January 2024 Indoor Track Meet Results
Enjoy FLRC's first indoor meet of the year!
9:00am Sunday January 21
Barton Hall, Cornell University | FLRC

Our first track meet of 2024 is in the books, with some smoking-fast times and impressive jumps. We had 216 runners, including 11 teams, competing in 477 events. Scroll down for full results, and we have photos in our public album from Jamie Love and Jay Hubiszcontribute yours, too! (Photos below each event writeup are from those events, but not necessarily of the people mentioned.)

The meet went smoothly, and we appreciated all the kind words from runners and coaches. Tonya Engst, Carl Franck, Joe Schlimmer, Jonah Schumacher, and Michelle Woods all showed up early to help set up in the heat of Barton Hall before the custodian opened the doors to let in cool air. Tonya stuck around to run the registration desk and answer questions with Rebecca Lambert, and Jamie Slater did a great job of selling FLRC clothing. Tom Rishel reprised his traditional role as our starter, Patrick Boyle did a bang-up job in his debut as head timer, and Heather Cobb and Rich Bernstein managed the heats with aplomb. Laurel Gilmer and Jesse Koennecke kept HyTek Meet Manager humming smoothly for results, Katie Gannon recorded bibs for longer races, and Truck Rossiter counted laps and ran the backup timer. Our sprint timing team was Jon Lewis, Truck Rossiter, Ruth Sproul, Bob Swizdor, Crosby Woods, Militsa Yaneva, and Katie Gannon. Special thanks to Brett Shelton and Steve Wagner of the SOAR Running Club for managing the jumps, and to Tyler Craige and Kathleen Sullivan for helping them.

Sign up for FLRC’s next track meet on February 18, when we’ll swap the 3000m for a 5000m and the 1 mile for an 800m. Hope to see you there!


In the 60m Chase Luangsuwan and Benjamin Rhode went one-two in 6.97 and 7.00 seconds—too close to call for hand timing. On the women’s side, Olivia Haley sprinted to the win in 7.94 seconds, beating out Jalasia Demember in 8.18 seconds. But the most fun in the 60m was the first heat, which featured a slate of three- and four-year-olds—cute beyond belief!

1Chase LuangsuwanM15Unattached6.97
2Benjamin RhodeM17Elmira Track & Field7.00
3Joshua Kwakye MinottM17Ithaca Running Club7.19
4Allen Simms Jr.M17Ithaca Running Club7.23
4DJ CorprewM17Elmira Track & Field7.23
6Kyren YoungM17Watkins Glen7.25
7Sam HohleM16Watkins Glen7.45
8Geoffrey HelmsM17Ithaca Running Club7.47
9Ta'hjay Molina-BacomeM16Elmira Track & Field7.52
10William WalkerM14Elmira Track & Field7.58
11Ryan HaislerM19Cornell Track & Field Club7.60
12Aidan TierneyM24Unattached7.69
13Colin BuckleyM17Ithaca Running Club7.71
14Aidan KellyM16Watkins Glen7.76
14Jorge LynchM14Ithaca Running Club7.76
16Suansian SongputM16Groton Project TC7.84
17Ayoub OulidaM15Ithaca Running Club7.92
18Olivia HaleyW17Unattached7.94
19Mason HallM13Trumansburg Track Club8.15
20Jalasia DememberW26Unattached8.18
21James KaneM16Candor Running Club8.31
21Piper HooeyW17Elmira Track & Field8.31
23Foxfire MicekM13Trumansburg Track Club8.34
24Jarryd WitzelM15Unattached8.35
25Omar MaataouiM16Ithaca Running Club8.50
26Sami ElboukhariM17Ithaca Running Club8.51
27Asher MoseleyM12Unattached8.65
28Megan WongW21Cornell Track & Field Club8.68
29Carolyn CherwinskiW14Unattached8.70
30Amelia MaxsonW15Ithaca Running Club8.82
31Ethan EiklorM12Candor Running Club8.83
32Nicholas AranaM18Cornell Track & Field Club8.86
33Edward EliasM53Unattached9.10
34Milo MoseleyM12Unattached9.14
35Wesley MillspaughM12Trumansburg Track Club9.18
36Owen MillspaughM13Trumansburg Track Club9.19
37Molly DoranW11SOAR Running Club9.28
38Cecil McFallM12Candor Running Club9.31
39Sarah MillerW14Elmira Track & Field9.57
40Winslow PlumleeM14Trumansburg Track Club9.70
41Damian ClemonsM49Unattached9.79
42Jerome BaptistM11GIAC Navigators9.97
43Jerod BaptistM11GIAC Navigators10.16
44Eloise KonwinskiW8Unattached10.17
45Owen CampbellM11Trumansburg Track Club10.28
46Tanner MottM11Groton Project TC10.29
47Dan BosciaM11Ithaca Youth Bureau10.34
48Arden MillspaughM9Trumansburg Track Club10.35
49Esther SongputW14Groton Project TC10.54
50Henry MosherM10SOAR Running Club10.62
51Ayla MaggardW15Ithaca Running Club10.65
52Rowan DesantisW10Trumansburg Track Club10.69
53Reis SmithM10SOAR Running Club10.77
54Anthony JusticeM10Groton Project TC10.78
55Annaliese GranrothW12Ithaca Youth Bureau10.84
56Ysenia Gonzalez-AshtonW9GIAC Navigators10.88
57Juniper RoseW9Trumansburg Track Club10.92
58Anna CulpepperW9Unattached10.96
59Joaquin BaptistM8GIAC Navigators11.06
59Eloise OlneyW9Trumansburg Track Club11.06
59Dunja PlavsicW9Groton Project TC11.06
62Rhys CampbellM10Trumansburg Track Club11.40
63Aurora DonovanW9Unattached11.44
64Ora BrownW8SOAR Running Club11.47
65Theia Jordan-LewisW9Trumansburg Track Club11.54
66Evelyn MaroneW8SOAR Running Club11.78
67Morlee ApkerW9Trumansburg Track Club11.83
68Jayvyn MahoneyM8SOAR Running Club11.84
69Harless KingM6SOAR Running Club11.85
70Olive HaynesW8Trumansburg Track Club11.88
71Conor DesantisM13Trumansburg Track Club11.90
72Sophia StevensonW10Trumansburg Track Club11.94
73Willow DonovanW7Unattached12.02
74Nina DemontW8Trumansburg Track Club12.07
75Steven ClarkM69Unattached12.14
76Alonzo Gonzalez-AshtonM7GIAC Navigators12.15
77Xavier CampbellM10GIAC Navigators12.16
78Jocelyn BaptistW8GIAC Navigators12.18
79Jilene DemontW38Unattached12.31
80Charlie ThomasM10Trumansburg Track Club12.37
81Clem KonwinskiM6Unattached12.57
82Nicholas JusticeM7Groton Project TC12.63
83Amarisa CulpepperW6Unattached12.75
84Coraline SmithW8SOAR Running Club12.83
85Journie BaptistW5GIAC Navigators13.17
86Max BeckM9Trumansburg Track Club13.68
87Archibald CampbellM7GIAC Navigators13.90
88Rowan VerderosaM6Unattached14.24
89Julian KonwinskiM4Unattached15.31
90Camryn GoldenW5Unattached15.65
91Axel JohnsonM4Unattached16.92
92Miles BrownM5SOAR Running Club18.70
93Maeve ArthurW3Unattached25.94
94Aubrey VerderosaW3Unattached40.03


The final individual running event of the day was the 200m, where Chase Luangsuwan notched his second win for the day in 23.78 seconds, though Kyren Young’s 23.80 in the previous heat was too close to differentiate with hand timing. Olivia Haley also doubled for the day, winning for the women in 27.51 over Zalayna Brown in 28.81.

1Chase LuangsuwanM15Unattached23.78
2Kyren YoungM17Watkins Glen23.80
3Riki SampsonM21Cornell Track & Field Club24.70
4Carter NagineyM17Groton Project TC24.80
5Braxton HoughtellingM16Elmira Track & Field24.84
6Colin BuckleyM17Ithaca Running Club24.90
7Ryan HaislerM19Cornell Track & Field Club25.00
8Sam HohleM16Watkins Glen25.05
9William WalkerM14Elmira Track & Field25.45
10Aidan KellyM16Watkins Glen25.75
11Jorge LynchM14Ithaca Running Club25.87
12Aidan TierneyM24Unattached25.97
13Jeremiah LynchM14Ithaca Running Club26.24
14Aidan LazzaroM15Ithaca Running Club26.46
15Mason HallM13Trumansburg Track Club26.87
16James KaneM16Candor Running Club27.08
17Olivia HaleyW17Unattached27.51
18Patrick MilanoM34Unattached27.88
19Ian MooreM15Ithaca Running Club28.34
20John CalabreseM14Elmira Track & Field28.71
21Zalayna BrownW17Elmira Track & Field28.81
22Indiana D'EstriesM15Ithaca Running Club29.07
23Sami ElboukhariM17Ithaca Running Club29.17
24Omar MaataouiM16Ithaca Running Club29.78
25Foxfire MicekM13Trumansburg Track Club29.85
26Matt KinneMUnattached30.18
27Declan ShawM12Candor Running Club30.33
28Amelia MaxsonW15Ithaca Running Club30.61
29Francisco NogueraM27Syracuse Track Club30.63
30Wesley MillspaughM12Trumansburg Track Club31.43
31Damian ClemonsM49Unattached31.68
32Laura KlineW46Unattached32.52
33Carolyn CherwinskiW14Unattached32.60
34Owen MillspaughM13Trumansburg Track Club32.89
35Ruby FeenanW13Trumansburg Track Club32.93
36Ethan EiklorM12Candor Running Club32.98
37Ayasha SchweigerW16Candor Running Club33.72
38David YonkerM13Unattached33.87
39Sarah MillerW14Elmira Track & Field33.96
40Nora GoldenW13Unattached34.36
41Evan HarringtonM9SOAR Running Club35.45
42Cecil McFallM12Candor Running Club35.61
43Matthew SkevalM9Trumansburg Track Club36.42
44Jerome BaptistM11GIAC Navigators36.91
45Jerod BaptistM11GIAC Navigators37.02
46Layne JohnsonM7Unattached37.31
47Eloise KonwinskiW8Unattached37.54
47Arden MillspaughM9Trumansburg Track Club37.54
49Ayla MaggardW15Ithaca Running Club38.46
50Anthony JusticeM10Groton Project TC39.04
51Reis SmithM10SOAR Running Club39.36
52Joaquin BaptistM8GIAC Navigators39.57
53Ysenia Gonzalez-AshtonW9GIAC Navigators39.62
54Rowan DesantisW10Trumansburg Track Club39.94
55Juniper RoseW9Trumansburg Track Club40.10
56Annaliese GranrothW12Ithaca Youth Bureau40.36
57Dunja PlavsicW9Groton Project TC40.48
58Anna CulpepperW9Unattached40.69
59Maxx BrownM10SOAR Running Club40.77
60Marissa ShermanW30Groton Project TC40.97
61Elizabeth MacCarrickW10Trumansburg Track Club41.89
62Theia Jordan-LewisW9Trumansburg Track Club42.34
63Alonzo Gonzalez-AshtonM7GIAC Navigators43.10
64Olive HaynesW8Trumansburg Track Club43.45
65Steven ClarkM69Unattached44.37
66Charlie ThomasM10Trumansburg Track Club44.73
67Morlee ApkerW9Trumansburg Track Club45.74
68Sally RovitzW9Trumansburg Track Club45.77
69Henry MosherM10SOAR Running Club45.78
70Xavier CampbellM10GIAC Navigators47.16
71Nicholas JusticeM7Groton Project TC47.58
72Jocelyn BaptistW8GIAC Navigators48.29
73Sophia StevensonW10Trumansburg Track Club48.42
74Ora BrownW8SOAR Running Club48.82
75Amarisa CulpepperW6Unattached49.94
76Archibald CampbellM7GIAC Navigators52.05
77Journie BaptistW5GIAC Navigators52.08
78Clem KonwinskiM6Unattached53.35
79Camryn GoldenW5Unattached57.14
80Julian KonwinskiM4Unattached58.23
81Miles BrownM5SOAR Running Club1:08.17


The marquee event of the day for many was the mile, where 16-year-old Riley Hubisz, one of the top scholastic middle-distance runners in the area, laid down a stellar 4:24 for the win, easily outpacing Nate Wilsoncroft’s 4:35 in second. The women’s race was never in question, with 14-year-old Tsadia Bercuvitz, a national standout, running a 5:03, 37 seconds ahead of teammate Eliza Derito. Also notable among the nine heats of the mile were 76-year-old Deborah Bliss running a 9:25 and 14-year-old Isaac Hendrickson racewalking in 9:54.


1Riley HubiszM16Ithaca Running Club4:24
2Nate WilsoncroftM21Unattached4:35
3Everett ShawM16Ithaca Running Club4:36
4Zoltan NadasdyM15Ithaca Running Club4:38
5Andor NadasdyM15Ithaca Running Club4:43
6George YoungM42Unattached4:45
7Alexander DrazicM23Unattached4:47
8Carter NagineyM17Groton Project TC4:48
9Patrick MilanoM34Unattached4:51
10Ross BushM15Groton Project TC4:52
11Harry GreeneM33Unattached4:52
12Riki SampsonM21Cornell Track & Field Club4:54
13Chris SenezM34Syracuse Track Club4:55
14Max WilliamsM16Unattached4:56
15Roger MoseleyM49Unattached4:57
16John FeenanM15Unattached5:00
17Cyrus SchillenbackM15Ithaca Running Club5:02
18Tsadia BercuvitzW14Ithaca Running Club5:03
19Trennan TewksburyM17Unattached5:04
20Jorge LynchM14Ithaca Running Club5:10
21Isaac ThalheimerM15Ithaca Running Club5:11
22Eugene GonzalezM20Unattached5:14
23Zack ArthurM34Unattached5:18
24Ben HuttonM25Unattached5:19
25Timo WeinbergerM15Ithaca Running Club5:21
26Hunter LewisM15Unattached5:23
27Zapoleon MossM15Ithaca Running Club5:25
28Aaron KingM40Unattached5:26
29Luke DordoniM15Unattached5:26
30Jason JenksM27Unattached5:28
31Simon CabreraM26Unattached5:29
32William ShawM14Ithaca Running Club5:38
33Eliza DeritoW15Ithaca Running Club5:40
34Damian ClemonsM49Unattached5:42
35Casey CarlstromM64Unattached5:47
36Connor HarringtonM12SOAR Running Club5:50
37Stephen JeschM54Unattached5:51
38Anne DygertW39Unattached5:51
39Charlie WukovitzM12SOAR Running Club5:51
40Liz HartmanW41Unattached5:53
41Francisco NogueraM27Syracuse Track Club5:55
42Edward EliasM53Unattached5:56
43David YonkerM13Unattached5:57
44Maren GoldenW14Ithaca Running Club6:02
45Madelyn WiseW14Elmira Track & Field6:03
46Isaac BallardM13SOAR Running Club6:07
47James KaneM16Candor Running Club6:08
48Jaden BailorM15Unattached6:09
49Emily BellmanW18Ithaca Running Club6:11
50Steven VanekM52Unattached6:15
51Finn Van BuskirkM15Unattached6:18
52Leo NakaranuruckM15Ithaca Running Club6:19
53Gary WilliamsM59Unattached6:19
54Addison FarrerW17Unattached6:21
55Riley PorterW16Unattached6:25
56Milo MoseleyM12Unattached6:25
57Alex KleinermanW42Unattached6:27
58Declan ShawM12Candor Running Club6:28
59Ethan EiklorM12Candor Running Club6:30
60Matthew SkevalM9Trumansburg Track Club6:31
61Hugo TemplierM13Unattached6:32
62Lauren RogersW21Cornell Track & Field Club6:36
63Emily SticklesW29Unattached6:39
64Jaci FairchildW14Unattached6:40
65Madalyn FarrerW17Unattached6:41
66Iris JohnsonW15Ithaca Running Club6:41
67Ruby BettsW14Ithaca Running Club6:41
68Ian FrommeM13Unattached6:44
69Michelle WoodsW48Unattached6:44
70Noah ClokeM11SOAR Running Club6:45
71Tessa DuncanW12Elmira Track & Field6:50
72Verity PlattW46Unattached6:53
73Griffin MaroneM10SOAR Running Club6:54
74Claira SineW16Ithaca Running Club6:56
75Asher MoseleyM12Unattached6:57
76Maxx BrownM10SOAR Running Club6:57
77Molly DoranW11SOAR Running Club6:58
78Maple HubiszW12Unattached7:02
79Lucia GoreW16Ithaca Running Club7:02
80Madigan WhiteW14Unattached7:02
81Tabitha OakesW16Unattached7:03
82Ayasha SchweigerW16Candor Running Club7:07
83Jesslyn LewisW9SOAR Running Club7:19
84Harless KingM6SOAR Running Club7:46
85Mary CookW52Syracuse Track Club7:48
86Hannah Gibbons-ArthurW35Unattached8:07
87Joe NolanM58Unattached8:08
88Steven ClarkM69Unattached8:13
89Dan BosciaM11Ithaca Youth Bureau8:15
90Annaliese GranrothW12Ithaca Youth Bureau8:27
91Marissa ShermanW30Groton Project TC8:40
92Cecilia ColvinW11Ithaca Youth Bureau9:05
93Deborah BlissW76Unattached9:25
94Issac Hendrickson (Racewalk)M14Watkins Glen9:54


Our first event was three heats of the 3000m, with Lucas Baker taking control of the race halfway through and cruising for the victory in 9:21, ahead of Curtis Mann’s 9:36. The first woman was 15-year-old Ella Devlin, who ran an 11:18 to outpace Liz Hartman by 5 seconds. In a racewalking sub-competition, 14-year-old Madigan White bested 63-year-old Dave Talcott 17:30 to 18:06.


1Lucas BakerM23Unattached9:21
2Curtis MannM29Unattached9:36
3Sam AllenM21Cornell Track & Field Club9:40
4Chris SenezM34Syracuse Track Club9:42
5Scott WeeksM51Groton Project TC9:43
6Trennan TewksburyM17Unattached9:48
7Andrew ClokeM39Unattached9:55
8Nicholas KowalM15Unattached10:24
9Aaron KingM40Unattached10:37
10Issac HendricksonM14Watkins Glen11:02
11Ella DevlinW15Elmira Track & Field11:18
12Liz HartmanW41Unattached11:23
13Damian ClemonsM49Unattached11:23
14Stephen JeschM54Unattached11:53
15Jaden BailorM15Unattached12:06
16Casey CarlstromM64Unattached12:12
17Gary WilliamsM59Unattached12:46
18Alex KleinermanW42Unattached12:49
19Jaci FairchildW14Unattached13:02
20Emily SticklesW29Unattached13:06
21Gerrit Van LoonM62Unattached13:27
22Steven VanekM52Unattached13:29
23Elizabeth RandellW56Unattached13:33
24Julie KingW56Unattached13:43
25Ken HodgesM70Unattached14:06
26Nancy LegierskiW63Unattached14:07
27Petra WellsW11Ithaca Youth Bureau14:10
28Joann OloughlinW57Unattached14:25
29Carrie LangleyW36Unattached14:39
30Mary CookW52Syracuse Track Club15:18
31Joe NolanM58Unattached15:24
32Deborah BlissW76Unattached17:36

3000m Racewalk

1Madigan WhiteW14Unattached17:30
2Dave TalcottM63Unattached18:06


The meet closed with a 4x200m relay, with a whopping 22 teams across four heats. The Elmira Track & Field team took the day with an incredible 1:37 (for 800m) time, outpacing Watkins Glen in second with a 1:43. Notably, however, the next two teams tied at 1:44, the two after that tied at 1:45, and overall, the top ten teams all broke 2:00. An exciting set of races!

1Elmira Track & FieldSmith1:37
2Watkins GlenYoung1:43
3Ithaca Running ClubNadasdy1:44
4Groton Project TCSongput1:44
5Cornell Track & Field ClubCox1:45
6Cornell Track & Field ClubAdu-Poku1:45
7Ithaca Running ClubBuckley1:46
8Ithaca Running ClubSimms1:49
9Ithaca Running ClubHilker1:50
10Ithaca Running ClubWeinberger1:56
11Wyalusing Track ClubKitner2:08
12Candor & CoachesWeeks2:09
13Syracuse Track ClubSenez2:10
14Ithaca Running ClubGolden2:12
15Candor Running ClubEiklor2:14
16SOAR Running ClubHarrington2:15
17Ithaca Running ClubBetts2:16
18Trumansburg Track ClubFeenan2:19
19SOAR Running ClubBallard2:27
20Trumansburg Track ClubOlney2:53
21Trumansburg Track ClubRose3:00
22SOAR Running ClubLewis3:05


In the high jump, managed by Steve Wagner of SOAR, Dylan John cleared 6 feet, 2 inches for the win, besting Nick Spoto’s 5-foot, 10-inch jump. Mia Wilcox led the women with a 4-foot, 8-inch jump, and Makenzie Kitner and Amelia Maxson tied for second at 4 feet, 6 inches.


1Dylan JohnsM15Unattached6-02
2Nick SpotoM18Cornell Track & Field Club5-10
3Geoffrey HelmsM17Ithaca Running Club5-04
4Allen Simms Jr.M17Ithaca Running Club5-02
5Merritt CoxM19Cornell Track & Field Club5-00
5Jeremiah LynchM14Ithaca Running Club5-00
5Aidan LazzaroM15Ithaca Running Club5-00
8Ayoub OulidaM15Ithaca Running Club4-10
9Suansian SongputM16Groton Project TC4-08
9Mia WilcoxW17Unattached4-08
9Ian MooreM15Ithaca Running Club4-08
12Makenzie KitnerW15Unattached4-06
12Amelia MaxsonW15Ithaca Running Club4-06
14Jarryd WitzelM15Unattached4-02
14Makenna KeoughW17Unattached4-02
14Tanner MottM11Groton Project TC4-02
17Ruby FeenanW13Trumansburg Track Club4-00
17Leander BorelandM57Syracuse Track Club4-00
19Charlie WukovitzM12SOAR Running Club3-08
19Ian FrommeM13Unattached3-08
21Reis SmithM10SOAR Running Club3-06
21Jerome BaptistM11GIAC Navigators3-06
21Molly DoranW11SOAR Running Club3-06
21Esther SongputW14Groton Project TC3-06
25Asher MoseleyM12Unattached3-04
25Milo MoseleyM12Unattached3-04
25Ysenia Gonzalez-AshtonW9GIAC Navigators3-04
28Jerod BaptistM11GIAC Navigators3-02
28Annaliese GranrothW12Ithaca Youth Bureau3-02


Throughout the meet, Brett Shelton of the SOAR Running Club managed the long jump, with 51 athletes completing a jump. Rocking some sporty flannel bottoms, Allen Simms, Jr. jumped the longest, at 19 feet, 9 inches, just edging out Ross Bush, who recorded a 19-foot, 7-inch jump. The top women’s competitors were similarly close, with Makenna Keough jumping 15 feet, 9 inches, to Piper Hooey’s 15 feet, 7 inches.


1Allen Simms Jr.M17Ithaca Running Club19-09
2Ross BushM15Groton Project TC19-07
3Chase SmithM14Elmira Track & Field18-02
4Suansian SongputM16Groton Project TC17-03
5Merritt CoxM19Cornell Track & Field Club16-07
6Makenna KeoughW17Unattached15-09
7Piper HooeyW17Elmira Track & Field15-07
8Jarryd WitzelM15Unattached14-11
9Megan WongW21Cornell Track & Field Club14-10
10Ian MooreM15Ithaca Running Club14-10
11Leo NakaranuruckM15Ithaca Running Club14-03
12Makenzie KitnerW15Unattached13-02
13Carolyn CherwinskiW14Unattached12-01
14Owen MillspaughM13Trumansburg Track Club12-00
15Connor HarringtonM12SOAR Running Club11-06
16Jesslyn LewisW9SOAR Running Club10-10
17Jerod BaptistM11GIAC Navigators10-10
18Noah ClokeM11SOAR Running Club10-07
18Isaac BallardM13SOAR Running Club10-07
20Nora GoldenW13Unattached10-06
21Jerome BaptistM11GIAC Navigators10-03
22Esther SongputW14Groton Project TC10-00
23Griffin MaroneM10SOAR Running Club9-11
24Henry MosherM10SOAR Running Club9-06
25Layne JohnsonM7Unattached9-05
26Evan HarringtonM9SOAR Running Club9-00
27Leander BorelandM57Syracuse Track Club8-11
28Dunja PlavsicW9Groton Project TC8-04
29Alonzo Gonzalez-AshtonM7GIAC Navigators7-10
29Ysenia Gonzalez-AshtonW9GIAC Navigators7-10
31Morlee ApkerW9Trumansburg Track Club7-09
32Jocelyn BaptistW8GIAC Navigators7-09
32Steven ClarkM69Unattached7-09
34Damian ClemonsM49Unattached7-08
35Maxx BrownM10SOAR Running Club7-04
36Xavier CampbellM10GIAC Navigators7-00
37Clem KonwinskiM6Unattached6-10
38Ora BrownW8SOAR Running Club6-10
39Sophia StevensonW10Trumansburg Track Club6-06
40Joaquin BaptistM8GIAC Navigators6-05
40Anna CulpepperW9Unattached6-05
42Aurora DonovanW9Unattached6-03
43Harless KingM6SOAR Running Club6-00
44Coraline SmithW8SOAR Running Club5-11
45Willow DonovanW7Unattached5-11
46Archibald CampbellM7GIAC Navigators5-06
47Jayvyn MahoneyM8SOAR Running Club5-01
48Amarisa CulpepperW6Unattached5-00
49Journie BaptistW5GIAC Navigators4-09
50Rowan VerderosaM6Unattached4-02
51Miles BrownM5SOAR Running Club4-00
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