FLRC Challenge 2023: Cornell Scenic Circuit

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The 5.2-mile Cornell Scenic Circuit course starts at the first parking area on the west end of the F. R. Newman Arboretum in the Cornell Botanic Gardens before making a big loop around the northeast part of the Cornell campus, taking in portions of Cayuga Heights. Results | Posts

  • Google Maps pin showing the start/finish
  • Course map
  • RunGo directions (for iOSAndroid, or Apple Watch)
  • Bathrooms: There’s a porta-potty near the entrance to the Wildflower Garden trails about a quarter-mile from the start, and possibly another one in the fields off Triticum Drive shortly before you rejoin Arboretum Road, about a half-mile from the finish. Bathrooms are also available in various Cornell buildings once you’re on campus at about 3 miles.

Course Instructions

Start at the sign in the F. R. Newman Arboretum in the Cornell Botanic Gardens—it’s the same spot as last year, at the far end of the first parking area on the west end.

    • Starting at the Challenge sign at the far end of the first parking area in the F. R. Newman Arboretum (after entering from Caldwell Road), run back toward Caldwell Road.
    • Just after the information board, turn right and follow the grassy trail over to the intersection of Caldwell Road and Forest Home Drive.
    • Cross Caldwell Road, run west through the Wildflower Garden parking lot and turn slight right to take the trail along the creek.
    • Follow the trail to run west through the Wildflower Garden.
    • After you cross a small stream, the trail turns a sharp left and heads up the steps. Follow the main trail to Judd Falls Road. Cross Judd Falls Road and turn right. Run along the side of the road a short distance and then turn left onto McIntyre Place.
    • Go down McIntyre Place. When it Ts with Forest Home Drive, cross the road and take a right onto the Beebe Lake Trail. Follow the main trail and turn left to go over the stone bridge.
    • Immediately after crossing the bridge, go straight up all the stairs, then take the right hand path at the fork to run on the paved path.
    • Continue north on the path alongside Pleasant Grove Road, past the A Lot and the childcare center.
    • Turn left onto a dirt road at the ‘Authorized Cornell Vehicles Only’ sign. Follow the trail northwest and west across the grass, heading towards the trail welcome sign at the edge of Palmer Woods.
    • Enter the woods and follow the red trail blazes. When the trail forks, take the left hand trail and continue down to Triphammer Road.
    • Cross the road and head west down Iroquois till you hit Highland Road (look out for the sculpture garden on the right!).
    • Turn left and follow Highland south, crossing over Thurston and continuing onto Highland Avenue; when Highland Avenue T’s with Fall Creek Drive, turn left and go a very short way before turning right to run over the suspension bridge.
    • Up the stairs, cross University Avenue and run along the top of Libe Slope, heading south on the pathways parallel to Central Avenue.
    • Follow the path left round Uris Library, then head east between Olin Library (on the left) and Sage Chapel (on the right) till you join Tower Road.
    • Run east on the sidewalk on the north side of Tower Road. After several blocks, the sidewalk turns right as you go past the Vet School. Take a left at the stop sign onto Campus Road.
    • When Campus Road T’s with Caldwell Road, cross the road and run on the grass briefly to the greenhouses, then take a quick right onto Triticum Drive (Triticum Drive is paved at first, but it becomes a dirt road shortly after you turn onto it).
    • When the dirt road bends to the right, take the grassy trail on the left, heading north till you hit Arboretum Road.
    • Run left on Arboretum Road, take a left at the T junction, and run down the hill to return to the Challenge sign.