Race Policies

  • Awards at FLRC races are governed by the Award Equity Policy.
  • All FLRC members, race participants, volunteers, and spectators must abide by the Code of Conduct.
  • No dogs or jogging strollers are allowed in FLRC races. These make the race dangerous for everyone.
  • FLRC race directors may reject any entry for any reason.
  • Entry fees are non-refundable, even if the race is canceled because of an act of nature or mankind.
  • All FLRC races are insured by the Road Runners Club of America.


We expect all FLRC members, participants, volunteers, and spectators to be respectful of others at our events and in the community. FLRC will not tolerate any harassment or inappropriate actions based on any aspect of an individual’s identity at our events. This includes unwelcome jokes or comments, cyber-bullying, exclusionary or intimidating behavior and language, requests of a sexual nature, or any other inappropriate behavior. It is the responsibility of anyone who experiences or witnesses inappropriate behavior to report it to the FLRC Compliance Officer at compliance@fingerlakesrunners.org or through a confidential Web form that accepts anonymous reports. Violating our behavioral standards may result in sanctions including revocation of membership without refund or bans from future FLRC events.

Board Policies

Current FLRC board policies include: