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Membership Benefits

As an FLRC club member, you’ll:

  • Receive a discount on many FLRC races
  • Get free entry to the Winter Chill 5K series
  • Be able to run in Barton Hall during the winter months
  • Be able to join FLRC’s free indoor track and cross-country workout programs
  • Meet and train with other runners with your own interests and abilities
  • Attend the club’s annual social events
  • Participate in the annual vote for board members
  • Support the club in its mission to promote a healthy lifestyle through running

We ask that all members try to volunteer for at least one FLRC event a year. FLRC is an all-volunteer organization, so please do your part to help keep the club fun and functional. Find out more about volunteering.

Sign Up or Renew Your Membership

As part of FLRC’s efforts to encourage diversity and inclusion, if your financial situation would prevent you from becoming or remaining a member of the club, please feel free to use coupon 2024FORFREE when joining or renewing to waive all membership fees for a year. No-questions-asked free race entry is also available for all FLRC races (other than Finger Lakes 50s); use the coupon code listed on the race information page.

To sign up as a new member or renew your existing membership:

To check on the status or expiration date of your membership:

  • Go to RunSignUp
  • Click the Renew button
  • Find your membership using your email address and first and last names.

If, when renewing a family membership, the system “deletes” one of your family members or complains about “incomplete information,” it’s likely because they already have a separate RunSignup account. Just enter their information manually again and all will be well.

Joining the club does not automatically subscribe you to the FLRC Forum, where all of FLRC’s official communication and news about events appears. Create an account on the forum to stay up to date with the club! However, FLRC may send occasional emails related to board elections, club meetings, and marquee events to all current club members.

Lifetime Members

The Finger Lakes Runners Club has a long history, and numerous individuals have contributed in many significant ways over the years. To honor their efforts, the FLRC Board of Directors periodically awards Lifetime Membership to those volunteers who have gone above and beyond over numerous years.