FLRC Challenge 2021: Danby Down & Dirty

Kids Challenge | 100K Ultra Challenge

This 6-mile course starts at the parking area on Michigan Hollow Road, just before the intersection with Smiley Road.

Click for Google Maps showing the start/finish

The start/finish is at the trail sign just before the parking area, making the course a bit shorter than the traditional Danby Down & Dirty course. Otherwise, you’ll run down Michigan Hollow Road, turn right into the trails, and follow the normal one-loop course of the traditional Danby Down & Dirty course. When you get back to Michigan Hollow Road, you’re done—you do not need to cross the road for the traditional little loop at the end. Scan the FLRC Challenge sign for both the start and the finish.

Danby Down & Dirty start/finish sign

Turn-by-turn RunGo voice directions are available; you can view them online and download them to the RunGo app on your smartphone (iOS or Android) or Apple Watch. If you’re not familiar with the Danby State Forest’s trails, we strongly recommend that you run with a friend who knows them or use the RunGo directions. Let us know if there are issues with the directions.

For navigational backup, you could also pre-load the Ithaca Trails page for Danby State Forest, since your phone browser should be able to show you both the trail map and your location on it. The AllTrails app also has trail maps for the Abbott Loop Trail in Danby State Forest. And here is a straight GPX track if that’s helpful.