FLRC Challenge 2023: Ludlowville Loop

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The 11-mile Ludlowville Loop course starts at Ludlowville Park in Lansing. It takes you on a scenic tour of rural Lansing, including the bucolic Salmon Creek and the long views once you’re up on the ridge. The hills are nothing to scoff at, but you can choose whether to get them out of the way at the start or enjoy a nice downhill at the end. Results | Posts

Course Instructions

Start at the sign next to the big Ludlowville Park sign, just inside the parking area.

  • Leave the park, turning right on Mill Street
  • Turn right on Salmon Creek Rd
  • Turn right onto Brooks Hill Rd
  • Turn right onto Holden Rd
  • Turn left onto Brown Hill Rd
  • Turn right onto Gulf Rd
  • Turn right onto Conlon Rd
  • Turn right onto Buck Rd
  • Turn right onto Brickyard Rd
  • Turn right onto Ludlowville Rd
  • Return to Ludlowville Park