Volunteer Opportunities

FLRC is an entirely volunteer-run organization, from the board members to the race directors. As such, the club has many opportunities for members or anyone interested in supporting the running community to become involved. Some of the possibilities are listed below, but the specifics vary by race. Check out our calendar and contact a race director if you’d like to help out with an event.

Please send email to volunteer@fingerlakesrunners.org if you are interested in volunteering or would like additional information on any of these roles:

  • Help out with FLRC winter or summer track meets
  • Work an aid station at any event on our calendar
  • Help with race day setup and tear down
  • Solicit sponsorship for our many events
  • Pick up and deliver supplies for a race
  • Help with race day registration
  • Tear bibs or record finishers at the finish line
  • Work on publicity/marketing for the club
  • Help maintain and improve the club’s Web site
  • Direct a race or serve on the FLRC Board of Directors

There is a job available for everyone.

We ask that each club member commits to volunteering for at least one FLRC event per year. Our events succeed thanks to the efforts of members like you — isn’t it time you gave something back? Besides, volunteers always have a ton of fun!

Hartshorne Memorial Volunteer of the Year

FLRC recognizes those who go above-and-beyond with their volunteering efforts throughout a given year, contributing to the fun and smooth functioning of the Finger Lakes Runners Club. The Board of Directors nominate candidates; those candidates are then put out to the FLRC membership for voting. Voting takes place in December and the Volunteer of the Year is recognized at the FLRC Annual Meeting usually held in February/March.

Congrats to those who have received past Volunteer of the Year:

  • 2019: Tonya Engst
  • 2018: Alex Kleinerman
  • 2017: Mickie Sanders-Jauquet
  • 2016: Katie Stettler
  • 2015: Gerrit Van Loon and Steve Shaum
  • 2014: Adam Engst and Carl Franck
  • 2013: Gary McCheyne and Joel Cisne
  • 2012: Maria Costanzo
  • 2011: Chris Reynolds
  • 2010: not awarded
  • 2009: not awarded
  • 2008: Tim Ingall and Chris Irving
  • 2007: Nancy Kleinrock
  • 2006: Lennie Tucker
  • 2005: Dave Jones and Karen Grover (now Ingall)
  • 2004: John Whitman and Frank & Sally Rusby

Other past Volunteer of the Year winners include:

Tom Meyer, Phyllis Radke, Rick Hoebeke, Alan Lockett, Don Tily, Jim Miner, Jim Bisogni, John Sholeen, Joe Reynolds, Lorrie Tily, Herb Engman, Diane Sherrer, and Joe Dabes

Lifetime Members

The Finger Lakes Runners Club has a long history, and numerous individuals have contributed in many significant ways over the years. To honor their efforts, the FLRC Board of Directors periodically awards Lifetime Membership to those volunteers who have gone above-and-beyond over numerous years.