Race Surface: Track

June 2022 Outdoor Track Meet

It was a gorgeous evening to kick off FLRC’s summer track series last night, with sunny skies, calm breezes, and warm temperatures on the Lansing High School track, with its long views across the lake. That was a huge relief after last year’s battles with constant storms, and it brought our attendance back toward normal,… Read more »

July 2022 Outdoor Track Meet

FLRC’s second summer track meet of the year went off without a hitch under hot, sunny skies. The meet was a bit smaller than last month, with 42 runners competing across 75 individual efforts, but that made it all the more relaxed and intimate, while not detracting from the performances. No photos this month, but… Read more »

August 2021 Outdoor Track Meet

Last month, we combined two heats of the mile to finish our track meet quickly before a thunderstorm hit. This month, the forecast was dire from the beginning, and it rained hard much of the day in Ithaca. However, in nearby Lansing, there was little or no rain during the day. When we arrived for… Read more »

July 2021 Outdoor Track Meet

What were we thinking, having a track meet in the evening this summer? Was there any chance we wouldn’t be flirting with a severe thunderstorm watch? No, but thanks to the meet being small, the efforts of our highly capable volunteers, and running one big heat of the mile as our last race, we managed… Read more »