March 2019 Indoor Track Meet Results
Avoid the early-season mud by coming to Barton for our last indoor meet of the year!
9:00am Sunday March 10
Barton Hall, Cornell University | FLRC

We closed out our winter indoor track season with a smaller, relaxing meet that showcased some fabulous races and times. The March meet is often a bit smaller because high school kids are done with their indoor season and taking some downtime before outdoor track starts. But we still drew nine teams, including collegiate running clubs from Binghamton, Buffalo, and Syracuse, plus two from Cornell, in addition to our regular youth teams: the Auburn Pulsars, GIAC Navigators, SOAR Running Club, and Candor CSD Running Club. Nasty morning driving conditions, daylight saving time, and illnesses making the rounds also hurt attendance a bit, but we still had 143 runners and 289 entries across four individual races and a relay. Scroll down for full results.

With everyone having been forced to wake up an hour earlier than normal, it wasn’t surprising that our fast 3000m heat started out as a tactical race, with a big clump of runners sticking together through a slow first mile. Then it started to break up, with Cornell grad student Sam Lagasse, Joshua Lacey and Kody Parrot from the University of Buffalo, and the Cornell Running Club’s Ethan Seltzer pulling away from the pack. Lagasse ended up throwing down a ferocious kick to claim the victory in 9:20, with Lacey coming in second in 9:31. For the women, Cornell’s Krista Scibisz beat 14-year-old Bethany Lorenzo of the Auburn Pulsars, 12:08 to 12:26.

Next we moved into the 60m, and after a bunch of munchkin heats with runners as young as 4, the University of Buffalo’s Nicholas Abdo won in 6.9 seconds, beating Candor’s Lance Jensen and five other runners who were in the 7.3 second range. The women’s title went to 12-year-old Makenna Keough of the SOAR Running Club, just a hair ahead of Raquel Morehouse of the Cornell Track and Field Club, both in 9.1 seconds.

In the 200m, Nicholas Abdo and Lance Jensen repeated their places, with Abdo taking the win in 23.2 second and Jensen taking second in 24.0. On the women’s side, Buffalo’s Yuleiny Fernandez cruised through the tape in 29.1 seconds, followed by 11-year-old Maggie Houp of SOAR in 30.7 seconds.

The mile race was the most popular and most competitive, with all the runners in the fastest heat seeding themselves at under 4:50. The race didn’t disappoint, with numerous lead changes that ended with the Cornell Running Club’s Oliver Rapp kicking hard in the final lap to beat James Felice, 4:35 to 4:39. The winner of the women’s race was never in question, with national masters mile champion and Hartshorne Masters Mile winner Sascha Scott coming down from Syracuse to get some competition from men since there are few women of any age, and almost no masters runners, who can run with her. Despite feeling lousy in her warmup and getting tangled at the start, Sascha ran even splits and moved up strongly in the final laps of her race to lay down a 4:54.1, her fastest time of the year and one of the fastest mile times by a 40-44 woman in the world. The next fastest woman was 20-year-old Gabriella Dunkelberg in 5:45 that just outpaced an impressive 5:46 by 43-year-old Richarda Ericson.

Finally, the University of Buffalo runners ran a strong 4x200m relay to win handily in 1:37, beating a tough Candor team that came through in 1:44.

Huge thanks go to the many volunteers who made this and the other indoor meets run so smoothly. We consistently receive compliments from coaches and runners about how our meets are among the best run anywhere, and that’s a testament to our dedicated volunteer team. Jullien Flynn coordinates all entries, seeding, and results in the Meet Manager app. Josh Brockner was once again our head timer. Tom Rishel served as starter, working with good humor through a cranky starter’s pistol. Adam Pacheck managed the finish line with help from Truck Rossiter. Tonya Engst and Jesse Koennecke wrangled registration and bib pickup (and then both went out and ran PRs in the mile). As clerks-of-course, Bill Watson and Becca Lovenheim arranged runners into heats, with help from Ellie Pell. Aaron Proujansky did backup timing and lap counting, and Carl Franck set up the PA system and helped out in numerous places. Thanks to each and every one of you for making FLRC’s track meets such a success!

See you outdoors on Lansing High School’s track on June 18th!


1Nicholas AbdoM18UB XC and Track Club6.9
2Lance JensenM17Candor CSD Club Runners7.3
3Willie ZuckerburgMCornell Track and Field Club7.3
4Jacob FitzpatrickM19UB XC and Track Club7.3
5Thomas IngersollM21UB XC and Track Club7.3
5Kenny StehleM19UB XC and Track Club7.3
5Ryan NguyenM23UB XC and Track Club7.3
8Xzavier LewisM15Unattached7.6
9Ben DizerM15Candor CSD Club Runners7.9
10Jeb ParilloM18Candor CSD Club Runners7.9
10Matthew HicksM23Candor CSD Club Runners7.9
12Joao BessaM17Candor CSD Club Runners8.0
13Alex YeaterM14Southern Tier SOAR8.1
14Cameron FitzgeraldM17Candor CSD Club Runners8.2
15Christian HaynesM18Candor CSD Club Runners8.2
16Matthew AdamsM23Unattached8.4
17Conor FiggsM16Candor CSD Club Runners8.5
18Sky SetoM26Unattached8.6
19Marcus HomaM13Unattached8.7
20Makenna KeoughW12Southern Tier SOAR9.1
21Raquel MorehouseW19Cornell Track and Field Club9.1
22Matthew FitchM13Candor CSD Club Runners10.0
23Raegan VanGordenW10Southern Tier SOAR10.0
23Gregory HomaM11Unattached10.0
23Elsa WoodWSouthern Tier SOAR10.0
26Lochlan MakepeaceM8GIAC Navigators10.5
27Bella BeresW8Southern Tier SOAR10.55
28Conor DeSantisM9Unattached10.65
29Hannah KauffmanW8Southern Tier SOAR11.0
30Tabitha OakesWSouthern Tier SOAR11.05
31Reed FuchsM8Southern Tier SOAR11.2
32David ClarkeM7GIAC Navigators11.3
33Jasmine WagnerWSouthern Tier SOAR11.52
34Zayla BumanW10Southern Tier SOAR11.54
35Daniel ClarkeM7GIAC Navigators11.7
35Anya BeresW10Southern Tier SOAR11.7
37Tessa MakoschW9Unattached11.7
38Burke HilgendorfM7Southern Tier SOAR11.9
39Leah KauffmanW7Southern Tier SOAR13.0
40Nico SimmondsM7Auburn Pulsars13.4
41Marlo FuchsW6Southern Tier SOAR13.8
42Hazel FuchsW6Southern Tier SOAR13.8
42Cameron LeShoreM7GIAC Navigators13.8
44Carter LeShoreM6GIAC Navigators13.8
45Graham MuellerM4Unattached15.1
46Annabella WidehamW5Southern Tier SOAR15.3
47Rowan DeSantisW5Unattached15.7
48Ceci HilgendorfW5Southern Tier SOAR15.7
49Austin NeallyM6Southern Tier SOAR16.2
50Ada MuellerW4Unattached16.3
51Allie SimmondsW4Auburn Pulsars16.5


1Nicholas AbdoM18UB XC and Track Club23.2
2Lance JensenM17Candor CSD Club Runners24.0
3Jacob FitzpatrickM19UB XC and Track Club24.4
4Kenny StehleM19UB XC and Track Club24.5
5Tim HowardM19UB XC and Track Club25.7
6Jeb ParilloM18Candor CSD Club Runners26.2
7Jack BrzozowskiMCornell Running Club26.3
8Bailey ChoyM21Binghamton Running Club26.3
9Xzavier LewisM15Unattached26.5
10Christian HaynesM18Candor CSD Club Runners27.0
11Joao BessaM17Candor CSD Club Runners27.0
12Ben DizerM15Candor CSD Club Runners27.5
13Matthew HicksM23Candor CSD Club Runners27.6
14Kyle InfantinoMCornell Running Club27.6
15Alex YeaterM14Southern Tier SOAR27.7
16Jonathan LeungM19UB XC and Track Club27.8
17Grant ColeM31Unattached27.9
18Albert GenselM27Unattached28.2
19Josh BrocknerM43Unattached28.3
20Cameron FitzgeraldM17Candor CSD Club Runners28.6
21Matthew AdamsM23Unattached28.9
22Chase RipleyM15Southern Tier SOAR29.1
23Marcus HomaM13Unattached29.2
24Yuleiny FernandezW19UB XC and Track Club29.2
25Sky SetoM26Unattached29.3
26Conor FiggsM16Candor CSD Club Runners29.8
27Maggie HoupW11Southern Tier SOAR30.7
28Jesse KoenneckeM48Unattached31.3
29Josh BeresM14Southern Tier SOAR32.7
30Casey SwartzM25Unattached32.7
31Vincent CiampaglioneWCornell Track and Field Club33.3
32Matthew FitchM13Candor CSD Club Runners33.3
33Jenna O'ConnellW15Candor CSD Club Runners34.40
34Mikaela JerwickWCornell Running Club34.8
35Elsa WoodWSouthern Tier SOAR34.80
36Riley HubiszM11Unattached35.3
37Ainsley L'AmoreuxWUnattached35.8
38Makenna KeoughW12Southern Tier SOAR36.2
39Gregory HomaM11Unattached36.8
40Abigail WagnerWSouthern Tier SOAR37.30
41Maren GoldenW10Unattached38.4
42Owen RipleyM13Southern Tier SOAR38.5
43Lochlan MakepeaceM8GIAC Navigators38.6
44Tabitha OakesWSouthern Tier SOAR40.2
45Hannah KauffmanW8Southern Tier SOAR40.4
46Nora GoldenW8Unattached40.6
47Zayla BumanW10Southern Tier SOAR41.1
48Conor DeSantisM9Unattached41.4
49David ClarkeM7GIAC Navigators41.5
50Burke HilgendorfM7Southern Tier SOAR41.8
51Anya BeresW10Southern Tier SOAR41.9
52Jasmine WagnerWSouthern Tier SOAR42.8
53Tessa MakoschW9Unattached43.0
54Maple HubiszW7Unattached43.1
55Tanairi MartinezW8Unattached44.4
56Daniel ClarkeM7GIAC Navigators44.4
57Reed FuchsM8Southern Tier SOAR44.8
58Joe ReynoldsM74Unattached44.9
59Leah KauffmanW7Southern Tier SOAR45.7
60Martinez VictorM6Unattached46.7
61Cameron LeShoreM7GIAC Navigators50.7
62Marlo FuchsW6Southern Tier SOAR52.4
63Hazel FuchsW6Southern Tier SOAR54.3
64Carter LeShoreM6GIAC Navigators54.9
65Graham MuellerM4Unattached55.2
66Nico SimmondsM7Auburn Pulsars55.8
67Austin NeallyM6Southern Tier SOAR59.2
68Ceci HilgendorfW5Southern Tier SOAR59.8
69Rowan DeSantisW5Unattached1:00.2
70Allie SimmondsW4Auburn Pulsars1:00.4
71Charlotte CappadoraW4Unattached1:06.2
72Annabella WidehamW5Southern Tier SOAR1:11.0

1 mile RESULTS

1Oliver RappM19Cornell Running Club4:35
2James FeliceM22Unattached4:39
3Alexander DrazicMCornell Running Club4:43
4Paul ZimmerM18Unattached4:47
5Brian EganMBinghamton Running Club4:48
6Jimmy VasileM15Auburn Pulsars4:48
7Ian GoldenM42Unattached4:50
8Alex MetcalfMSU Running Club4:53
9Sascha ScottW43Unattached4:54
10Jay HubiszM39Unattached4:56
11Joshua LaceyM19UB XC and Track Club4:56
12Jon HendleyM18Unattached4:57
13David McMasterM19Unattached4:57
14Dixon AtkinsM20UB XC and Track Club5:02
15Christopher WatsonM19Cornell Running Club5:02
16Joseph ThompsonM20Unattached5:03
17Tim HowardM19UB XC and Track Club5:04
18Justin LakeM19UB XC and Track Club5:06
19Austin KickMCornell Running Club5:09
20Phil KwasneyM37Unattached5:13
21Dale FlandersM53Unattached5:14
22Jeb ParilloM18Candor CSD Club Runners5:18
23Michael StewartM37Unattached5:19
24Kenny MakoschM43Unattached5:19
25Jed ShecklerM40Unattached5:20
26Ryan SerreM19SU Running Club5:25
27Alex MartinezM13Unattached5:25
28Bailey ChoyM21Binghamton Running Club5:30
29Casey CarlstromM60Unattached5:31
30Miles BaroodyM13Auburn Pulsars5:32
31Jaxyn MahoneyM12Southern Tier SOAR5:35
32Oliver BaroodyM14Auburn Pulsars5:36
33Jean-Luc JanninkM52Unattached5:37
34Jason JenksM22Unattached5:42
35Gabriella DunkelbergW20Unattached5:45
36Richarda EricsonW43Unattached5:46
37Josh BeresM14Southern Tier SOAR5:48
38Marcus HomaM13Unattached5:49
39Robert SwizdorM53Unattached5:49
40Jesse KoenneckeM48Unattached5:50
41Maggie HoupW11Southern Tier SOAR5:50
42John HohmM34Unattached5:57
43Annie GeigerW21Cornell Running Club5:57
44Giuseppe BadalamentiMBinghamton Running Club5:59
45Casey SwartzM25Unattached6:00
46Gerrit Van LoonM57Unattached6:01
47Joseph AdlerMBinghamton Running Club6:02
48Elizabeth BaroodyW13Auburn Pulsars6:04
49Samantha WalkerW22UB XC and Track Club6:08
50Kyleen BradyW10Auburn Pulsars6:10
51Ben DizerM15Candor CSD Club Runners6:10
52Sean RingwoodM10Auburn Pulsars6:11
53Krista ScibiszWCornell Running Club6:12
54Gabe DauerheimM14Auburn Pulsars6:18
55Christian HaynesM18Candor CSD Club Runners6:24
56Samantha OakesWSouthern Tier SOAR6:32
57MaryAlice PineauW12Auburn Pulsars6:33
58John HummelM61Unattached6:34
59Raegan VanGordenW10Southern Tier SOAR6:34
60Riley HubiszM11Unattached6:41
61Tonya EngstW51Unattached6:43
62Cameron FitzgeraldM17Candor CSD Club Runners6:48
63Jacob VargaM9Auburn Pulsars6:54
64Gregory HomaM11Unattached6:55
65Bella BeresW8Southern Tier SOAR6:59
66Abigail WagnerWSouthern Tier SOAR7:01
67Caroline BrocknerW41Unattached7:03
68Matthew FitchM13Candor CSD Club Runners7:12
69James MinerM70Unattached7:13
70Jenna O'ConnellW15Candor CSD Club Runners7:24
71Matthew FennessyM14Auburn Pulsars7:34
72Carter SovaM14Auburn Pulsars7:39
73Meghan WinksW11Auburn Pulsars7:46
74Conor FiggsM16Candor CSD Club Runners7:47
75Burke HilgendorfM7Southern Tier SOAR7:47
76Madeline SenecaW12Auburn Pulsars7:50
77Haylay SovaW12Auburn Pulsars8:35
78Joe ReynoldsM74Unattached8:35


1Sam LagasseM24Unattached9:20
2Joshua LaceyM19UB XC and Track Club9:31
3Kody ParrottM21UB XC and Track Club9:41
4Ethan SeltzerM21Cornell Running Club9:43
5Christopher WatsonM19Cornell Running Club9:49
6Joseph ThompsonM20Unattached9:50
7Jaxyn MahoneyM12Southern Tier SOAR10:54
8Charles HennebergerM22UB XC and Track Club11:20
9Casey SwartzM25Unattached11:23
10Benjamin MuellerM36Unattached11:52
11Krista ScibiszWCornell Running Club12:08
12Bethany LorenzoW14Auburn Pulsars12:26
13Ron NelsonM62Unattached12:53
14James MinerM70Unattached14:48
15Joe ReynoldsM74Unattached17:31
16Gerrit Van LoonM57Unattached17:31


1Team AbdoUB XC and Track Club1:37
2Team JensenCandor CSD Club Runners1:44
3Team IngersollUB XC and Track Club1:48
4Team YeaterSouthern Tier SOAR1:53
5Team WalkerUB XC and Track Club1:55
6Team RingwoodAuburn Pulsars2:08
7Team BeresSouthern Tier SOAR2:11
8Team FiggsCandor CSD Club Runners2:14
9Team HubiszUnattached2:28
10Team GoldenUnattached2:29
11Team PineauAuburn Pulsars2:33
12Team SovaAuburn Pulsars2:43
13Team SovaAuburn Pulsars2:51
14Team OakesSouthern Tier SOAR3:07
15Team WoodSouthern Tier SOAR3:15
16Team VanGordenSouthern Tier SOAR3:21
17Team FuchsSouthern Tier SOAR3:27
18Team MakoschUnattached3:34
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