Forest Frolic Results 2019
31st Annual
9:00am Saturday August 03
Virgil, NY | FLRC | 7K and 15K

Year 31 of the Frolic saw average weather for this time of the year. The trails were a little slick on certain spots but the creek crossings were mostly dry.

The women’s 15K had an exciting finish as Emily Funk outkicked Lauren Brzozowski to take a four-second win, with Emily clocking 1:21:45. On the men’s side, Micah Russell was first by 45 seconds in 1:07:29. Rob Kaplan and Tonya Engst were our 7K winners. Perhaps the highlight of the 7K was seven-year-old Mckenzie Leonard, who was paced by her grandfather, Charlie, finishing second female with a smile on her face.

An assortment of drinkable prizes were awarded to overall and age-group winners in both races. Thank you to our race directors Peter Dady and Mike Stone for keeping the Frolic going in its thirty-first year. Thank you to all of our timers, course marshals, registration table workers, Wilderness Search and Rescue, and the rest of the volunteer crew that made this race possible.

We hope to see you all next week at the Forge the Gorgeous in Fillmore!

Webscorer Results.

15K Results

1Micah RussellWarren Center, PA38M1:07:29.5
2Chris SenezBaldwinsville, NY29M1:08:14.2
3Dan Serianni-28M1:11:27.4
4Richard EllsworthMcdonough, NY19M1:13:04.1
5Charles Hollister-31M1:15:09.8
6Travis Nevins-37M1:18:44.0
7Steven VanekIthaca, NY48M1:21:13.7
8James King-23M1:21:26.4
9Aaron KingIthaca, NY35M1:21:44.0
10Emily FunkIthaca, NY28F1:21:45.0
11Lauren BrzozowskiIthaca, NY28F1:21:49.3
12Bill KingIthaca, NY59M1:21:59.0
13Joseph WelklinIthaca, NY29M1:24:41.4
14Pete KresockIthaca, NY36M1:25:16.6
15Jesse CanfieldEast Jewett, NY40M1:25:44.2
16Mark MorrisonNorth Syracuse, NY43M1:27:17.7
17Gerrit Van LoonIthaca, NY58M1:27:21.7
18Tess ClarkSyracuse, NY29F1:27:27.1
19Virgil Binion-35M1:28:20.5
20Nancy KleinrockIthaca, NY59F1:28:49.9
21Joel CisneIthaca, NY37M1:29:19.4
22Haley HindsBlossvale, NY16F1:29:37.8
23Tim LagneseOwego, NY24M1:29:55.4
24Billie HindsBlossvale, NY40F1:30:08.0
25Lucas StoneJohnson City, NY39M1:30:40.3
26Addison Sgroi-22F1:32:39.5
27Jim DevonaBinghamton, NY36M1:32:58.8
28David CurtisLisle, NY57M1:33:10.2
29Dean RussoDryden, NY49M1:33:36.9
30Lori JohnsonRed Hill, PA55F1:33:52.6
31David LoseeDenver, NY48M1:34:12.3
32Andrew TuckerWarners, NY37M1:34:29.8
33Tom ByersEndwell, NY36M1:35:07.8
34Jack SpencerDryden, NY35M1:35:44.0
35Anthony DesarnoWatkins Glen, NY26M1:36:24.3
36Kahl CountsCandor, NY35M1:36:24.7
37Janet Van ZoerenPhelps, NY35F1:37:05.3
38Dirk ElliottMarathon, NY63M1:37:32.8
39Glenn HamiltonHarpursville, NY62M1:37:38.4
40Anna WallisGeneva, NY31F1:38:23.3
41Greg WheelerCandor, NY36M1:39:20.1
42Courtney McmahonCampville, NY30F1:39:20.9
43Rick MazzeoSkaneateles, NY66M1:39:31.5
44Sten AndersonDryden, NY37M1:40:37.1
45Steven ButtonBinghamton, NY31M1:41:32.9
46Robert SeltzerFreeville, NY53M1:41:36.7
47Elisabeth FaughnanVestal, NY30F1:41:37.4
48Jennifer TotiNorwich, NY42F1:41:41.3
49Rich FairbrotherRich Fairbrother, NY52M1:41:58.0
50Catarina MassaIthaca, NY26F1:42:23.6
51Steve ShaumIthaca, NY53M1:43:39.5
52David KoppLawrence33M1:44:35.5
53Jay Phillips-44M1:45:37.6
54Jeff Szuc-43M1:45:37.8
55Theresa Pelzel PoklembaGreene, NY30F1:46:07.9
56Mike Pelzel PoklembaGreene, NY34M1:46:13.6
57Robert SchmidtEndicott, NY36M1:46:16.8
58Jason RiegOwego, NY46M1:46:43.6
59Jessica JaquaySmyrna, NY36F1:47:12.2
60Kevin BrissonCicero, NY61M1:47:32.4
61Michael JonesLiverpool, NY33M1:50:00.0
62Ilana Brito-39F1:51:13.5
63Anne ChauvauxBelgium35F1:52:57.5
64Kevin ConlonCortland, NY56M1:52:58.6
65Damien GueltonBelgium39M1:53:10.2
66Manop Muneechai-44M1:53:18.5
67Brandon InnerstDryden, NY36M1:53:48.1
68Jessica BouliaSyracuse, NY26F1:53:54.5
69Michael BurkarskiSyracuse, NY37M1:54:08.1
70Donny AndreasSeneca Falls, NY52M1:54:08.7
71Iain NelsonJamesville, NY40M1:56:43.8
72Jessica BlakeEndicott, NY40F1:56:58.2
73Sarah DrumhellerInterlaken, NY41F1:57:35.4
74Audrey BalanderCortland, NY63F2:00:56.5
75Shannon VanskiverErin, NY49F2:01:35.0
76Sarah RidenourDanby, NY33F2:02:15.6
77Christine ReynoldsNewfield, NY49F2:02:46.9
78John DonaldsonInterlaken, NY56M2:03:40.4
79Toshiko NagaseNew York, NY55F2:04:25.1
80Nicolas RuizOwego, NY38M2:07:53.0
81Shannon GleesonIthaca38F2:08:14.9
82Kimberly VanskiverErin, NY49F2:11:16.4
83Ken NagaseNew York, NY58M2:13:48.9
84Michelle BreidenbachFayetteville, NY47F2:15:08.7
85Daniel LuongOwego, NY24M2:21:34.9
86Jeff Holbrook-56M2:27:01.8
87Megan Mary BurkarskiSyracuse, NY33F2:34:21.1
88Willson CummerFayetteville, NY51M2:34:53.4

7K Results

1Rob KaplanTrumansburg, NY42M37:12.4
2Mark WigstenLansing, NY60M38:27.6
3Hans MatzalSyracuse, NY18M47:12.4
4Evan KurtzDryden, NY63M47:57.4
5Tonya EngstIthaca, NY51F48:43.9
6George ThomasSkaneateles, NY63M48:55.0
7Mckenzie LeonardDryden7F49:04.8
8Charles LeonardFreeville, NY64M49:05.0
9Janet LochSyracuse, NY54F49:12.2
10Michelle MarinoIthaca, NY66F49:16.0
11Ashley Robin-28F49:38.0
12Thomas Joyce-68M49:38.9
13Ryan ParseghianKing Ferry, NY36M50:43.3
14Merin KetchamTrumansburg, NY21F51:49.5
15Carl FranckIthaca, NY67M52:06.8
16Amelia OtisGenoa, NY30F53:03.8
17Alexis MazzeoSkaneateles, NY28F53:22.4
18Cheyenne PeltierBonney Lake, WA23F53:36.7
19Michael BoggsHector, NY59M54:20.0
20Cassandra LaiosEndicott, NY23F56:22.5
21Robert Rhea-62M57:13.7
22Marlene MushkowitzHeringsdorf, Germany17F57:32.6
23Warrick MaIthaca, NY23M57:35.6
24Robert KernHornby, NY75M57:48.3
25Karen KelloggLisle, NY55F58:05.4
26Joseph ReynoldsNewfield, NY74M1:00:23.5
27Laura KipferEndicott, NY33F1:00:24.3
28Anais VanekIthaca, NY15F1:10:57.4
29Nate DziedzicMinoa, NY15M1:31:38.5
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