2017 Finger Lakes Runners Club Election: Vote Now!

You might have thought the election season was over, but no! It is now time to cast your vote for the 2017 slate of officers for the Finger Lakes Runners Club.

Here’s how it works: The Board of Directors presents the slate below. You can vote it up in its entirety, vote it down in its entirety, vote it up generally but reserve your vote for one or more candidates, and/or provide write-ins for any position (making sure that your write-in candidate would accept the position if elected).

Vote for one person in each of the following positions:

  • President: Mickie Sanders-Jauquet
    Executive VP: Denice Cassaro
    VP Trails: Joel Cisne
    VP Roads: Alan Lockett
    VP Track: Adam Engst
    Treasurer: Mike Allinger
    Secretary: Nancy Kleinrock

Members-at-Large (vote for up to 10; accepting write-ins up to 12):

  • Sue Aigen
    Harris Bockol
    Maria Costanzo
    Pete Kresock
    Daniel Longaker
    Gary McCheyne
    Bruce Roebal
    Steve Shaum
    Gerrit Van Loon
    Scott Wehrwein

Please direct your votes to secretary@fingerlakesrunners.org on or before December 15 (no votes will be accepted after that date) and include your name for membership verification. We appreciate your membership in the club and your participation in the selection of its governing board.

With best wishes for the holiday season,
–The FLRC Board of Directors