FLRC Challenge: Ellis Hollow Creek Crossings

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The 2.2-mile Ellis Hollow Creek Crossings course runs in the Ellis Hollow Nature Preserve, about 5 miles east of Ithaca on Ellis Hollow Creek Road. It’s short but will introduce you to trail navigation, terrain, and yes, multiple stream crossings.

Course Instructions

Start at the Ellis Hollow Nature Preserve parking area off Ellis Hollow Creek Road.

[Photo of start/finish sign coming]

  • Head north on the trail. At the kiosk, turn right on the yellow trail.
  • Run up the hill until you come to an intersection with the red trail.
  • Turn right on the red trail, which will meander up the hill and around for a good bit.
  • Be careful on the side hill leading down to the first stream crossing.
  • At the top of the subsequent hill note that the trail switchbacks down the next steep hill to the second stream crossing.
  • Across the stream is another short, steep hill. It’s easy enough to climb, but be careful if you’re running down it in the other direction.
  • At the top of that hill, turn left to stay on the ridge.
  • Stay on the trail in the woods—you should never come out on the power line cut.
  • Be careful of the short, steep hill down to the driveway, where you turn left, and then right 10 meters later.
  • At the Y intersection, take the right fork on the blue trail to take the winding trail back to the yellow trail and to the kiosk.
  • Return to the parking area, and consider doing it again, since it’s so short.