *
2008FAudrey BalanderNancy Kleinrock ^Audrey Balander
2007MEric DavisNate Lockett ^Tim Ingall *
2007FAudrey BalanderBecky Harman ^Audrey Balander
2006MEric DavisNate Lockett ^-
2006FAudrey BalanderBecky Harman ^-
2005MTim IngallTim Ingall-
2005FAudrey BalanderBecky Harman-
2004MJim ChelyTim Ingall-
2004FAudrey BalanderAudrey Balander-
2003MDave JonesTim Ingall-
2003FBecky HarmanBecky Harman-
2002MDave JonesTim Ingall-
2002FAudrey BalanderGill Sharp-
2001MDave JonesEarl Steinbrecher-
2001FLorrie MarnellGill Sharp-
2000MDave JonesAlan Evans-
2000FDonna LockettLinda Grossman-
1999MAlan LockettAlan Evans-
1999FLorrie MarnellBarb Bellows-
1998MAlan LockettTim Ingall-
1998FAudrey BalanderAudrey Balander-
1997MJoe DabesEarl Steinbrecher-
1997FLorrie MarnellLorrie Marnell-

Races that were previously included in the circuit:

  • Tanglefoot Trail Race (removed in 2019)
  • Highland Forest 1-2-3 (removed in 2017)
  • Finger Lakes Snowshoe Race (last run in 2008)
  • Empire Haven Clover Leaf 4.8 mi or 16.8 mi (last run in 2005)
  • Mountain Madness (last run in 2010)