FLRC Challenge: Dryden Lake Lollipop

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The 13-mile Dryden Lake Lollipop course starts at Freeville trailhead of the Dryden Rail Trail, running to Dryden and out the Jim Schug Trail, but then it sends you around Dryden Lake for the head of the lollipop. It’s long, but flat and non-technical.

Course Instructions

Start at the sign on the Dryden Rail Trail near the Freeville Village Court.

[Photo of start/finish sign coming]

  • From the sign on the Dryden Rail Trail, run all the way into Dryden, crossing George Road at about 1.5 miles.
  • Cross West Main Street carefully!
  • Continue on the Jim Schug Trail, crossing Route 38 (carefully!), Keith Lane, and West Lake Road.
  • At about 6.3 miles, turn left on Lake Road.
  • Follow Lake Road back around Dryden Lake, bearing right when it West Lake Road intersects.
  • Turn left on Keith Lane, and run back to the Jim Schug Trail.
  • Turn right on the Jim Schug Trail and retrace your steps all the way back to the start/finish.