January 2019 Indoor Track Meet Results
Masters runners, test your legs in the mile before next weekend’s Hartshorne Memorial Masters Mile!
9:00am Sunday January 13
Barton Hall, Cornell University | FLRC

This past Sunday marked FLRC’s first indoor meet of 2019, and it was a rousing success, with 198 runners and 436 entries across 5 events. We had so many kids—even a 2-year-old!—running the 60m that it was the most popular event of the day with 121 finishers across 18 heats, although the 400m wasn’t far behind, with 104 finishers in 21 heats. 17 hardy souls gritted out 25 laps in the 5000m, and the 1 mile once again drew strongly, with 88 finishers across 7 heats.

A lot of the kids came from our youth club and school teams: the Auburn Pulsars, Candor CSD Club Runners, Chenango Forks, Corning-Painted Post West, GIAC Navigators, SOAR, and Watkins Glen. As usual, it’s great to see so many teams at our meets, and we anticipate even more at the next two meets. Onto the results!

The 5000m was mostly a warmup race this month, with Roy Wedge winning it in 17:44 for the men, 8 seconds ahead of Jake Pusey, and Megan Luckner the first woman across the line in 18:57, 35 seconds in front of Amelia Kaufman.

In the final heat of the 60m, Lance Jensen of Candor ran a 7.4 to best Patrick Skinner’s 7.5. For the women, Haley Dean of Watkins Glen took the crown with an 8.9-second finish, outpacing Emma Frost of Corning by .2 seconds.

Lance Jensen tried to repeat his win in the 400m, but couldn’t catch the speedsuit-clad Henry Gilbert, who laid down a commanding 51.1 time for the win, notably faster than Jensen’s 53.9. The first woman was Marissa Silba in 1:06.9, well ahead of Sophie Stewart’s 1:10.2 for second.

The 1 mile is often our most contested race, and this month looked like it was going to be another nail-biter, with James Felice leading for a number of laps before 2018 MITHACAL MILE SERIES champion Adam Pacheck took the lead in the middle of the race. But Pacheck wasn’t able to hold on past six laps, and Felice cruised in for a 4:30 win, 9 seconds ahead of Pacheck’s second place 4:39. For the women, 16-year-old Alyssa Walker ran a strong 5:29 for the win, followed by Megan Luckner in 5:37.

We closed with a relay, a 4x200m this time, which was won by a team anchored by 400m winner Henry Gilbert, just barely outpacing the Candor A team anchored by Lance Jensen, 1:43 to 1:44. Impressively, Adam Pacheck and his brother Ethan (who also ran a 4:49 mile) doubled up in the 4x200m to run a 1:52 for fourth, just behind Candor’s B team in 1:51.

As always, this meet was made possible by the superhuman efforts of a dedicated cadre of volunteers, and I can’t express how appreciative I am for their help. Jullien Flynn worked wonders with a new meet management app, despite its ancient Windows interface causing her flashbacks to middle school. Josh Brockner was quick and accurate as head timer. Newcomer Bill Watson stepped into the demanding clerk-of-course role and handled it with aplomb. Tom Rishel once again did a great job as starter. Adam Pacheck, before and after his excellent races, recorded finisher bibs, a job picked up by Bree Zogaria of Candor when he was running. Rod Weeden of Watkins Glen helped with lap counting. Tonya Engst and Jesse Koennecke ensured that registration and bib pickup moved smoothly all day long. Jesse, Bob Swizdor, Aaron Proujansky, Carl Franck, and Shannon Oakes of SOAR all helped manage heats. And many of the people above, aided by Emily Funk and Casey Carlstrom, were key in timing the lane-based 60m and 400m.


1Lance JensenM17Candor CSD Club Runners7.4
2Patrick SkinnerM37Unattached7.5
3Caden BennettM16Unattached7.6
4Caleb VaowM17Candor CSD Club Runners7.9
5Christian HaynesM18Candor CSD Club Runners8.0
6Lucas McLeakMChenango Forks High School8.0
7Alex YeaterMSouthern Tier SOAR8.0
8Ben DizerM14Candor CSD Club Runners8.1
9Cameron FitzgeraldM17Candor CSD Club Runners8.2
10Jeb ParilloM18Candor CSD Club Runners8.3
11Joao BessaM17Candor CSD Club Runners8.3
12Robert MechalkeMCorning-Painted Post West8.4
13Marcus HomaM13Unattached8.5
14Sam CornfieldMCorning-Painted Post West8.5
15Mike WeinmannM28Candor CSD Club Runners8.7
16Joey CarusoMCorning-Painted Post West8.7
17Owen ParilloM16Candor CSD Club Runners8.9
18Haley DeanWWatkins Glen8.9
19Raghav TandonMCorning-Painted Post West9.0
19Cale SutterbyMWatkins Glen9.0
21Sky SetoM26Unattached9.0
22Eli McKendrickMCorning-Painted Post West9.0
23Tylief DurhamMCorning-Painted Post West9.0
24Cameron NguyenMCorning-Painted Post West9.0
25Zach StormMCorning-Painted Post West9.1
26Emma FrostWCorning-Painted Post West9.1
27Erin BruttomessoW17Candor CSD Club Runners9.1
28Ayinde HarewoodMCorning-Painted Post West9.2
29Charlotte LawrenceWCorning-Painted Post West9.2
30Leah O'ConnellW17Candor CSD Club Runners9.3
31Mya MarshW16Candor CSD Club Runners9.3
32Makenna KeoughW12Southern Tier SOAR9.3
33Doug CornfieldMCorning-Painted Post West9.3
34Litia WernerWCorning-Painted Post West9.3
34Aidan LazzaroM10Unattached9.3
36Brady HughesMCorning-Painted Post West9.3
37Maddie OlsonWCorning-Painted Post West9.4
37Dylan LeohnertMCorning-Painted Post West9.4
39Hunter SornbergerMCorning-Painted Post West9.4
40Mario ColonnaMCorning-Painted Post West9.4
41Andra GreenburgWCorning-Painted Post West9.5
41Ethan RolosonMCorning-Painted Post West9.5
43Sam TelfordMCorning-Painted Post West9.50
44Ella GrinnellWCorning-Painted Post West9.6
45Talia ChristiansonWCorning-Painted Post West9.6
46Conor FiggsM16Candor CSD Club Runners9.7
47Luke PlumleyMCorning-Painted Post West9.7
48Dylan RoseMCorning-Painted Post West9.7
49Ian MarshMCorning-Painted Post West9.8
50Luke MertusMCorning-Painted Post West9.8
51Sean FreelandMCorning-Painted Post West9.8
52Madison HansenWWatkins Glen9.8
53Jacob HufnagelMCorning-Painted Post West9.9
54Taylor FarrellWCorning-Painted Post West9.9
55Matthew FitchM13Candor CSD Club Runners10.0
56Raegan VanGordenW10Southern Tier SOAR10.0
56Seojun ChoMCorning-Painted Post West10.0
58Emma SuttonWCorning-Painted Post West10.0
59Gregory HomaM11Unattached10.1
60Amelia SparlingWSouthern Tier SOAR10.1
61Emily LohmullerW12Southern Tier SOAR10.2
62Loelia MartinWCorning-Painted Post West10.2
63Josette BurkeWCorning-Painted Post West10.3
64Lochlan MakepeaceM8GIAC Navigators10.3
64Paige KestersonWCorning-Painted Post West10.3
66Ella CosierWCorning-Painted Post West10.3
66Austin FerrinM11Auburn Pulsars10.3
68Griffin ConradM11GIAC Navigators10.3
69MaryAlice PineauW11Auburn Pulsars10.3
70Abby RingwoodW11Auburn Pulsars10.4
71Aidan ZaborskyMCorning-Painted Post West10.5
72Ashley TubbsWCorning-Painted Post West10.6
73Ainsly L'AmoreauxWCorning-Painted Post West10.7
74Emma NeenanWCorning-Painted Post West10.7
74Gianna BenzWCorning-Painted Post West10.7
76Aidan KahabkaMCorning-Painted Post West10.7
76Israel MackM8GIAC Navigators10.7
76Owen RipleyM12Southern Tier SOAR10.7
79Kennedy HermanWCorning-Painted Post West10.8
80Kaiden MayMCorning-Painted Post West10.8
81William StetterMCorning-Painted Post West10.9
82James LovellMSouthern Tier SOAR10.9
83Sebastian MackM7GIAC Navigators10.9
84Thalia MarquesWWatkins Glen10.9
85Hannah KauffmanW8Southern Tier SOAR11.1
85Sofia ScoutenWCorning-Painted Post West11.1
87Connor DuffyM13Auburn Pulsars11.2
88David ClarkeM7GIAC Navigators11.2
89Maren GoldenWUnattached11.2
90McKenna WaffleWChenango Forks High School11.2
91Riley DollardWCorning-Painted Post West11.3
92Nora GoldenW8Unattached11.3
93Conor DeSantisM8Unattached11.3
94Matthew FennessyM14Auburn Pulsars11.4
95Anya BeresW10Southern Tier SOAR11.4
96Jasmine WagnerWSouthern Tier SOAR11.4
97Daniel ClarkeM7GIAC Navigators11.5
98Bella BeresW8Southern Tier SOAR11.5
99Burke HilgendorfM7Southern Tier SOAR11.6
100Sabou DiakiteW11Southern Tier SOAR11.6
101Ryder SparlingM9Southern Tier SOAR11.7
101Meghan WinksW11Auburn Pulsars11.7
103Holden ShecklerM7Unattached11.7
104Tabitha OakesWSouthern Tier SOAR11.8
105Cameron O’learyMUnattached11.9
106Anna GasperW6Auburn Pulsars12.0
107Robert KongM9Unattached12.1
108Leah KauffmanW7Southern Tier SOAR12.3
109Alex ShecklerM7Unattached12.3
110Stephanie KruschW26Unattached12.6
111Carter SovaM14Auburn Pulsars12.7
112Haylay SovaW11Auburn Pulsars12.8
113Madeline SenecaW12Auburn Pulsars12.9
114Cameron LeShoreM7GIAC Navigators14.2
115Carter LeShoreM6GIAC Navigators14.7
116Steven KongM7Unattached16.00
117Rowan DeSantisW5Unattached16.5
118Austin NeallyM6Southern Tier SOAR17.7
119Charlotte CappadoraW4Unattached18.9
120Estella StoosW3Unattached29.3
121Samantha CappadoraW2Unattached33.6


1Henry GilbertM17Unattached51.1
2Lance JensenM17Candor CSD Club Runners53.9
3Caden BennettM16Unattached55.9
4Jeb ParilloM18Candor CSD Club Runners57.5
5Max EvansMUnattached57.7
6Patrick SkinnerM37Unattached58.1
7Caleb VaowM17Candor CSD Club Runners59.0
8Levi MickelsonM17Candor CSD Club Runners59.10
9Christian HaynesM18Candor CSD Club Runners59.7
10Cameron FitzgeraldM17Candor CSD Club Runners1:01.7
11AJ DarlingM20Unattached1:01.9
12Dominic PasavaleM18Unattached1:02.2
13Ben DizerM14Candor CSD Club Runners1:02.2
14Alex YeaterMSouthern Tier SOAR1:02.9
15Sam CornfieldMCorning-Painted Post West1:04.9
16Marcus HomaM13Unattached1:06.4
17Marissa SilbaW17Unattached1:06.9
18Joao BessaM17Candor CSD Club Runners1:07.0
19John HohmM34Unattached1:09.3
20Owen ParilloM16Candor CSD Club Runners1:09.9
21Sophie StewartW17Unattached1:10.2
22Haley DeanWWatkins Glen1:10.7
23Josh BeresM14Southern Tier SOAR1:11.7
24Donna LangerfeldW32Unattached1:12.4
25Leah O'ConnellW17Candor CSD Club Runners1:12.4
26Mya MarshW16Candor CSD Club Runners1:12.6
27Ethan RolosonMCorning-Painted Post West1:12.8
28Conor FiggsM16Candor CSD Club Runners1:13.3
29Luke PlumleyMCorning-Painted Post West1:13.3
30Erin BruttomessoW17Candor CSD Club Runners1:13.5
31Peter HarewoodMUnattached1:14.0
32Ayinde HarewoodMCorning-Painted Post West1:14.4
33Raghav TandonMCorning-Painted Post West1:14.5
34Makenna KeoughW12Southern Tier SOAR1:14.8
35Matthew FitchM13Candor CSD Club Runners1:14.9
36Aaron KellerM11Unattached1:15.3
37Doug CornfieldMCorning-Painted Post West1:15.5
38David BowenM66Unattached1:16.7
39Cameron NguyenMCorning-Painted Post West1:16.7
40Sadie BeresW12Southern Tier SOAR1:16.7
41Mario ColonnaMCorning-Painted Post West1:16.8
42Eli McKendrickMCorning-Painted Post West1:16.9
43Dylan LeohnertMCorning-Painted Post West1:17.2
44Jenna O'ConnellW15Candor CSD Club Runners1:17.5
45Sean FreelandMCorning-Painted Post West1:18.2
46Maddie OlsonWCorning-Painted Post West1:18.3
47Luke MertusMCorning-Painted Post West1:19.3
48Taylor FarrellWCorning-Painted Post West1:19.7
49Raegan VanGordenW10Southern Tier SOAR1:19.7
50Austin FerrinM11Auburn Pulsars1:20.8
51Hunter SornbergerMCorning-Painted Post West1:21.6
52Aidan LazzaroM10Unattached1:22.1
53Abby RingwoodW11Auburn Pulsars1:23.1
54Brady HughesMCorning-Painted Post West1:23.1
55Abigail WagnerWSouthern Tier SOAR1:23.4
56Aidan KahabkaMCorning-Painted Post West1:23.5
57Gregory HomaM11Unattached1:23.5
58Griffin ConradM11GIAC Navigators1:24.3
59Loelia MartinWCorning-Painted Post West1:24.5
60Aidan ZaborskyMCorning-Painted Post West1:24.6
61MaryAlice PineauW11Auburn Pulsars1:25.0
62Andra GreenburgWCorning-Painted Post West1:25.6
63Ella CosierWCorning-Painted Post West1:25.6
64Emma SuttonWCorning-Painted Post West1:26.4
65Gianna BenzWCorning-Painted Post West1:26.6
66Emma NeenanWCorning-Painted Post West1:26.7
67Jacob HufnagelMCorning-Painted Post West1:26.9
68Kevin NelsonM54Unattached1:27.0
69Sam TelfordMCorning-Painted Post West1:27.3
70Alaina KellerW9Unattached1:28.1
71Owen RipleyM12Southern Tier SOAR1:28.8
72Matthew FennessyM14Auburn Pulsars1:29.1
73Nora GoldenW8Unattached1:31.5
74Maren GoldenWUnattached1:31.9
75Ainsly L'AmoreauxWCorning-Painted Post West1:31.9
76Israel MackM8GIAC Navigators1:32.0
77Carter SovaM14Auburn Pulsars1:32.5
78Connor DuffyM13Auburn Pulsars1:32.6
79Meghan WinksW11Auburn Pulsars1:34.2
80Tucker FlaitzM9Southern Tier SOAR1:35.3
81Lochlan MakepeaceM8GIAC Navigators1:35.6
82Sebastian MackM7GIAC Navigators1:36.3
83Sabou DiakiteW11Southern Tier SOAR1:37.1
84Kennedy HermanWCorning-Painted Post West1:37.6
85Madeline SenecaW12Auburn Pulsars1:37.9
86Alex ShecklerM7Unattached1:39.8
87Ryder SparlingM9Southern Tier SOAR1:40.3
88Burke HilgendorfM7Southern Tier SOAR1:41.2
89Haylay SovaW11Auburn Pulsars1:42.4
90William StetterMCorning-Painted Post West1:43.7
91David ClarkeM7GIAC Navigators1:44.0
92Hannah KauffmanW8Southern Tier SOAR1:44.2
93Anna GasperW6Auburn Pulsars1:45.1
94Cameron O’learyMUnattached1:46.7
95Stephanie KruschW26Unattached1:49.2
96Robert KongM9Unattached1:49.7
97Holden ShecklerM7Unattached1:49.8
98Leah KauffmanW7Southern Tier SOAR1:49.8
99Daniel ClarkeM7GIAC Navigators1:50.3
100Cameron LeShoreM7GIAC Navigators1:56.9
101Carter LeShoreM6GIAC Navigators2:13.3
102Steven KongM7Unattached2:14.0
103Austin NeallyM6Southern Tier SOAR2:33.2
104Charlotte CappadoraW4Unattached2:43.7


1James FeliceM22Unattached4:30
2Adam PacheckM27Unattached4:39
3Mikhail KernM27Unattached4:43
4Paul ZimmerM17Unattached4:45
5Ethan PacheckM25Unattached4:49
6Brian LazzaroM44Unattached5:00
7Jason TuoriM27Unattached5:02.20
8Levi MickelsonM17Candor CSD Club Runners5:02.40
9Phil KwasneyM37Unattached5:08
10Jonathan SherwoodM16Unattached5:12
11Dale FlandersM53Unattached5:12.90
12Max EvansMUnattached5:15
13Michael StewartM37Unattached5:18
14Caleb VaowM17Candor CSD Club Runners5:21
15Aaron KingM35Unattached5:21.20
16Miles BaroodyM12Auburn Pulsars5:26
17Alyssa WalkerW16Unattached5:29
18Jeb ParilloM18Candor CSD Club Runners5:34
19Owen GasperM11Auburn Pulsars5:37
20Chase RipleyM15Southern Tier SOAR5:37.10
21Megan LucknerW24Unattached5:37.80
22Jaxyn MahoneyM11Southern Tier SOAR5:39
23Alia SpakerW13Unattached5:42
24Michelle RohlW53Unattached5:42.10
25Donna LangerfeldW32Unattached5:42.40
26Piper YoungW13Unattached5:42.70
27Sarah LawsonWCorning-Painted Post West5:44.40
28Alicia LawsonWCorning-Painted Post West5:44.60
29Jed ShecklerM40Unattached5:46
29Marcus HomaM13Unattached5:46
31Marissa SilbaW17Unattached5:48
32Elliott HollandMWatkins Glen5:49
33Christina GaskieviczWCorning-Painted Post West5:50
34Luke FerrinM37Auburn Pulsars5:51
34Keegan BradyM12Auburn Pulsars5:51
36Elizabeth BaroodyW12Auburn Pulsars5:52
37Ben DizerM14Candor CSD Club Runners5:53
38Jesse KoenneckeM48Unattached5:56
39Josh BeresM14Southern Tier SOAR6:00
40Rylee CampeauW17Unattached6:04
41Maggie HoupW11Southern Tier SOAR6:07
41Sophie StewartW17Unattached6:07
43Amanda KingW31Unattached6:15
44Alexandra CowleyW15Unattached6:19
45Sean RingwoodM10Auburn Pulsars6:20
46Ian MarshMCorning-Painted Post West6:22
47Alexa LohmullerW14Southern Tier SOAR6:22.60
48Seojun ChoMCorning-Painted Post West6:22.80
49Kyleen BradyW10Auburn Pulsars6:24
50Kristen OplingerW18Unattached6:25
50Kaiden MayMCorning-Painted Post West6:25
52Michael RohlM53Unattached6:31.10
53Jeff GasperM42Auburn Pulsars6:31.70
54John HohmM34Unattached6:33
55Rachel StreeterW14Unattached6:36
56Charlotte LawrenceWCorning-Painted Post West6:37
57Alaina KellerW9Unattached6:39
58Ella GrinnellWCorning-Painted Post West6:41
59David BowenM66Unattached6:42
60Sadie BeresW12Southern Tier SOAR6:43
61Nicholas BonsignoreMWatkins Glen6:46
62Sean WilsonM31Auburn Pulsars6:47
63Dylan RoseMCorning-Painted Post West6:49
64Phillip MetzgerM61Unattached6:50
65Samantha OakesWSouthern Tier SOAR6:53.10
66Gregory HomaM11Unattached6:53.90
67Bella BeresW8Southern Tier SOAR6:56
68Sky SetoM26Unattached6:57
68Kevin NelsonM54Unattached6:57
70Tonya EngstW51Unattached6:58
71Jacob VargaM9Auburn Pulsars6:59
72Roy WedgeM26Unattached7:00
73Emily OrmsbyW25Unattached7:01
74James LovellMSouthern Tier SOAR7:10
75Abigail WagnerWSouthern Tier SOAR7:13
76Tucker FlaitzM9Southern Tier SOAR7:21
77Sofia ScoutenWCorning-Painted Post West7:22
78Jenna O'ConnellW15Candor CSD Club Runners7:24.30
79Erin BruttomessoW17Candor CSD Club Runners7:24.40
80Carl FranckM66Unattached7:34
81Ashley TubbsWCorning-Painted Post West7:37
82Emily LohmullerW12Southern Tier SOAR7:49
83Burke HilgendorfM7Southern Tier SOAR7:50
84Riley DollardWCorning-Painted Post West8:03
85Raegan VanGordenW10Southern Tier SOAR8:08
86Amelia SparlingWSouthern Tier SOAR8:16
87Stephanie KruschW26Unattached9:09
88Kaylana RekczisWWatkins Glen10:13


1Roy WedgeM26Unattached17:44
2Jake PuseyM28Unattached17:52
3Phil KwasneyM37Unattached17:55
4Michael StewartM37Unattached18:49
5Megan LucknerW24Unattached18:57
6Aaron KellerM11Unattached19:03
7Amelia KaufmanW25Unattached19:32
8Jed ShecklerM40Unattached19:54
9Katie StettlerW53Unattached20:54
10Peter HarewoodMUnattached21:32
11Rylee CampeauW17Unattached21:50
12Pete KresockM36Unattached21:50
13Casey CarlstromM59Unattached22:26
14Shyanne LawtonWChenango Forks High School23:07
15Pipher ReidWChenango Forks High School23:07.40
16Rachel StreeterW14Unattached24:04
17Stephanie KruschW26Unattached32:27


1Team GilbertUnattached1:43
2Team JensenCandor CSD Club Runners1:44
3Team FitzgeraldCandor CSD Club Runners1:51
4Team PacheckUnattached1:52
5Team LazzaroUnattached2:07
5Team FiggsCandor CSD Club Runners2:07
7Team RolosonCorning-Painted Post West2:10
8Team MarshCandor CSD Club Runners2:10
9Team MechalkeCorning-Painted Post West2:11
10Team HoupSouthern Tier SOAR2:12
10Team MarshCorning-Painted Post West2:12
12Team LawrenceCorning-Painted Post West2:14
12Team HarewoodCorning-Painted Post West2:14
14Team RingwoodAuburn Pulsars2:15
15Team SovaAuburn Pulsars2:26
16Team MertusCorning-Painted Post West2:28
17Team BradyAuburn Pulsars2:29
17Team MayCorning-Painted Post West2:29
19Team FarrellCorning-Painted Post West2:31
20Team LohmullerSouthern Tier SOAR2:37
20Team SuttonCorning-Painted Post West2:37
22Team MartinCorning-Painted Post West2:38
23Team NeenanCorning-Painted Post West2:40
24Team BeresSouthern Tier SOAR2:43
25Team FennessyAuburn Pulsars2:45
26Team WagnerSouthern Tier SOAR2:57
27Anna GasperAuburn Pulsars3:04.00
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