February 2019 Indoor Track Meet Results
Don't stress about the mid-winter jicker when you're racing on the indoor track!
9:00am Sunday February 17
Barton Hall, Cornell University | FLRC

Our second track meet of the 2019 season is in the books! Although mid-winter illnesses kept nearly 50 pre-registrants from running, we still had 224 finishers and 376 entries across our traditional 5 events, including some stellar times, particularly in the mile and 3000m.

Team attendance was up, thanks to collegiate club teams from Cornell, Ithaca College, Morrisville State, Syracuse University, and Columbia-Greene Community College. They joined the Ithaca College crew team and our regular youth groups: the Auburn Pulsars, GIAC Navigators, Team SOAR, and the Corning-Painted Post school teams.

We kicked things off with four heats of the 3000m, with Cornell grad student Sam Lagasse unleashing a ferocious kick in the final laps to win in 9:10, 11 seconds in front of Ryan Buzby and James Felice, who he’d been running with until the kick. Amrita Ramamurthy of the Cornell Running Club took the win for the women in 10:50, well ahead of Rylee Campeau’s second place in 12:08.

James Felice was only warming up in the 3000m, it turned out, as he posted a 2:02.4 in the 800m for the win, just .2 seconds ahead of Owen Juan. Elora Ferrie of Corning-Painted Post West ran an impressive 2:26.8 to take the women’s crown, just ahead of teammate Charlotte Nevins in 2:27.9, with 53-year-old Michelle Rohl placing third in 2:28.1.

It took 17 heats of the 200m to get to the fastest sprinters, with Conor O’Neill finishing first in 23.90 seconds, half a second ahead of Caden Bennett’s 24.46. In the women’s race, Charlie Slusser of Team SOAR came through in 28.99, beating Maddie Olson of Corning-Painted Post West, who ran a 30.45.

The mile was the marquee event of the day, and even though several top seeds weren’t able to run due to illness, all the runners in the fastest heat (of nine!) were seeded at 4:40 or faster. They didn’t disappoint, with only one person missing the seed slightly and Louis Greco laying down a 4:32 for the win. Oliver Rapp of the Cornell Running Club kicked hard, but slightly too late—he took second place in 4:33.

Finally, in the 4 by 400m relay, the Syracuse Running Club proved dominant, winning the relay by 20 seconds with a 4:14.

The meet ran smoothly despite an unusually large number of heat and seeding changes. Our new system for downloading finishing times directly from the Time Machine into the meet management software introduced some slight delays between heats of the longer races—that’s more a testament to how fast we had been before than anything else. Jullien Flynn was once again instrumental in managing all the entries, seeds, and results.Josh Brockner managed the timing with aplomb, and lots of people, including Ian Golden, timed the sprints. Tom Rishel worked through various issues with the pistol to start each heat. Bill Watson reprised his role as clerk-of-course swimmingly, with help from Bob Talda, Ellie Pell, and Jesse Koenecke. Tonya Engst and Jesse ran registration and bib pickup, with some late help from Casey Carlstrom. Adam Pacheck recorded finishers, with help from David Rossiter, and Ethan Pacheck’s video of the finish line helped clarify some tight finishes. Aaron Proujansky handled backup timing and lap counting, and he took over as head timer for the relays. Finally, special thanks to Bill Watson, Bob Talda, David Rossiter, Casey Carlstrom, Jesse Koenecke, and Gerrit Van Loon for help with early morning setup and afternoon teardown

We hope to see you at our final winter meet of 2019 on March 10th—you can sign up now!


1Connor O'NeillM26Unattached23.90
2Caden BennettM16Unattached24.46
3Connor HillicossMColumbia-Greene CC25.49
4Caleb VaowM17Unattached25.90
5Steve Van HoofMIthaca Crew26.10
6Cameron FlammMIthaca Crew26.11
7Devon TophovenMMorrisville State26.25
8Janak JuddMIthaca Crew26.42
9Aaron MathurinMMorrisville State27.19
10Dominic PasqualeM18Unattached27.47
11Spencer CadleyMIthaca Crew27.56
12Jakob RichardsM18Unattached27.61
13Alex YeaterM14Southern Tier SOAR27.77
14Brendan JonesM14Unattached27.78
15Anthony CruzMSU Running Club28.85
16Charlie SlusserWSouthern Tier SOAR28.99
17Adam NastaMIthaca Crew29.58
18Sam CornfieldMCorning-Painted Post West29.65
19Andrew WilsonMIthaca Crew29.69
20Dylan LeohnertMCorning-Painted Post West30.19
21Carter JonesM16Unattached30.39
22Maddie OlsonWCorning-Painted Post West30.45
23Sydney O'DellWMorrisville State30.46
24Doug CornfieldMCorning-Painted Post West30.58
25Jesse KoenneckeM48Unattached30.80
26Lucas GreenwayMIthaca Crew31.13
27Marissa SilbaW17Unattached31.20
28Hunter SornbergerMCorning-Painted Post West31.32
29Eli McKendrickMCorning-Painted Post West31.34
30Sean FreelandMCorning-Painted Post West31.50
31Jack SalisburyM52Unattached31.53
32Josh BeresM14Southern Tier SOAR31.68
33Ayinde HarewoodMCorning-Painted Post West31.85
34Jared AndersonMIthaca Crew31.95
35Harlee DessoyeWCorning-Painted Post West32.46
35Brady HughesMCorning-Painted Post West32.46
37Mario ColonnaMCorning-Painted Post West32.68
38Paige StansfieldWCorning-Painted Post West32.80
39Samantha OakesWSouthern Tier SOAR32.83
40Vincent CiampaglioneWCornell Track and Field Club32.93
41Luke MertusMCorning-Painted Post West33.05
42Sadie BeresW12Southern Tier SOAR33.28
43Sam TelfordMCorning-Painted Post West33.56
44Emma BronsonW13Unattached33.72
45Audry HartWCorning-Painted Post West34.10
46Emma SuttonWCorning-Painted Post West34.12
47Izzy CallenW20Ithaca College Running Club34.20
48Jacob HufnagelMCorning-Painted Post West34.28
49Raegan VanGordenW10Southern Tier SOAR34.31
50Elsa WoodWSouthern Tier SOAR35.74
51Ainsly L'AmoreauxWCorning-Painted Post West36.44
52Aidan KahabkaMCorning-Painted Post West36.54
53Rosie HinesW15Unattached36.72
54Devin McQuillanW21Ithaca College Running Club36.76
55Kennedy HermanWCorning-Painted Post West37.12
56Sophie StewartWUnattached37.31
57Riley HubiszM11Unattached37.45
58Tabitha OakesWSouthern Tier SOAR37.67
59Owen RipleyM13Southern Tier SOAR38.22
60Maren GoldenW10Unattached38.32
61William StetterMCorning-Painted Post West39.51
62Ashley StalnackerW20Ithaca College Running Club39.70
63Nora GoldenW8Unattached39.71
64Lochlan MakepeaceM8GIAC Navigators40.35
65Anya BeresW10Southern Tier SOAR42.48
66Karen EllsworthW56Unattached43.15
67Hannah KauffmanW8Southern Tier SOAR44.04
68Sophie TemplierW6Unattached44.06
69Joe ReynoldsM74Unattached44.39
70Maple HubiszW7Unattached45.80
71Enid Trudeau-MeehanWUnattached45.93
72Leah KauffmanW7Southern Tier SOAR47.57
73Grace FolsomW8Unattached48.28
74Elijah JacksonM8GIAC Navigators52.80
75Roslyn FolsomW5Unattached55.96
76Austin NeallyM6Southern Tier SOAR1:04.50
77Charlotte CappadoraW4Unattached1:06.76


1James FeliceM22Unattached2:02.43
2Owen JuanM18Unattached2:02.62
3Adam BeachMColumbia-Greene CC2:06.03
4Ryan RippeonM20Unattached2:11.83
5Nicholas Van FossenMUnattached2:15.17
6Mike NierM54Unattached2:16.68
7Phil KwasneyM37Unattached2:22.62
8Kyle InfantinoMCornell University2:25.19
9Elora FerrieWCorning-Painted Post West2:26.81
10Tom BerryM15Unattached2:27.13
11Caleb VaowM17Unattached2:27.19
12Charlotte NevinsWCorning-Painted Post West2:27.86
13Billy RussellMCorning-Painted Post West2:28.09
14Michelle RohlW53Unattached2:29.96
15Tobias SalisburyM17Unattached2:30.74
16Liam KresslyM15Unattached2:30.97
17Aaron MathurinMMorrisville State2:32.20
18Megan LucknerW24Unattached2:33.89
19Chase RipleyM15Southern Tier SOAR2:34.44
20Brendan JonesM14Unattached2:35.64
21Seungjae BaikMCorning-Painted Post West2:35.93
22Julia HluckWCorning-Painted Post West2:36.83
23Andrew NortonM25Unattached2:37.28
24Abel AguilarMCornell Track and Field Club2:37.99
25Sam CornfieldMCorning-Painted Post West2:38.64
26Jonathan SherwoodM16Unattached2:39.63
27Annie GeigerW21Cornell University2:40.31
28Marissa SilbaW17Unattached2:41.46
29Timothy RiccardiM60Unattached2:41.89
30Thomas NewmanMMorrisville State2:42.83
31Sophie StewartWUnattached2:43.54
32Maggie HoupW11Southern Tier SOAR2:44.53
33Raylene WadeWMorrisville State2:49.55
34Carter JonesM16Unattached2:50.54
35Raquel MorehouseW19Cornell Track and Field Club2:54.42
36Samantha OakesWSouthern Tier SOAR2:54.89
37Gerrit Van LoonM57Unattached2:56.09
38Rylee CampeauW17Unattached2:59.19
39Margaret ClearyWCorning-Painted Post West3:00.15
40Dylan RoseMCorning-Painted Post West3:00.83
41Sara BronsonWUnattached3:01.18
42John HohmM34Unattached3:01.35
43John HummelM61Unattached3:01.80
44Emma BronsonW13Unattached3:02.45
45Phillip MetzgerM61Unattached3:02.52
46Riley WernerWColumbia-Greene CC3:03.12
47Paige KestersonWCorning-Painted Post West3:04.30
48Mary SwanW57Unattached3:04.79
49Laura KennyW20Ithaca College Running Club3:05.00
50Hannah DewertW12Southern Tier SOAR3:07.38
51Ashley TubbsWCorning-Painted Post West3:11.67
52Christopher LawsonM8Unattached3:14.36
53Riley DollardWCorning-Painted Post West3:14.37
54Elsa WoodWSouthern Tier SOAR3:16.19
55Bella BeresW8Southern Tier SOAR3:18.16
56Colleen MagnussenW58Unattached3:19.06
57Nora GoldenW8Unattached3:24.08
58Rob KurcobaM40Unattached3:24.42
59Rosie HinesW15Unattached3:24.86
60Anya BeresW10Southern Tier SOAR3:39.36
61Lochlan MakepeaceM8GIAC Navigators3:40.69
62William StetterMCorning-Painted Post West3:46.57
63Joe ReynoldsM74Unattached4:02.34
64Hannah KauffmanW8Southern Tier SOAR4:15.01
65Karen EllsworthW56Unattached4:19.68
66Elijah JacksonM8GIAC Navigators5:20.54


1Louis GrecoM18Unattached4:32.37
2Oliver RappM19Cornell University4:33.30
3Steven SegalMCorning-Painted Post West4:35.39
4Mik KernMUnattached4:37.62
5John ClearyMCorning-Painted Post West4:39.18
6James FeliceM22Unattached4:40.36
7Sean DunnM25Unattached4:40.71
8Will StrattonM18Unattached4:41.09
9Alex MetcalfMSU Running Club4:47.78
10Matt HongMCorning-Painted Post West4:48.79
11Jared GridleyMCorning-Painted Post West4:52.52
12Connor O'NeillM26Unattached4:53.60
13Adam BeachMColumbia-Greene CC4:54.53
14Braden Hayes-GlickMCorning-Painted Post West4:55.31
15Jonathan WolfsonMIthaca College Running Club4:58.71
16Matt GenselMCorning-Painted Post West4:58.82
17Mike NierM54Unattached4:59.06
18Nick FazzoneMSU Running Club5:01.30
19Ryan SerreM19SU Running Club5:01.36
20Paul ZimmerM17Unattached5:02.08
21Jay HubiszM39Unattached5:02.93
22Thomas KresslyM16Unattached5:03.56
23Conrad WestMCorning-Painted Post West5:03.99
24Jack GregorskiMCorning-Painted Post West5:04.50
25Mark GregoryMIthaca College Running Club5:06.19
26Phil KwasneyM37Unattached5:06.96
27Alex ColvinM51Unattached5:08.61
28Caleb BelangerM14Unattached5:12.16
29Claire MasonWCorning-Painted Post West5:14.27
30Noah GramittMIthaca College Running Club5:14.30
31Torrey Jacobsen-EvansMCorning-Painted Post West5:15.22
32Grayson CampbellM20Unattached5:25.73
33Jed ShecklerM40Unattached5:26.24
34Nicolas TemplierM35Unattached5:26.25
35Faith KetchumWCorning-Painted Post West5:29.38
36Megan LucknerW24Unattached5:30.20
37Jonathan SherwoodM16Unattached5:34.12
38Katie HaleWCorning-Painted Post West5:34.51
39Alicia LawsonWCorning-Painted Post West5:37.26
40Gillian MasonWCorning-Painted Post West5:38.58
41Wesley SmithMIthaca College Running Club5:44.28
42Liam KresslyM15Unattached5:46.93
43Tim McMullenM66Unattached5:47.46
44Sarah LawsonW13Corning-Painted Post West5:48.54
45Lydia KeysWCorning-Painted Post West5:48.80
46Marissa SilbaW17Unattached5:51.32
47Chloe FreelandWCorning-Painted Post West5:52.03
48Jesse KoenneckeM48Unattached5:52.40
49Josh BeresM14Southern Tier SOAR5:52.80
50Cleo BakerWCorning-Painted Post West5:53.76
51Abby PerryWCorning-Painted Post West5:58.36
52Christina GaskieviczWCorning-Painted Post West5:59.88
53Maggie HoupW11Southern Tier SOAR6:00.08
54Seojun ChoMCorning-Painted Post West6:00.54
55Ian MarshMCorning-Painted Post West6:04.56
56John HohmM34Unattached6:05.34
57Abel AguilarMCornell Track and Field Club6:07.17
58Charlotte LawrenceWCorning-Painted Post West6:08.89
59Joan MattleWIthaca College Running Club6:11.83
60Timothy RiccardiM60Unattached6:12.20
61Nicholas FunkMColumbia-Greene CC6:14.17
62Cleo KyriakidesWCornell Track and Field Club6:14.37
63Jake ParkerMIthaca College Running Club6:18.53
64Sophie StewartWUnattached6:19.18
65Kyleen BradyW10Auburn Pulsars6:19.87
66Olivia GrinnellWCorning-Painted Post West6:19.88
67Gabe DauerheimM14Auburn Pulsars6:23.78
68Rylee CampeauW17Unattached6:24.33
69Michael RohlM53Unattached6:25.35
70Gerrit Van LoonM57Unattached6:26.29
71Jacob VargaM9Auburn Pulsars6:26.65
72Ella GrinnellWCorning-Painted Post West6:27.11
73Sadie BeresW12Southern Tier SOAR6:28.67
74Jack SalisburyM52Unattached6:29.88
75Cassandra CollinsW13Unattached6:37.22
76Rick ClearyM62Unattached6:38.63
77Lindsay GrubbWIthaca College Running Club6:38.94
78Melissa HubiszW38Unattached6:40.07
79John HummelM61Unattached6:41.54
80Dylan RoseMCorning-Painted Post West6:43.80
81Mikaela JerwickWCornell University6:46.09
82Raegan VanGordenW10Southern Tier SOAR6:48.66
83Phillip MetzgerM61Unattached6:50.28
84Abby RingwoodW11Auburn Pulsars6:51.53
85Tonya EngstW51Unattached6:52.75
86Riley HubiszM11Unattached6:52.97
87Penelope FergusonW11Auburn Pulsars6:52.99
88Bella BeresW8Southern Tier SOAR6:58.66
89Colleen MagnussenW58Unattached7:00.65
90Annika PlayfairWIthaca College Running Club7:03.70
91Hugo TemplierM9Unattached7:14.45
92Riley WernerWColumbia-Greene CC7:16.56
93Riley DollardWCorning-Painted Post West7:18.23
94Paige KestersonWCorning-Painted Post West7:23.27
95Maura HagerWMorrisville State7:31.91
96Sofia ScoutenWCorning-Painted Post West7:33.31
97Merlin FergusonM12Auburn Pulsars7:34.98
98Meghan WinksW11Auburn Pulsars7:41.55
99Madeline SenecaW12Auburn Pulsars7:55.14
100Sophie TemplierW6Unattached7:55.36
101Joe ReynoldsM74Unattached8:15.55


1Sam LagasseM24Unattached9:10.33
2Ryan BuzbyM19Unattached9:21.70
3James FeliceM22Unattached9:23.26
4Ethan SeltzerM21Cornell University9:29.14
5Paul ZimmerM17Unattached9:30.09
6Steve EspositoM29Unattached9:45.60
7Jordan VaranoM39Unattached10:06.89
8Benjamin VargasM17Unattached10:15.90
9Thomas KresslyM16Unattached10:16.73
10Nathaniel DiamondM20Cornell University10:20.39
11Mike BronsonM47Unattached10:24.35
12Dale FlandersM53Unattached10:26.51
13Derek HutchingsMMorrisville State10:31.66
14Sam BickhamMIthaca Crew10:34.53
15Eric StamerMIthaca Crew10:34.74
16Andy McCabeMIthaca Crew10:40.45
17Max HendricksMIthaca Crew10:41.97
18Anthony CruzMSU Running Club10:46.02
19Jonathan SherwoodM16Unattached10:47.34
20Aaron PerryM34Unattached10:48.06
21Amrita RamamurthyW21Cornell University10:50.88
22Aidan O'DowdMIthaca Crew10:53.26
23Jed ShecklerM40Unattached10:57.26
24Ian McHughMSU Running Club11:02.67
25Andrew NortonM25Unattached11:09.31
26Max LymanMIthaca Crew11:30.30
27Timothy RiccardiM60Unattached11:36.13
28Colin McCarthyMIthaca Crew11:43.51
29Evan OrmsbyMIthaca Crew11:48.22
30Owen BraunMMorrisville State11:56.39
31Rylee CampeauW17Unattached12:08.16
32Joan MattleWIthaca College Running Club12:10.00
33Steve Van HoofMIthaca Crew12:11.07
34Nicholas FunkMColumbia-Greene CC12:13.07
35Jared AndersonMIthaca Crew12:18.36
36Veronica DaileyW18Unattached12:19.39
37Luke MonteiroMIthaca Crew12:19.77
38Seth OrmsbyMIthaca Crew12:21.38
39Gerrit Van LoonM57Unattached12:25.82
40Mary SwanW57Unattached12:27.91
41Spencer CadleyMIthaca Crew12:34.85
42Hunter FlammMIthaca Crew12:35.05
43Adam NastaMIthaca Crew12:45.95
44Cleo KyriakidesWCornell Track and Field Club12:53.71
45Janak JuddMIthaca Crew12:56.05
46Andrew WilsonMIthaca Crew12:56.30
47Cameron FlammMIthaca Crew12:57.12
48Reuben MacNaughtonMIthaca Crew12:59.37
49Ashley StalnackerW20Ithaca College Running Club13:02.00
50Sara BronsonWUnattached13:06.01
51Izzy CallenW20Ithaca College Running Club13:06.90
52Ethan MainesMIthaca Crew13:16.83
53Lucas GreenwayMIthaca Crew13:46.03
54Devin McQuillanW21Ithaca College Running Club13:48.67
55Andrea WhiteW20Cornell University13:56.40
56Max SheimanMIthaca Crew14:17.23
57Beth VargasW56Unattached16:44.74


1Team FazzoneMSU Running Club4:14.27
2Team BennettM16Unattached4:34.84
3Team YeaterM14Southern Tier SOAR4:44.03
4Team GregoryMIthaca College Running Club4:48.14
5Team CornfieldMCorning-Painted Post West5:00.85
6Team ChoMCorning-Painted Post West5:01.78
7Team McQuillanW21Ithaca College Running Club5:02.70
8Team BelangerM14Unattached5:04.75
9Team KahabkaMCorning-Painted Post West5:19.57
10Team BeresW12Southern Tier SOAR5:23.85
11Team SuttonWCorning-Painted Post West5:39.51
12Team StansfieldWCorning-Painted Post West5:45.06
13Team WinksW11Auburn Pulsars5:51.65
14Team BeresW8Southern Tier SOAR6:13.47
15Team SenecaW12Auburn Pulsars6:21.43
16Team HubiszM11Unattached7:26.66
17Team OakesWSouthern Tier SOAR8:38.14
---Team ColonnaMCorning-Painted Post WestDQ
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