FLRC 100K Ultra Challenge 2023

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2023 FLRC 100K Ultra Challenge Completions

NameDate of CompletionTotal Time on CourseElapsed Time
1Dennis StadelmanJune 10, 202316:12:1320:13:42
2Pete KresockJuly 5, 202312:20:0616:11:55
3Steve JeschAugust 2, 202311:10:3316:48:10
4Pete KresockAugust 9, 202312:42:0320:17:46

The FLRC Challenge brings back the Ithaca area’s open-course running initiative for 2023. It features 10 all-new area courses, split evenly between road and trail, and with distances ranging from 1 mile to the half marathon. Where most people will be running, walking, or hiking as many courses as they can from April to August, can you complete all 10 courses—slightly more than 100 kilometers—in the space of one 24-hour day? And yes, it’s up to you to choose the track on which you can complete the Sweet 1600m (but you must run the Lakefront Loops 5K instead of substituting another 5K).

That’s the goal of the FLRC 100K Ultra Challenge, a unique test of your ultrarunning prowess. You can run the 10 courses in any order, but you’ll need to figure out the logistics of traveling between them, decide how you’ll fuel and stay loose in between, and make sure you can navigate each course successfully using our maps, RunGo voice directions, or help from a friend. Will you leave the short courses for the end or get them out of the way first thing? Do you want to run alone or recruit pacers? Will you be driving yourself or getting help so you can rest more between runs? Would you consider biking between the courses?

All standard FLRC Challenge rules apply, with a few notable exceptions. For verification of your runs, you must scan the FLRC Challenge start/finish sign using the Webscorer app on your phone (rather than entering times manually later), and you must also provide Challenge Director Adam Engst with GPS tracks proving that you covered the ground via Strava, Garmin Connect, or the like. We recommend testing your tech before starting. Bring car chargers to make sure your phone and watch don’t run out of power. And be sure to take and share pictures to document your run!

Along with the FLRC Challenge medal and community admiration, you’ll also receive a 12×12-inch metal FLRC Challenge course sign, personalized along these lines to commemorate your achievement. Forget belt buckles—this puppy is suitable for permanent outdoor display!

Any questions? Post them in the FLRC Challenge forum or ask Challenge Director Adam Engst.