Board of Directors

The FLRC Board of Directors holds monthly meetings to organize club-sponsored races and expound on the world of running at large. A list of the current board members and officers is below. The board is composed of a few elected and appointed positions, and all directors of FLRC races.

Download the FLRC bylaws (PDF).

Board Meetings

The Board meets monthly (typically the second Wednesday of the month) on the Cornell campus. Meetings are open to all.

2017 FLRC Board Members:

President: Mickie Sanders-Jauquet
Executive VP: Denice Cassaro
VP Roads: Alan Lockett
VP Trails: Joel Cisne
VP Track: Adam Engst
Secretary: Nancy Kleinrock
Treasurer: Mike Allinger

Equipment Manager: Gary McCheyne
Webmaster: Maria Costanzo
Membership Coordinator: Shelly Marino
Social Media Coordinator: Pete Kresock

Sue Aigen
Harris Bockol
Maria Costanzo
Pete Kresock
Daniel Longaker
Gary McCheyne
Bruce Roebal
Steve Shaum
Gerrit Van Loon
Scott Wehrwein

FLRC Board Meeting Minutes

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