Monster Marathon and Half Marathon Results 2021
8:00am Saturday September 18
Robert H. Treman State Park | FLRC | Marathon and half marathon

What a fabulous day we all had yesterday! Sure, it was a bit (ok, a lot) humid out, but we didn’t get any rain! And that’s a win for this summer.

Thank you to all the runners who came out to participate in the Monster Marathon and Half Marathon yesterday. We hope you were able to see the forest monsters at least once!

See below for results, with more detailed data on Webscorer.

BIG CONGRATS TO OUR WINNERS! Yvette De Boer was our half marathon champion (with a new course record!) and Gerrit Van Loon was our marathon champion. All runners should be proud. This was a hard course on a very hot and humid day!

Did we really have a race if there isn’t photographic evidence? Of course not! We got some great shots. You can check them out in FLRC’s photo library.

Download, upload, and do all the Internet things, but make sure you tag @FLRCithaca and do all the appropriate hashtag-ing so we can share the love.

We wanted to give a shoutout to our lunch caterers, Fitnell Farms! They’ve got the best post-race food around town, and we hope all the runners and volunteers enjoyed refueling with some tacos and sides. Be sure to keep an eye out on all the good stuff they’ve got going on.

Finally, a GIGANTIC THANK YOU to all the volunteers who came out yesterday. They kept runners safe, well hydrated, well fueled, and generally happy. We could not have put this race on without them!

We hope to see everyone at Danby Down and Dirty in just a couple of weeks!

Your race directors,

Cat Massa, Dave Kania, Mikhail Kern


1Gerrit Van LoonIthaca, NY60M3:58:40
2Nancy KleinrockIthaca, NY61F3:59:20
3Karen BronsteinEnglewood, MT53F4:27:51
4Corey BronsteinEnglewood, NJ58M4:27:51
5Caryn LubetskyMiami, FL50F4:48:28
6Lorrie TilyLocke, NY60F4:52:15
7Mark MorrisonNorth Syracuse, NY45M5:05:50
8Bethany HeathAlexandria Bay, NY37F5:27:10
9Joseph StevensonGeneseo, NY43M5:41:12

Half Marathon

1Yvette De BoerBrooktondale, NY58F1:28:18
2Ron WightmanWellsville, NY72M1:38:36
3Brian LazzaroIthaca, NY47M1:46:03
4Gergely Ferenc RaczIthaca, NY29M1:46:58
5Andrew TuckerWarners, NY39M1:49:06
6Robert SwizdorIthaca, NY55M1:50:47
7Jim ChelyElmira, NY65M1:57:52
8Mark PerryIthaca, NY42M2:05:03
9Sarah DellettIthaca, NY25F2:08:46
10Alan LockettLansing, NY64M2:09:16
11Carrie HathawayIthaca, NY39F2:09:42
12Erin EldermireNew York, NY41F2:10:06
13Lucas StoneJohnson City, NY41M2:17:12
14Steve ShaumIthaca, NY55M2:24:17
15Matthew ClarkIthaca, NY58M2:25:23
16Bridget BerkleyIthaca, NY42F2:25:33
17Melissa WallaceIthaca, NY48F2:25:43
18William BoyleCanandaigua, NY35M2:30:36
19Emily MadanIthaca, NY36F2:38:39
20Joseph ReynoldsNewfield, NY77M3:00:21
21Heather CobbGroton, NY35F3:15:22
22Gregory HelbigBranchport, NY65M3:16:41
23Yinghua WangIthaca, NY48M3:24:02
24Rheannin DiselrodAmherst, NY33F3:32:38
25Stephanie PlataniaRochester, NY44F4:10:40
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