Trail Circuit Results

With Danby Down & Dirty in the books, FLRC’s 2017 Trail Circuit has come to a close. Many thanks to all of you who ran one or more of our off-road extravaganzas this year, and to all those who gave up some of their leisure time to make our races possible—thank you, thank you, thank you!

With that, we are happy to announce  the 2017 Stonehead, Pebblehead, and Boulderhead winners. Each of these categories has its own points system, and includes anyone who’s run at least one of our trail races during the calendar year. The Stonehead rankings include all qualifying races that each runner ran in the year. Pebblehead rankings are based only on a runner’s top three races. In each case, a runner’s “score” for a race is determined by dividing the winning time by his/her time, then multiplying by 100. The sum over several races is then the runner’s score for the season. Boulderhead points are based on the total number of race miles completed during the calendar year, regardless of finishing time or place.

The ten races in the 2017 series include the Super Frosty Loomis Snowshoe Race, Thom B, Tortoise & Hare, Tanglefoot, Finger Lakes 50s, Forest Frolic, Forge the Gorgeous, Monster Marathon & Half, Lucifer’s Crossing, and the Danby Down & Dirty. (Note: The Highland Forest 1-2-3 is part of the series, but the race was not held this year.) The maximum possible Stonehead score is 1,000, in which someone runs and wins all ten races, thus earning 100 points at each race. The highest possible Pebblehead score is 300—someone wins three races, earning 100 points at each. For scoring purposes, the maximum Boulderhead trail mileage one could accumulate this year was 169.54 miles. Altogether, we had 918 “barkeaters” run at least one Trail Circuit race this year (400 women and 518 men,) with 88 runners completing three or more races.

Serial trail racer Kerra Quinn was our top female Stonehead, completing seven of the ten series races for a total of 534.48 points. Megan Powers was second Stonehead with 490.18 points, and annual contender Audrey Balander third with a score of 483.14. Remember, Stoneheads run fast and frequently!

On the men’s side, Bill King ran eight series races to once again prove his rock solidness with an impressive 609.19 points. Mark Morrison ranked second with 520.31, and David Jones third with 498.24.

Now on to the Pebbleheads. This was a close contest for the ladies, with perennial favorites Nora McIver-Sheridan and Yvette deBoer each winning three races and earning a perfect score of 300. Because of her larger margin of victory, the tie-breaker goes to McIver-Sheridan, giving her the Pebblehead title for the second straight year. Lori Johnson finished third with 286.39 points.

Competition was close atop the men’s Pebblehead standings as well. Rich Heffron’s three victories on the year gave him a perfect 300 and top Pebblehead honors. Eric Sambolec had two wins and two very close second place finishes to earn 299.91 points. Sambolec narrowly edged Jed Sheckler (299.34 points) for second place. Ved Gund and Scotie Jacobs also topped 290 points to finish fourth and fifth.

All that mileage again paid off for Kerra Quinn, who doubled up this year to also win the Boulderhead title. She completed the longest distance offered at seven of the ten series races, for a total of 127.24 miles—winning the Boulderhead title by a wide margin. Kerra can often be seen running with Ron Cunningham, who completed all seven of the same races to defend his Boulderhead title, also with 127.24 miles. Lori Johnson (88.44 miles) and Paige Anderson (81.94 miles) finished second and third, respectively. Bill King (90.52 miles) and Mark Morrison (90.12 miles) rounded out the men’s top three Boulderheads.

Did you run any of our trail races this year? See where you stack up. Full standings are available here. Thank you to Karen Ingall for continuing to compile these statistics year after year.

We look forward to seeing you in May at the 2018 Thom B Trail Runs!

Danby Down & Dirty Results

The Danby Down & Dirty concludes our 2017 trail running season. Thank you to all who ran today and at any of our other trail races this year. Shout out to Andy Jordan, who is stepping down as Danby race director after several years at the helm. Thank you, Andy, for all your hard work over the years!

The weather this year was warmer than usual for early October in Ithaca, and the trails were pretty dry, but no new course records were set. Stay tuned for the 2017 Stonehead, Pebblehead, and Boulderhead rankings, coming soon.

10K winners were Paul Gannett in 48:39 and Anna Gannett in 53:45. In the mens 20K, Kristofor Norberg of Tuscon, Arizona, won in 1:36:10 to edge out local runner Jed Sheckler. Perennial pebblehead Nora McIver-Sheridan ran 1:47:07 to win the womens 20K.

Full results are on our website here, with more detailed results are available on Webscorer here.

Results From the PGXC Series Race #3

Kudos to the High Noon and FLRC cross country teams who once again braved unseasonably hot temperatures while racing on our “home” 6K course at Watkins Glen State Park. We “warmed” up (read “overheated”) in bright sun and near-80-degree temperatures, but as the 11 AM start approached, dark clouds moved over. We were psyched to run in dimmer conditions, but at the last minute, literally, the park officials delayed the race to make many of us move our parked cars to avoid blocking the mobile villages that pass for RVs these days. By the time we were reassembled on the starting line 30 minutes later (which would have been enough time to finish for many), the clouds had passed, and we raced in tropical conditions. Times and mile splits were slow, due to the heat and steep hills that dotted the course, but it was still a good set of finishes. (Full results.) This was the third race in the five race series.

The High Noon Masters Men took the team award of a case of beer—we’ll ignore the fact that no other team managed to field more than two masters runners. You can’t win if you don’t play! And now we have two cases of beer cooling their heels for the post-season party.

Individually, four men took home Trader Joe’s candy. Adam Engst won the Masters category (for the first time ever in the series, with six weeks before he turns 50—woo!), Alan Lockett won the SuperVet category, and Alex Colvin and Joe Reynolds were each third in the Vet and UltraVet categories.

It was great to see the Open Men’s team filling out, with Mik Kern in his first XC race since last year, ultramarathoner Rich Heffron making his XC debut, and Ximing Yin in his first XC race after doubling after running the 20K at Danby Down & Dirty the day before. Josh Brockner, Brendan O’Brien, Charlie Fay, Kris Haines-Sharp, and Gail Tremblay also ran their first races of the season—welcome all!

On the women’s side, Kris Haines-Sharp led the FLRC Vets, while Julie Barclay led the Masters team. The FLRC took second place (only two teams were registered!) The FLRC ladies did not have any runners in the open division.

We have a few weeks off before the fourth race at Genesee Valley Park in Rochester on Sunday, October 29th. That will be a split race, with separate Open Men, Masters Men, and Women’s races so we’ll be able to cheer for our teammates.

Special thanks to Scott and Amy Dawson for hosting the race after-party!

Photo: Ximing Yin


Congratulations to the stalwart milers who posted the fastest times across at least four of FLRC’s seven 2017 track meets and thus won awards in our first ever MITHACAL MILE SERIES! You can see the full final results online.

We had an award ceremony at the Finger Lakes Running & Triathlon Store (thanks, Ian and Cate!) on September 1st, where winners enjoyed sushi and macaroons and received (as appropriate) copies of the classic novel “Once a Runner” or the fabulous “The Perfect Mile.” The runners were joined by their coaches and families, plus volunteers who have been essential to the track meets.

Our goal in creating this series was to encourage runners young and old not just to run their best, but to do so consistently. It was especially great to see so much competition in the 1-10 and 11-15 age groups, where there were as many as five kids who ran four races.

Age Group  Winner       Avg. Time #Racers
 1-10  Elizabeth Baroody  6:12.42 12
 11-15 Faithe Ketchum     5:50.15 34
 40-49 Tonya Engst        6:57.23 16
 1-10  Owen Gasper        6:04.02 28
 11-15 Oliver Baroody     5:37.08 50
 16-19 Stephen Thompson   5:05.64 43
 30-39 Phil Kwasney       5:25.00 7
 40-49 Jesse Koennecke    6:01.78 22
 50-59 Keith Eggleston    5:32.93 30
 70+ David Keifer         6:51.08 8


We hope to see more people completing the necessary four races in the series in 2018! We’ll be kicking off the indoor season on January 14th, with subsequent meets on February 18th and March 4th. Mark your calendars!

High Noon and FLRC Winners and Results from the PGXC 2017 #1 Race

Congrats to the High Noon men and FLRC women who competed in the first PGXC cross country race of the season at Clay Central Park in Liverpool on Sunday. The weather was fabulous, the course was soft but flat, and the competition was stiff, but everyone had a great time.

Full results are available but here are times and places for our runners (note that Brenda Michaud may have finished last, but that was after doing the 100 mile AIDS Ride for Life on Saturday!):

PLACE      NAME                AGE GROUP  TEAM                 TIME   
 24      Jay Hubisz          M0-39  20  High Noon AC - 1     18:16.2          31      Adam Engst          M40-49  5  High Noon AC - 1     18:35.4          32      Casey Carlstrom     M50-59  3  High Noon AC - 1     18:38.7          35      Alex Colvin         M50-59  4  High Noon AC - 1     18:56.7          39      Scott Dawson        M40-49  6  High Noon AC - 1     19:25.4          44      Mike Skocik         M0-39  32  High Noon AC - 1     19:31.8          54      Columbia Warren     M40-49  8  High Noon AC - 1     19:54.6          56      Mike Stewart        M0-39  37  High Noon AC - 1     19:59.5          59      Jeff Henderson      M40-49 10  High Noon AC - 1     20:12.5          68      Jean-Luc Jannink    M50-59 17  High Noon AC - 1     20:47.3          75      Alan Lockett        M60-69  3  High Noon AC - 1     21:03.9          81      Bob Swizdor         M50-59 23  High Noon AC - 1     21:37.1          87      Jorge Ramirez       M60-69  7  High Noon AC - 1     22:04.0          95      Jesse Koennecke     M40-49 16  High Noon AC - 1     23:07.8          97      Kevin Nelson        M50-59 28  High Noon AC - 1     23:08.9         111      David Keifer        M70+    1  High Noon AC - 1     25:06.4         117      Carl Franck         M60-69 17  High Noon AC - 1     26:08.2         126      Joe Reynolds        M70+    4  High Noon AC - 1     28:28.9        

 19      Julie Barclay       F40-49  2  Finger Lakes RC - 1  22:28.4          27      Megan Powers        F0-39  20  Finger Lakes RC - 1  24:22.4          30      Tonya Engst         F40-49  4  Finger Lakes RC - 1  24:23.8          31      Lorrie Tily         F50-59  7  Finger Lakes RC - 1  24:26.7          41      Sarah Wicker        F40-49  5  Finger Lakes RC - 1  25:26.8          43      Amy Dawson          F40-49  6  Finger Lakes RC - 1  25:29.4          46      Jennifer Spano      F40-49  7  Finger Lakes RC - 1  26:39.9          55      Brenda Michaud      F50-59 16  Finger Lakes RC - 1  30:22.6          

The FLRC masters women’s team took the team award for their age group, and award-winning individuals included Julie Barclay, Casey Carlstrom, Alex Colvin, Alan Lockett, David Keifer, and Joe Reynolds.

A tip of the hat to Jeff Henderson and Kevin Nelson, who made the trips from Geneva and Owego respectively.

And we were particularly happy to welcome cross country newcomers Mike Skocik, Columbia Warren, Jeff Henderson, Alan Lockett, Bob Swizdor, Megan Powers, and Jennifer Spano.

The next race is Sunday, September 24th in Akron Falls, so if you want to get in on the fun, let Adam Engst know!

Interested in Running Cross Country With FLRC?

Bust out your spikes and get ready to dirty them up!

Now that it’s September, the fall cross-country season is upon us, and our first race in the Pete Glavin Cross Country Series is this Sunday, September 10. The series is for open and masters runners. No prior cross country experience is necessary, but if you ran XC in high school or college, it will certain bring back some old memories.

We have more details here, and in addition to letting us know if you can run, you must register for the PGXC series at RunSignUp. During the sign-up process, when you are asked to select your team, pick High Noon for men, or FLRC for women. Each individual race costs $20, or you can register for the entire five-race series for $70 and get a t-shirt. If you can only make a race or two, you can do day-of-race entry too.

On the women’s end we have a strong Master’s team this year, with seven women in the 40-49 age category! Each of these women can run several of the races, and it looks like we will have a strong team for every single race. We can field multiple teams or run people down to the Open team, so there is room for more. For the Open team we have just a handful of open runners generally, and a bunch of Red Newt open runners may join us for two races. If you are under the age of 40 and want to enjoy a cross country experience, you would be very welcome here. Our Veteran’s team (ages 50-59) is still coming into focus. If you are 50 years or older, we could use you to help fill out this team for more of the races. If you’ve never run a cross country race in your life, this is your chance. If you have, that’s good too!

Here’s the schedule. Some of the races are a few hours away, so we always organize a carpool:

#1, Sunday, September 10th, 2017: 5K for men and women
Clay Central Park, in Liverpool (near Syracuse)

#2, Sunday, September 24th, 2017: 6K for men and women
Akron Falls State Park, in Akron Falls (this side of Buffalo)

#3, Sunday, October 8th, 2017: 6K for men and women
Watkins Glen State Park, in Watkins Glen

#4, Sunday, October 29th, 2017: 6K for men and women
Genesee Valley Park, in Rochester

#5, Sunday, November 12th, 2017: 8K for men, 6K for women
Finger Lakes Community College, in Canandaigua

Thank you to Adam and Tonya Engst for organizing the teams again this year!

August Track Meet Results

Last week’s track meet at Lansing High School’s track was the final FLRC track meet of 2017, and 91 runners managed to escape getting seriously wet as the torrential downpour let up in time for the events. Full results are available.

Adam Pacheck led off the meet with a masterful 5000m, which he won in 15:29, beating out Andrew Davis’s 16:03. Only one woman ran, Jacquie Huben, but her strong 17:59 was good for third overall and would likely have won regardless of who else was in the race.

In the 100m, Thomas Randall of Cornell cruised through the tape in 11.40 seconds for the win, followed by Samuel Voak in 12.36 and John Saunders of Team PREFO in 13.19. Southern Tier SOAR’s Elsa Wood ran 17.01 to beat out Elena Ruffer of Team PREFO (17.43) and teammate Abigail Wagner (18.35).

He’d been told by his coach to take it easy, but Leon Atkins of the Auburn Pulsars couldn’t resist running a 50.36 to win the 400m in his final FLRC meet before joining the University of Buffalo track team. Thomas Randall was second in 53.10. Elena Ruffer of Team PREFO ran 1:30.50 to edge out Southern Tier SOAR’s Abigail Wagner in 1:31.31.

As the final chance for runners to clock in for the MITHACAL MILE SERIES, the mile was by far the largest event, with 63 finishers across 5 heats. Adam Pacheck once again took Andrew Davis for a ride, coming through in 4:30 to Davis’s 4:48. Mikaela Garcia took the honors for the women, finishing in 5:56 and edging out Elizabeth Baroody of the Auburn Pulsars in 5:59.

Last, in the 4x200m relay, a team of Samuel Voak, Trevor Donovan, Michael Dee, and Andrew Davis, three of whom had run the mile in sub-5:00, took the win in 1:45. Not too bad for 800m!

Finally, these track meets wouldn’t be possible without our volunteers, and we had a great crew this month, including: Scott Wehrwein, Ved Gund, Bruce Roebal, Carl Franck, Julie Quinn, Jullien Flynn, Tonya Engst, Keith Eggleston, Kristina Kronauer Schwartz, Tom Rishel, Mickie Jauquet, and Bob Talda. Huge thanks to all of them! I’d like to thank Lansing High School for hosting our summer meets this year and the Lansing Sports Boosters for providing concessions, both of which were made possible only through the efforts of Lansing coach Becca Lovenheim.

Fillmore 5K Results and Thank Yous

Results for the 2017 Fillmore 5K are available here. We had cooperative weather and a great turnout this year for both the 5K and the Fun Run. Congrats to the 5k overall winners, Jordan Varano (17:14) and Chelsea Benson (18:42), as well as our male and female masters winners Keith Eggleston (19:16) and Cynthia Robbs (22:09.) Thank you to all of you who came out to Moravia during what is a very busy time of year for the FLRC!

The following is a note of appreciation from Race Director Lorrie Tily:

I’d like to take a moment to offer my appreciation to the race crew of the Fillmore 5K this past Saturday. These folks make a race director’s responsibilities so much less stressful and give the race participant a much nicer experience. This year we had the highest number of registered runners and finishers than we’ve had in a number of years. I believe some of this was because of all the wonderful local publicity we received from the Moravia Register and because of the 25 youth runners from the Auburn Pulsars. These kids are amazing and their coach does a fantastic job.

Thank you to my co-director, Chris Irving who provided some interesting and unique overall and age group awards, in addition to being my right hand gal. Thank you Zsofia Franck, David Keifer, and Tony Ciccone for covering the registration desk. Thank you, Adam, Dave, David, Michelle, Katie, and Henry for expertly handling race timing, finish line, and results. Thank you Joe and Carl for setting up the finish line area. Thank you Sandy and Audrey for organizing the fun run which had an excellent group of young participants. Thank you Dan for acting as lead biker, sweeper, and lost runner keeper.

Thank you Four Town Ambulance and First Aid Squad for handling all course marshaling and manning the water stop. All proceeds from the Fillmore 5k benefit this not-for-profit orgaization, and they are so grateful for your support.

Mega thank you to my husband Don, for setting up and taking down the course and for helping with post race clean up.

It has been fun to watch this race grow over the last couple of years. It has turned into a wonderful community event with so many local folks participating. Shortly after the race I stopped at the post office in Locke. A participant walked in behind be and thanked me for putting on the event. She expressed how much she enjoyed the event and what a great asset it was for the community. Moments like that make it all worth it!

– Lorrie Tily, Fillmore 5k Race Director

August is coming up quickly. Next on our calendar is the Forge the Gorgeous Trail Runs at Fillmore Glen State Park on August 3, followed by our final track meet of the year on August 15 in Lansing. We then head off-road (again) on August 19 for the Monster Marathon and Half Marathon at Robert Treman State Park. Our free Annual Picnic is later that day, also at Treman. Registration is open for all of these. (Just click the links.)

Additional Fillmore 5k photos can be found on our Facebook page:

Posted by Finger Lakes Runners Club on Monday, July 24, 2017

July Track Meet Results

Thanks to all the runners, volunteers, and teams (the Auburn Pulsars, Team

PREFO, and Southern Tier SOAR) who made our July track meet a success. It
was a relaxed meet on a humid summer evening in Lansing, where we’ve
received a warm welcome from the school track and cross country coaches.
You can see full results here.

The meet led off with the 3000m, where masters standout Scott Weeks from
Groton schooled everyone in how to run evenly and hit your predicted time:
his 9:31 was a single second off his seed time and a 5:06 average pace that
would have won the mile as well. Taylor Farrell of Team PREFO won the
women’s race in 16:09.

The 200m sprint next up provided the most fireworks of the meet, with Eric
Ryan (24.18) nipping Tobi Akintayo (24.97) for the win. Akintayo gets bonus
points for having taken the bus up from New York City to Ithaca for the
meet, then taking TCAT out to Lansing before discovering that TCAT doesn’t
run later in the evening — we made sure he got a ride back to the bus
station. On the women’s side, Gillian Coar ran a 27.25 for a commanding win.

In the mile, Jordyn Naylon ran an impressive 5:24 to win the women’s race
and take fourth overall. On the men’s side, after a couple of guys with
sub-5:00 seed times failed to show up, Phil Kwasney of STRC outpaced Ethan
Reilley of the Auburn Pulsars to win in 5:15 to Reilley’s 5:19.

Speaking of the mile, we’ve updated the standings in FLRC’s MITHACAL MILE
SERIES, so you can see where everyone stands with a single race to go —
we’ll definitely have some awards that come down to the last race!

Samuel Voak literally ran away with the 400m, winning by almost 6 seconds
in 54.68. Kristin Angierski was almost as dominant for the women, winning
by over 3 seconds in 1:15.01.

Finally, in the 4 x 800m relay, the Auburn Pulsars fielded six full teams,
including the winning team of Josh Cuddy, Ethan Reilley, Chris Mason, and
Jack Cavenaugh, who finished in 10:03. If only we’d gotten Scott Weeks to
race all the relay teams on his own.

Special thanks as always to our dedicated team of volunteers, who ensured
that the meet ran smoothly and enjoyed the post-meet subs and watermelon.
(Hey, we treat volunteers well!). Scott Wehrwein reprised his role as head
timer, with Julie Quinn taking over starter duties from Bruce Roebal, who
helped with lap counting, bib recording, and race instructions. Keith
Eggleston and Sandy Gregorich handled backup timing, and Ved Gund
masterfully managed day-of-race entries and seed changes, along with
getting results out more quickly than ever before. Tonya Engst and Carl
Franck wrangled all the runners as clerks of course, and David Keifer
managed registration and anything else that was needed. And pretty much
everyone, including Jesse Koenecke, helped with setup and teardown. Thanks

Women’s Distance Festival Results

79 women and girls came out to Stewart Park to complete the 5K along the Water Front Trail. 2017 was the first year the race was held at Stewart Park, with a change in venue after many years at Dryden Lake. Ladies of all ages, ranging from age 5 to 70, took part in the race to celebrate women’s road running.

We were fortunate that the heavy downpours throughout the day eventually gave way to clear skies and cooler temperatures by early evening, with a nice breeze coming in from Cayuga Lake.

Jullien Flynn and Katie Nolan took things out fast on the out-and-back course and both finished strong–Flynn winning in 18:17, with Nolan five seconds back. In team competition, the fastest mother-daughter team was The Lizards (Amy and Elizabeth Dawson.) Double Trouble (Elizabeth and Sarah Johnson) won the sister-sister division, and Dequistilboer (Yvette De Boer and Linnie Wieselquist) topped the partners division.

Results on our website

Detailed Results on Webscorer

In recognition and support of the Advocacy Center of Tompkins County, donations were collected during registration and at packet pickup. The Advocacy Center provides support, advocacy, and education for survivors of domestic violence, child sexual abuse, and adult sexual assault. To learn more about the center, or to donate, please click here to visit their website.

Photos (by Ian Golden):

A beautiful night for the Finger Lakes Runners Club's WDF 2017.

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