FLRC Challenge Courses 2023

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For the 2023 FLRC Challenge, we’ve chosen a completely new set of courses, making sure there’s something for everyone. Courses range in length, surface, hilliness, and location. Check out their pages for driving directions, course maps and directions, and (in time) custom RunGo voice directions using your smartphone or Apple Watch. We have once again worked hard to introduce you to new courses both in Ithaca and the outlying communities.

Courses include:

  • Sweet 1600 (1 mile, track): Feeling frisky? Test your legs at 1600 meters on any standard track in the world (just 9 meters short of a mile—we’ll round up for mileage calculations). You can run the Sweet 1600 in FLRC’s summer track meets for some competition, and it’s a great way to continue to rack up Challenge efforts while you’re traveling. Results | Posts
  • Ellis Hollow Creek Crossings (2.2 miles, trail): Never run trails before? This course is short, but it will introduce you to trail navigation, terrain, and yes, multiple stream crossings just a few miles from Ithaca. Results | Posts
  • Lakefront Loops 5K (3.1 miles, pavement and crushed gravel): For those in downtown Ithaca, this course on Cass Park and the Allan H. Treman State Marine Park trails provides a flat 5K with no cars. Like the Sweet 1600, you can substitute race results from any 5K or parkrun for this course during the Challenge, so you can keep up with the Challenge while on vacation. Results | Posts
  • Lime Hollow (4.5 miles, trail): The Lime Hollow Nature Center on the Ithaca side of Cortland has a bunch of lovely trails—we’ve carved out a 4.5-mile loop that you can run twice if you want more miles for the drive. Results | Posts
  • Cornell Scenic Circuit (5.2 miles, road and trail): With a starting point in the F. R. Newman Arboretum, this course heads toward Beebe Lake before climbing the stairs to North Campus and running around the A Lot, where it shows you the Palmer Woods Trail into Cayuga Heights. From there, you’ll head back into Cornell and up Tower Road. Results | Posts
  • Six Mile Creek (6.5 miles, trail): This course mixes the South Hill Rec Way with a couple of singletrack trail loops between the Rec Way and the Six Mile Creek reservoir. We bet most of you have never explored these before! Results | Posts
  • Black Diamond Park to Park (8.3 miles, trail): The goal is to get 8.3 miles, which you can do from either end by running halfway and turning around in the middle or by running one way and having a bike or car waiting for the return trip. Or, if you’re feeling like a double effort, run from one end to the other and back! Results | Posts
  • Blueberry Patch (8.5 miles, trail): Starting at the Blueberry Patch Campground in the Finger Lakes National Forest, this trail takes in portions of the popular Finger Lakes 50s ultra course. Points for finding wild blueberries! Results | Posts
  • Ludlowville Loop (11 miles, road): Few people know about Ludlowville Falls, but you’ll start at Ludlowville Park and then run out the scenic Salmon Creek Road before climbing Brooks Hill Road to return on the ridge, enjoying glorious views the entire way. Or run it the other way to hit the hill early. Results | Posts
  • Dryden Lake Lollipop (13.1 miles, road and trail): This course uses more of the Dryden Rail Trail, starting in Freeville and running to Dryden and out the Jim Schug Trail, but then sends you around Dryden Lake for the head of the lollipop. It’s long, but flat and non-technical. Results | Posts

Special thanks to these organizations for allowing us to use their spaces: