FLRC Challenge: Sweet 1600

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The Sweet 1600 “course” is completely unlike all other FLRC Challenge courses: it requires running 1600m on any standard track. That could be 8 laps on a 200m indoor track, 4 laps on any 400m outdoor track, or even 2 laps on an 800m track. The goals of the Sweet 1600 are to provide some experience of running on a track—we love track!—and to give Challenge runners who are traveling a chance to notch Challenge efforts while they’re away. Please run only on tracks to which you have access, and if you run on a track outside of our area, please submit photos and tell us what it was like. We found some neat tracks in 2022. Results | Posts

To ensure that everyone has at least several chances to run the 1600m, it will be part of FLRC’s all-comers summer track series, with a small meet being held at Ithaca High School on June 27th and our Trackapalooza invitational on July 22nd.

Other area schools that have tracks include:

Please follow posted signs or check with the school administration before running on a track. Avoid high school tracks completely during school hours, and if a track (or the field it surrounds) is in use for any other purpose, don’t run without first asking for permission.

Because you can run on any standard track, you’ll have to record your times using a watch and submit them manually using the Webscorer app.