Race Surface: Track

Trackapalooza 2023

Historically, FLRC track meets have had just a handful of individual running events, though we added some jumps and throws this year. With Trackapalooza, we wanted to offer a full slate of events so everyone could run the distances they prefer. To aid in that, we retained TAJ Timing to provide an FAT system that… Read more »

June 2023 Outdoor Track Meet

The weather was fickle for our June meet, being hot and sunny for setup before drenching us during registration and forcing a delay in starting the events. But everyone hung out with good cheer, the rain eventually passed, and we were able to hold the entire meet, with 109 runners completing 189 events. Scroll down… Read more »

March 2023 Indoor Track Meet

Count us among those who aren’t in favor of changing the clocks twice yearly, as the switch to Daylight Saving Time cut into attendance. But we still had 4 teams and 122 runners who completed 314 events. Scroll down for for full results. For those taking photos at the meet, please share your images in… Read more »

February 2023 Indoor Track Meet

We’re getting back into the swing of indoor track meets again with our second meet of the year. Attendance was up, with 145 runners, including 7 teams, who completed a total of 338 efforts. Although we didn’t have a professional photographer at this meet, several people have uploaded their photos already, and if you took… Read more »

January 2023 Indoor Track Meet

Thanks to excellent work by old and new volunteers alike, our first indoor meet since 2020 went off well. We hosted 134 runners, including 7 teams, who completed a total of 280 individual efforts. Don’t miss the fabulous professional photos from Jamie Love. (The pictures below are representative of each event but don’t necessarily show the… Read more »

Hartshorne Masters Mile 2023

The 2023 Hartshorne Memorial Masters Mile is in the books. Full results with age-graded times and percentages are below, and you can also see the results at Leone Timing, including split times and position changes. Also feel free to download the PDF of our official results booklet. Don’t miss the fabulous race photos from Steve… Read more »

June 2022 Outdoor Track Meet

It was a gorgeous evening to kick off FLRC’s summer track series last night, with sunny skies, calm breezes, and warm temperatures on the Lansing High School track, with its long views across the lake. That was a huge relief after last year’s battles with constant storms, and it brought our attendance back toward normal,… Read more »

August 2022 Outdoor Track Meet

Although some rain blew through earlier in the day, by the meet time it was merely cool and damp, with high clouds and sun breaking through. In other words, perfect running weather! And we had company, thanks to the return of the Southern Tier SOAR team and a 15-person contingent from Woodbridge High School that… Read more »

July 2022 Outdoor Track Meet

FLRC’s second summer track meet of the year went off without a hitch under hot, sunny skies. The meet was a bit smaller than last month, with 42 runners competing across 75 individual efforts, but that made it all the more relaxed and intimate, while not detracting from the performances. No photos this month, but… Read more »