Monster Marathon and Half Marathon Results 2019
8:00am Saturday September 21
Robert H. Treman State Park | FLRC | Marathon and half-marathon

Thanks to all who came out to run on Saturday! We had beautiful weather and quite a few monster sightings.

There was a new course record set by local running phenom Yvette De Boer. She set a new course record by finishing in 3:06:45! Her time was five seconds faster than her 2018 course record. Congratulations Yvette!

The remaining top five marathon finishers were:

2. Nancy Kleinrock – 3:28:51
3. Scotie Jacobs – 3:39:48
4. Gerrit Van Loon – 3:58:52
5. Lori Johnson – 4:02:55

In the half marathon distance, the winner was newcomer Ron Wightman of Wellsville NY in a time of 1:29:41.

The remaining top five half-marathon finishers were:

2. Gill Haines-Sharp – 1:33:29
3. Boris Dzikovski – 1:36:26
4. Edward Housel – 1:42:32
5. Bill King – 1:42:58

Special thanks to all the amazing volunteers that helped make the race possible!!!!

A few mentions: Joe Reynolds mowed the overgrown sections of the FLT near the Lean-To aid station to allow smoother passage. I’ve also heard reports that he further cleared the course by single-handedly wrenching out a downed tree. Steve Vanek helped mark the course Friday and then ran the full marathon on Saturday. Nancy Kleinrock and Gerrit Van Loon both finished in the marathon top five, and then headed out to sweep the course. Aaron Proujansky helped set up aid stations on Friday and then volunteered to stay all day Saturday to oversee one of those aid stations. Other stellar aid station support was provided by Dean Russo, Gretchen Gilbert and Carina Ramsey (and family). Adam Engst, Bob Talda, Bill Watson, and the rest of the FLRC timing crew did an amazing job with a tricky staggered start race. All starts and finishes went seamlessly. Added appreciation to Nancy Kleinrock and Steve Shaum, who arrived early and assisted with initial site setup just after 6AM. Thanks also to Mickie Jauquet for the early morning coffee pick-up and delivery and for working with Catarina Massa at the registration table. Yay Mickie and Cat! Big thank you to Scott Doyle, who schlepped water and Gatorade around and to Gary McCheyne who made sure I had all the equipment needed, and then schlepped me around. Mikhail Kern floated as an outstanding “do-whatever-is-needed” volunteer.

You can find more stats on Webscorer.


1Yvette De BoerIthaca, NY56Female3:06:45
2Nancy KleinrockIthaca, NY59Female3:28:51
3Scotie JacobsIthaca, NY44Male3:39:48
4Gerrit Van LoonIthaca, NY58Male3:58:52
5Lori JohnsonRed Hill, PA55Female4:02:55
6Steven VanekIthaca, NY48Male4:03:41
7Michael ElliottR, NY26Male4:27:26
8Jim ChelyElmira, NY63Male4:42:14
9Robert SeltzerFreeville, NY53Male4:50:09
10Lynn EdwardsQueensbury, NY21Female4:50:20
11Jeffrey EdwardsQueensbury, NY49Male4:50:21
12Donny AndreasSeneca Falls, NY52Male5:09:10
13Joel CisneIthaca37Male5:18:30
14Joseph StevensonGeneseo, NY41Male5:25:42
15Evan DavisIthaca, NY20Male5:32:40
16Michael FredWantagh, NY54Male5:33:05
17Kelsey ChattertonIthaca, NY23Female5:33:22
18Ryan O'MalleyRochester, NY25Male5:35:42
19Julio ArrredondoReading, PA25Male6:30:14
20Vishwanath JoginiHyderabad41Male6:34:28
21Thomas ButlerRochester, NY54Male6:52:29

Half Marathon

1Ron WightmanWellsville, NY70Male1:29:41
2Gill Haines-SharpIthaca, NY58Female1:33:29
3Boris DzikovskiIthaca, NY55Male1:36:26
4Edward HouselRochester, NY60Male1:42:32
5Bill KingIthaca, NY59Male1:42:58
6Jason BeltIthaca, NY35Male1:50:32
7Aaron KingIthaca, NY35Male1:52:12
8Jeremy ThomasIthaca, NY43Male1:52:31
9Joshua MenterVan Etten, NY14Male1:52:52
10Brittany PetrilliSyracuse, NY29Female1:53:07
11Olivia BarbierDover, MA22Female1:53:37
12David KaniaFreeville, NY39Male1:53:40
13Kaya KeysIthaca, NY39Male1:54:27
14Andrew TuckerWarners, NY37Male1:59:19
15Megan TurnbullIthaca, NY40Female1:59:32
16Tyler CoverdaleIthaca, NY31Male1:59:59
17Ryan HarrisonSpencer, NY26Male2:00:28
18David JonesIthaca, NY61Male2:01:16
19Mike MillisNewark Valley, NY24Male2:01:19
20Timothy LambertIthaca, NY32Male2:02:00
21Rob KaplanTrumansburg, NY42Male2:03:22
22Ryan HodgesSpencer, NY16Male2:03:41
23Korey KryderSyracuse, NY34Male2:04:09
24Stephen ElliottManlius, NY47Male2:05:10
25Elvina ScottIthaca, NY50Female2:06:09
26Katherine HeaneyLarchmont, NY21Female2:06:37
27Nathan GilletteSpencer, NY14Male2:09:12
28John CavallineManlius, NY52Male2:09:57
29Paul FreemantleLansing, NY44Male2:10:35
30Dan CerretaniCortland, NY62Male2:12:04
31Steve ShaumIthaca, NY53Male2:12:57
32Isaac LindridgeNewark Valley, NY16Male2:14:48
33Annie FuNorthville20Female2:15:01
34Adi FairbankIthaca, NY43Male2:16:15
35Michael NiemackIthaca, NY40Male2:16:52
36Casey WenzelDunellen, NJ24Male2:17:13
37Bryce WinklerCanton, OH21Male2:18:11
38Brenda MichaudTrumansburg, NY57Female2:19:00
39Jack SpencerDryden, NY35Male2:19:31
40Anthony DesarnoWatkins Glen, NY26Male2:20:33
41Kathy EdwardsQueensbury, NY48Female2:22:22
42Lauren CastellucciApalachin, NY24Female2:26:05
43Karina AlbaMamaroneck, NY43Female2:26:18
44Dean JohnsonRed Hill, PA59Male2:27:09
45Alex ScherIthaca, NY37Male2:27:52
46Anh Tuan NguyenIthaca, NY36Male2:28:27
47Sarah RidenourDanby, NY34Female2:29:30
48Emma RennerRound Hill, VA22Female2:31:04
49Jeffrey CronkGroton, NY51Male2:31:04
50Alvaro RuizSleepy Hollow, NY54Male2:33:15
51Janilya BaizackIthaca, NY24Female2:36:39
52Jessica WaffleDryden, NY34Female2:37:11
53Lindsay FinnCincinnati, OH21Female2:37:18
54Nick RuizOwego, NY38Male2:38:58
55Lee PhalenHammond, NY39Male2:40:00
56Jenna O'ConnellCandor, NY16Female2:41:01
57Bree ZogariaCandor, NY34Female2:41:11
58John DonaldsonInterlaken, NY56Male2:45:37
59Franklyn MillerOwego, NY35Male2:48:49
60Joseph ReynoldsNewfield, NY75Male2:52:14
61Heidi WestfallGeneva, NY38Female2:52:24
62Tony MagnosiLansing, NY54Male2:52:33
63Victoria CastellucciApalachin, NY60Female2:53:44
64Paul CrowleyRochester, NY51Male2:59:05
65John AndesRiverhead, NY22Male3:14:47
66Jonathan WinslowGuilderland, NY50Male3:23:31
67Ashley LeeSchenectady, NY12Female3:32:32
68Caron ThomasAmsterdam, NY56Female3:33:54
69Olivia BennettCandor, NY14Female3:45:32
70Luke SimontonErin, NY16Male3:59:48
71Kelly Lee50Female5:35:11
72Sheree NewmanBloomfield Hills, MI60Female5:36:40
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