FLRC Footnotes for June 2021

Remember, fully vaccinated people can now go maskless at all FLRC events, so keep getting those shots!

  • Results are in from the Tortoise & Hare, which almost saw a new course record.
  • Get ready for the Finger Lakes 50s, Fillmore 5K, Forest Frolic, and July track meet.
  • Help us rebuild our volunteer database by filling out the Volunteer Signup form.
  • It’s never too late to join the FLRC Challenge or FLRC Kids Challenge!
  • Run with us on our Saturday group runs on FLRC Challenge courses.

On to the details!

Tortoise & Hare won by Adam Pacheck in near course-record time

Kudos to race director Mickie Sanders-Jauquet for a successful Tortoise & Hare trail race at Buttermilk State Park. Adam Pacheck notched his third FLRC Trail Circuit win (with Thom B. and Ian Golden’s Lucifer’s Crossing race) for the men in 41:09, just off Nate Lockett’s 40:58 on a slightly different course in 2008. Jullien Flynn took the crown for the women in 52:29. Dan Timmerman (40) and Nancy Kleinrock (61!) topped the masters category. Full results here.

Special thanks to the volunteers who made it all possible, including course marshalls Mark Jauquet, Heather Cobb, Brigid Ship, Karlene Smith, Steve Ryan, Bill Watson, and Dylan Hess. Bryce Jauquet, Zofia Franck, and Shelly Marino helped with setup, water stops, and food, and Kelly Makosch and Rachel C. were sweepers. The finish line was managed by Bob Talda, Aeron Jauquet, Jesse Koenecke, and Adam Engst. Sign up to be an FLRC volunteer!

Upcoming races brought to you by the letter F: FL50s, Fillmore 5K, and Forest Frolic

Check the FLRC website for our upcoming races. Next up on July 3rd is FLRC’s marquee ultra, the Finger Lakes 50s, now headed by Pete Dady and Mike Stone. The race is full, but it’s worth getting on the waitlist if a spot opens up. On July 17th, we have the Fillmore 5K, a lovely small-town 5K that runs through the streets of Moravia, put on by Lorrie Tily and Chris Irving. Then Pete and Mike will be back at it on July 31st with the Forest Frolic 7K and 15K trail races in Kennedy State Forest in Virgil. The 15K is the same as the FLRC Challenge Forest Frolic course, so anyone running the Challenge can submit the race result as a Challenge effort too.

If you’d like a printed calendar of the rest of FLRC’s race schedule, you can now download a PDF version. And if you could post a copy on any bulletin boards you see regularly, we’d appreciate it!

FLRC summer track meets are back at Lansing in July and August

Although the Lansing track wasn’t available for us in June, we have two all-comers meets scheduled for this summer on July 20th and August 17th. Both will feature four events: the 100m, 400m, 800m, and 1 mile—we won’t be having relays this year. Online registration is required via DirectAthletics, but to thank the community for its patience with our canceled meets in 2020 and 2021, FLRC is waiving all fees for both meets. Come join us on the track for low-key, kid-friendly meets!

We need your help—can you volunteer at an FLRC race?

After a year away from racing due to the pandemic, we need to rebuild our volunteer database to help race directors find the volunteers who make it possible to put on races. FLRC is an all-volunteer club, and volunteering is a great way to give back, have fun with friends, and meet other runners. (Seriously, we wouldn’t do this if it wasn’t a good time.) Can you volunteer at a race this year? To indicate that you can help, please fill out the FLRC Volunteer Signup form. To learn about what’s involved with race volunteer tasks and how other skills would be useful, check out the FLRC Volunteer Tasks and Attributes working document.

FLRC Challenge going strong, with 21 runners having completed all ten courses!

The FLRC Challenge now has 170 participants, with 21 people having run all ten courses at least once and more lining up to reserve their medals every week. After just 17 weeks, we’ve run over 8600 miles total! Check out the improved FLRC Challenge leaderboard to see how each day’s results change the standings for individuals and the 10-year age-group teams.

In Most Points, Adam Pacheck has 972 points out of 1000 currently to lead the men by a long shot, whereas Jullien Flynn is 18 points ahead of Gabrielle Woo in the women’s standings. Most Miles may be our most competitive event, with Heather Cobb (376 miles) and Pete Kresock (374 miles) trading the lead while Mickie Sanders-Jauquet creeps up in third (355 miles), with four more runners over 300 miles. In the Age Grade competition, 55-year-old Caitlin Loehr is holding on to first, with 29-year-old Adam Pacheck in second and 54-year-old Jean-Luc Jannink in third.

Pete Kresock also became the second person to complete the FLRC 100K Ultra Challenge, finishing all ten courses in a single day on June 21st. Pete’s accomplishment was impressive on both an athletic level and because he did it on a day that combined heat and severe thunderstorms. Don’t miss the community back-and-forth during Pete’s run and his race report.

FLRC Kids Challenge continues to encourage family and youth running

FLRC’s partnership with the Ithaca Youth Bureau on the free, age-appropriate, and non-competitive FLRC Kids Challenge has resulted in 49 kids running over 600 miles so far. Aidan L. has now joined Toby K. at the 50-mile mark, and seven more kids have received their virtual race bibs for joining the 25-Mile Club: Arya B., Felix T., Hannah S., Lea T., Maren G., Phoebe S., and Rasa W. Check out the FLRC Kids Challenge Dashboard to follow their achievements!

Group runs focus on exploring FLRC Challenge courses

Happy (Satur)days—group runs are going strong! Heather Cobb has been leading frequent FLRC group runs, with as many as 18 runners gathering for companionable morning runs. The group runs help introduce runners to the FLRC Challenge courses and some of the area’s most gorgeous trails. Heather’s next group run is scheduled for Saturday, June 26th at 8:00 or 8:30 AM at the start of the South Hill Rec Way course on Juniper Drive and will feature post-run bagels and cream cheese! Check the Group Runs & Workouts forum for future locations, and join us!

Until next time, see you on the roads, trails, and tracks of the Finger Lakes!

—Adam Engst, FLRC President and VP of Track