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Experience triumphs over youth at this year’s Forest Frolic

104 runners flocked to Virgil to frolic along the singletrack trails in Kennedy State Forest, with 46 running the 7K and 56 completing the 15K. This summer’s drought left the trails bone dry, and the heat and humidity were noticeably more runner-friendly than normal for the late-July race day. This led to the Frolic’s best… Read more »

Fast and fun times at the Finger Lakes 50s

The Finger Lakes 50s sold out across all three distances and featured the best race day weather we’ve seen in years, so it’s no surprise that this year saw two course records fall and had a higher than average finishing rate in the longer distances.  Photographer Jamie Love did a fantastic job capturing runners on… Read more »

2021 Turkey Trot raises record amount for Loaves & Fishes

The 49th running of the Finger Lakes Runners Club’s Turkey Trot was a huge success. A record $4,251 was raised for Loaves & Fishes of Tompkins County, and 289 people participated on a cloudy, 38-degree morning. Donation History 2010–13: Truckloads of cans and boxes of food collected 2014: $2,024 collected with 333 participants 2015: $2,855… Read more »

Clear Skies and Blazing Fast Times at the Danby Down & Dirty

The weather for yesterday’s Danby Down & Dirty was the best it’s been in recent memory. By now all runners have had plenty of time to cool down their calves and hose off the mud! 10K and 20K results are available on Webscorer and on the race Web page. If anything seems amiss let me know… Read more »

Monster Marathon and Half Marathon Results

What a fabulous day we all had yesterday! Sure, it was a bit (ok, a lot) humid out, but we didn’t get any rain! And that’s a win for this summer. Thank you to all the runners who came out to participate in the Monster Marathon and Half Marathon yesterday. We hope you were able… Read more »

FLRC Footnotes for August 2021

Greetings, runners! We have results to share from Forest Frolic, Forge the Gorgeous, the August track meet, and upcoming races include the Monster Marathon and Danby Down & Dirty!  But first, here’s what’s happening with the club. CLUB NEWS Want to run cross country? Join our teams for the PGXC series! We are once again… Read more »

FLRC Footnotes for July 2021

Greetings, runners! Racing almost feels like it’s back to normal, and we have results to share from the Finger Lakes 50s, the Fillmore 5K, and our July track meet. Upcoming races include Forest Frolic, Forge the Gorgeous, the August track meet, and the Ithaca 5&10—and don’t miss the FLRC Annual Picnic!  But first, here’s what’s… Read more »

FLRC Footnotes for June 2021

Remember, fully vaccinated people can now go maskless at all FLRC events, so keep getting those shots! Results are in from the Tortoise & Hare, which almost saw a new course record. Get ready for the Finger Lakes 50s, Fillmore 5K, Forest Frolic, and July track meet. Help us rebuild our volunteer database by filling… Read more »

FLRC Footnotes for May 2021

Keep getting those jabs—fully vaccinated people can now go maskless at all FLRC events! Speaking of which, things are getting back to normal. Results are in from the Women’s Distance Festival 5K and Thom B Trail Runs. Our next races are Tortoise & Hare on 6/6 and the Finger Lakes 50s on 7/3. It’s never… Read more »

Super Frosty Loomis 2021 sees repeat winners in Eric Sambolec and Amelia Kaufman

This past weekend, FLRC was proud to kick off our 2021 race season with the Super Frosty Loomis snowshoe race, the first outdoor FLRC event since last year’s Loomis. The weather was perfect, with plenty of sun and temperatures in the high 20s. Conditions were excellent, with over two feet of snow falling the week before. Some… Read more »