FLRC Challenge 2021: Waterfront Trail

Kids Challenge | 100K Ultra Challenge

This 3.1-mile out-and-back course starts and finishes by the stop sign on the Waterfront Trail just before entering the parking lot at the east end of Stewart Park. There’s plenty of parking in Stewart Park.

Waterfront Trail map

Click for Google Maps showing the start/finish

After starting, run the Waterfront Trail along the edge of Stewart Park, curving around at the Cascadilla Boathouse and crossing both bridges over to the Newman Municipal Golf Course. Continue to follow the Waterfront Trail—not the road—until the point where it turns off Pier Road to head over to the Farmer’s Market.

Waterfront Trail start/finish sign

Instead of turning left on the Waterfront Trail, continue straight on Pier Road toward the Pro Shop, being careful to avoid cars and construction vehicles. Go past the Pro Shop onto the dirt road at the edge of the inlet and run to the last of the blue piers. There is no sign or marking on the ground here (the City is very strict), but a GPS watch should read 1.55 miles.

Waterfront Trail turnaround

Karen has run slightly too far!

Turn around and retrace your steps back to the starting point. Scan the FLRC Challenge sign for both the start and the finish.

Draft turn-by-turn RunGo voice directions are available; download them into the RunGo app on your smartphone (iOS or Android) or Apple Watch.