FLRC Trail Circuit

The FLRC Trail Circuit offers something for everyone. Long or short, hilly or flat, gorges or lake views, spring, summer, or fall—the choice is yours! For best results, run them all, recover, and then repeat annually.

Runners who complete three or more of the races listed below are eligible for inclusion in the annual FLRC Trail Circuit Rankings. The Stonehead rankings include all qualifying races that each runner ran in the year. Pebblehead rankings are based only on a runner’s top three races. In each case, a runner’s “score” for a race is determined by dividing the winning time by his/her time, then multiplying by 100. The sum over several races is then the runner’s score for the season.

Rankings for Boulderhead are based on the total number of race miles completed during the calendar year, regardless of finishing time or place. For trail maniacs that complete the longest distance offered at all ten circuit races, the maximum possible number of Boulderhead miles is 198.74.

The winners are announced and the rankings are published soon after the conclusion of the season.  Click on the race name for more information.

Race nameDateDistance(s)Location and other notes
Thom B Trail RunsMay13K, 26K, 52KHammond Hill State Forest, Dryden NY
Highland Forest 1-2-3 Trail RaceMay10mi, 20mi, 30miHighland Forest, Fabius NY
Note: not sponsored by FLRC, but part of the FLRC trail circuit.
Tortoise & Hare Trail RunJune10K+, 1mi fun runButtermilk Falls State Park, Ithaca NY
Tanglefoot Trail RunsJune10K, 20KTanglewood Nature Center, Elmira NY
Note: not sponsored by FLRC, but part of the FLRC trail circuit.
Finger Lakes FiftiesJuly25K, 50K, 50miFinger Lakes National Forest, Hector NY
Forest Frolic Trail RunsJuly7K, 15KVirgil State Forest, Virgil NY
Forge the Gorgeous Trail RunAugust7miFillmore Glen State Park, Moravia NY
Monster Marathon & HMAugust13.1mi, 26.2miRobert H. Treman State Park, Ithaca NY
Lucifer's CrossingAugust6.66miRobert H. Treman State Park, Ithaca NY
Danby Down & DirtyOctober10K, 20KDanby State Forest, Danby NY

Races that were previously included in the circuit but are now discontinued:

  • Finger Lakes Snowshoe Race (last run in 2008)
  • Empire Haven Clover Leaf 4.8 mi or 16.8 mi (last run in 2005)
  • Mountain Madness (last run in 2010)