July 2019 Outdoor Track Meet Results
6:00pm Tuesday July 23
Lansing High School | FLRC

FLRC’s July track meet is now in the books, and it was a wonderful way to spend a summer evening, with perfect weather and lots of friendly runners. Thanks to the Auburn Pulsars, Ithaca Youth Bureau, Lansing Lightning, and SOAR clubs, we had tons of young kids—and not much is cuter than one 4-year-old handing off to another in a relay race. But there were some stellar performances from older athletes as well, culminating with the fast heat of the mile, where the top 8 runners all broke 5:00.

With our kid-focused event lineup this summer, we started with the 100m, won by 35-year-old Chris Rogers in 12.65 seconds, just ahead of 14-year-old Gyasi Ruffin (12.69). 12-year-old Mackenna Keough of SOAR was the first female finisher in 14.53, well ahead of her teammate Alexis Collins in 16.12.

In the 800m race, last month’s 800m/400m double-winner Samual Voak defended his title with a 2;20 to place ahead of Lansing Lightning’s John Saunders in 2:21 and Aaron King in 2:24. Again like last month, 11-year-old Maggie Houp of SOAR ran a 2:42 to outpace 37-year-old Liz Hartman, whose 2:45 was a 6-second improvement.

To get a relay in before bedtime for our younger runners, we next ran the 4 by 200m relay, won handily by a team of Ithaca Youth Bureau coaches in 2:03. Seventeen other teams competed as well, with times from 2:14 all the way to 4:15.

Samuel Voak matched last month’s performance with his second win for the night in the 400m, running 56.66, well ahead of Tristan Lambert’s 1:00.35. Elsa Wood of SOAR took the women’s crown with a 1:20.63, outlasting sprinter teammate Mackenna Keough, who crossed in 1:24.36 and Abby Ringwood of the Auburn Pulsars in 1:25.59.

Our most exciting race came last, with the 1-mile race that’s part of FLRC’s ongoing MITHACAL MILE SERIES. In a stacked fast heat, Sean Dunn took the race out hard, but Adam Pacheck soon took over, hoping to defang the kick of Sam Lagasse, last month’s winner. Pacheck’s valiant effort was in vain, though, as Lagasse took the lead in the final lap and kicked hard to win in 4:25, ahead of Pacheck’s 4:27 (4 and 7 seconds faster than last month, respectively). In third again was Rich Heffron in 4:40, followed by Dunn in 4:43, Mik Kern in 4:44, 15-year-old Jared Smith in 4:47, Mohamad Alsabbagh in 4:52, and newcomer Adam Berkowitz in 4:53. On the women’s side, 13-year-old Elizabeth Baroody of the Auburn Pulsars won in 5:57, with SOAR’s Maggie Houp second in 6:05.

Although there are no official results from the long jump, shot put, and kid javelin practice hosted by Brett Shelton and Steve Wagner of SOAR during the meet, lots of kids participated and had a great time.

Thanks to Lansing High School and Coach Becca Lovenheim for hosting once again, and to the many volunteers who made the meet possible. Bob Talda took on the head timer duties, with past FLRC president Tom Rishel once again serving as starter. Jullien Flynn managed seeding with aplomb and published results within minutes after each event ended. Bill Watson and Dave Kania worked wonders in lining up all the heats. Adam Pacheck and his girlfriend Christine recorded bibs of finishers in the longer races. Tonya Engst ran registration with help from Lorrie Tily, and both helped with sprint timing, Truck Rossiter was backup timer and lap caller, Steve Folsom and Jim Derick helped wrangle the relay runners, and previous FLRC track director Tim Ingall stepped in once again to help with timing as well.

Don’t miss our final summer meet of 2019 on August 20th!

August 2019 Outdoor Track Meet


1Chris RogersM35Unattached12.65
2Gyasi RuffinM14Unattached12.69
3John SalisburyM12Unattached13.40
4Jack SalisburyM53Unattached13.86
5James SaundersMLansing Lightning13.90
6Oliver LambertM14Lansing Lightning14.18
7Zuri RuffinM12Unattached14.37
8Tobias SalisburyM17Unattached14.38
9Makenna KeoughW12Southern Tier SOAR14.53
10Gregory HomaM12Unattached15.56
11Benjamin LambertM12Lansing Lightning15.66
12Alexis CollinsW12Southern Tier SOAR16.12
13Timur UrazgildiievM9Unattached16.23
14Elsa WoodWSouthern Tier SOAR16.31
15Jezabelle BrownW12Ithaca Youth Bureau16.60
16Jasmine WagnerWSouthern Tier SOAR16.99
17Roxana MaralaniW10Ithaca Youth Bureau17.26
18Brayden RockefellerMLansing Lightning17.40
19Jarryd WitzelM10Southern Tier SOAR17.65
20Ursula SilbertW9Ithaca Youth Bureau17.69
21Gavin HectorM8Unattached17.81
22Arya BasuM7Ithaca Youth Bureau17.96
23Bella DrakeWLansing Lightning18.40
24Saffron Gold-RogersW7Ithaca Youth Bureau18.48
25Ben KadlecikM12Ithaca Youth Bureau18.68
26Norah HowellW10Lansing Lightning18.70
27Paxon NunezM7Ithaca Youth Bureau18.74
28Connor RockefellerMLansing Lightning18.79
29Ryan FreedM7Ithaca Youth Bureau18.83
30Freddie CollinsM11Unattached18.86
31Eva MichelucciW11Ithaca Youth Bureau19.29
31Ava MaralaniW8Ithaca Youth Bureau19.29
33Gracie BrazierW9Lansing Lightning19.39
34Leilani DrakeWLansing Lightning19.40
35Natalie LovenheimW7Lansing Lightning19.71
36David HelmerMLansing Lightning20.03
37Matea FeyW8Ithaca Youth Bureau20.10
38Grace FolsomW8Ithaca Youth Bureau20.72
39Roslyn FolsomW5Ithaca Youth Bureau20.85
40Erika PowersW7Ithaca Youth Bureau20.93
41Fiona DannW7Lansing Lightning20.95
42Connor CaseMLansing Lightning21.38
43Nicholas TesiM7Ithaca Youth Bureau22.29
44Mercer WoodcockM7Unattached22.44
45Annaliese GranrothW7Ithaca Youth Bureau22.57
46Linus WalkerM8Ithaca Youth Bureau22.71
47Dominik BartishevichM5Ithaca Youth Bureau22.95
48Nico SimmondsM7Auburn Pulsars23.02
49Eamon IngallMLansing Lightning23.22
50Molly AndersonW6Ithaca Youth Bureau23.45
51GG KingW5Unattached23.52
52Calder WoodcockM5Ithaca Youth Bureau24.28
53William AntczakM6Ithaca Youth Bureau24.77
54Rasa WarrenW5Unattached25.40
55Louis EmmickMLansing Lightning26.01
56Matt HartmanM6Unattached26.49
57Kaarina GranrothW4Unattached27.59
58Cameron MckeenMLansing Lightning28.43
59Isaac NguyenMLansing Lightning29.26
60Rowan HouckM6Ithaca Youth Bureau32.03


1Samuel VoakM21Unattached56.66
2Tristan LambertM43Unattached1:00.35
3Dana WoodM43Unattached1:01.59
4Jerry CzyzM14Auburn Pulsars1:01.73
5Aaron KingM35Unattached1:03.19
6Gyasi RuffinM14Unattached1:03.34
7Oliver BaroodyM15Auburn Pulsars1:10.78
8Aidan ArcherM14Auburn Pulsars1:12.54
9Benjamin LambertM12Lansing Lightning1:18.31
10Matthew KeoughM9Southern Tier SOAR1:20.49
11Elsa WoodWSouthern Tier SOAR1:20.63
12John HummelM62Unattached1:21.99
13Makenna KeoughW12Southern Tier SOAR1:24.36
14Abby RingwoodW12Auburn Pulsars1:25.59
15Trent ThibaultM11Lansing Lightning1:25.62
16Gabe DauerheimM14Auburn Pulsars1:26.09
17Sebastian BartishevichM11Ithaca Youth Bureau1:33.61
18Roxana MaralaniW10Ithaca Youth Bureau1:34.35
19Gabby SmithW9Auburn Pulsars1:34.72
20Meghan WinksW11Auburn Pulsars1:35.53
21Madeline SenecaW13Auburn Pulsars1:35.57
22Matea FeyW8Ithaca Youth Bureau1:35.78
23Gracie BrazierW9Lansing Lightning1:36.52
24Teagan WilburM11Auburn Pulsars1:36.69
25Aliah WoodallW10Ithaca Youth Bureau1:37.91
26Arya BasuM7Ithaca Youth Bureau1:39.57
27Natalie LovenheimW7Lansing Lightning1:39.94
28Cadence SullivanW8Auburn Pulsars1:40.51
29Connor CaseMLansing Lightning1:42.00
30Alasdair SmithM10Ithaca Youth Bureau1:42.11
31Ben KadlecikM12Ithaca Youth Bureau1:42.39
32Althea JohnstonW8Ithaca Youth Bureau1:43.32
32Norah HowellW10Lansing Lightning1:43.32
34Ryan FreedM7Ithaca Youth Bureau1:43.37
35Ava MaralaniW8Ithaca Youth Bureau1:43.57
36Stelios BaneyM10Auburn Pulsars1:48.13
37Alice MouW6Unattached1:49.85
38Nicholas TesiM7Ithaca Youth Bureau1:49.95
39Dominik BartishevichM5Ithaca Youth Bureau1:50.72
40Linus WalkerM8Ithaca Youth Bureau1:51.06
41Grace FolsomW8Ithaca Youth Bureau1:51.77
42Kahai Bessou JonesW8Ithaca Youth Bureau1:52.33
43Molly AndersonW6Ithaca Youth Bureau1:52.39
44Mercer WoodcockM7Unattached1:52.56
45Evelyn WilburW8Auburn Pulsars1:52.91
46Rhodes WoodallM7Ithaca Youth Bureau1:53.63
47Ilias BaneyM8Auburn Pulsars1:59.44
48Eamon IngallMLansing Lightning2:00.28
49Annaliese GranrothW7Ithaca Youth Bureau2:01.17
50Freddie CollinsM11Unattached2:04.66
51Roslyn FolsomW5Ithaca Youth Bureau2:06.34
52William AntczakM6Ithaca Youth Bureau2:11.84
53Nico SimmondsM7Auburn Pulsars2:12.36
54Kaarina GranrothW4Unattached2:25.60
55Allie SimmondsW5Auburn Pulsars2:31.51
56Fiona AntczakW6Ithaca Youth Bureau2:35.27
57Pelagia BaneyW4Auburn Pulsars3:11.47


1Samuel VoakM21Unattached2:20
2John SaundersMLansing Lightning2:21
3Aaron KingM35Unattached2:24
4Jerry CzyzM14Auburn Pulsars2:32
5Oliver BaroodyM15Auburn Pulsars2:36
6Tobias SalisburyM17Unattached2:37
7John SalisburyM12Unattached2:40
8Maggie HoupW11Southern Tier SOAR2:42
9Liz HartmanW37Unattached2:45
10Amanda KingW32Unattached2:46
11Jack SalisburyM53Unattached2:54
12Aidan ArcherM14Auburn Pulsars2:54
13John HohmM34Unattached2:54
14Gabe DauerheimM14Auburn Pulsars2:55
15Matthew KeoughM9Southern Tier SOAR3:02
16Dan HouckM35Unattached3:03
17James MouM11Unattached3:04
18John HummelM62Unattached3:05
19Abigail WagnerWSouthern Tier SOAR3:05
20Abby RingwoodW12Auburn Pulsars3:06
21Timur UrazgildiievM9Unattached3:10
22Corinne DeFilippoW12Southern Tier SOAR3:18
23Althea JohnstonW8Ithaca Youth Bureau3:28
24Teagan WilburM11Auburn Pulsars3:35
25Gabby SmithW9Auburn Pulsars3:37
26Meghan WinksW11Auburn Pulsars3:37
27Arya BasuM7Ithaca Youth Bureau3:39
28Madeline SenecaW13Auburn Pulsars3:40
29Ryan FreedM7Ithaca Youth Bureau3:42
30Paxon NunezM7Ithaca Youth Bureau3:42
31Jarryd WitzelM10Southern Tier SOAR3:53
32Alice MouW6Unattached3:55
33Stelios BaneyM10Auburn Pulsars3:55
34Cadence SullivanW8Auburn Pulsars4:07
35Michelle SmithW43Unattached4:07
36Ilias BaneyM8Auburn Pulsars4:09
37Annaliese GranrothW7Ithaca Youth Bureau4:12
38Evelyn WilburW8Auburn Pulsars4:14
39Roslyn FolsomW5Ithaca Youth Bureau4:21
40Jasper MingosMLansing Lightning4:25
41Grace FolsomW8Ithaca Youth Bureau4:33
42Rasa WarrenW5Unattached5:13
43Kaarina GranrothW4Unattached5:22
44Matt HartmanM6Unattached5:48


1Sam LagasseM25Unattached4:25
2Adam PacheckM27Unattached4:27
3Rich HeffronM36Unattached4:40
4Sean DunnM26Unattached4:43
5Mikhail KernM28Unattached4:44
6Jared SmithM15Unattached4:47
7Mohamad AlsabbaghM29Unattached4:52
8Adam BerkowitzM23Unattached4:53
9Jason JenksM22Unattached5:14
10David KaniaM39Unattached5:23
11Miles BaroodyM13Auburn Pulsars5:26
12Keegan BradyM13Auburn Pulsars5:34
13Aaron KingM35Unattached5:46
14Chris HowardM13Auburn Pulsars5:53
15Chris RogersM35Unattached5:54
16Noah HilkerM12Ithaca Youth Bureau5:55
17Elizabeth BaroodyW13Auburn Pulsars5:57
18Maggie HoupW11Southern Tier SOAR6:05
19Kyleen BradyW11Auburn Pulsars6:09
20Sean RingwoodM10Auburn Pulsars6:09
21Amanda KingW32Unattached6:10
22Grace HilkerW10Ithaca Youth Bureau6:13
23Doug McKeeM50Unattached6:19
24Oliver LambertM14Lansing Lightning6:20
25Tsadia Lanwick BercuvitzW10Ithaca Youth Bureau6:32
26Daniel DedrickMLansing Lightning6:35
27James MouM11Unattached6:47
28John HummelM62Unattached6:49
29Abigail WagnerWSouthern Tier SOAR6:53
30Lucius DannM13Lansing Lightning7:06
31Corinne DeFilippoW12Southern Tier SOAR7:06
32Gregory HomaM12Unattached7:13
33James MinerM70Unattached7:57
34Charlie BrazierM10Lansing Lightning8:28
35Annaliese GranrothW7Ithaca Youth Bureau8:43


1Team SmithUnattached2:03
2Team RuffinUnattached2:14
3Team HouckUnattached2:15
4Team HoupSouthern Tier SOAR2:17
5Team DannLansing Lightning2:28
6Team CollinsUnattached2:33
7Team BrownIthaca Youth Bureau2:34
8Team MaralaniIthaca Youth Bureau2:37
9Team WitzelSouthern Tier SOAR2:38
10Team WoodallIthaca Youth Bureau2:39
11Team MaralaniIthaca Youth Bureau2:48
12Team BrazierLansing Lightning2:51
13Team IngallLansing Lightning3:21
14Team BasuIthaca Youth Bureau3:22
15Team GranrothIthaca Youth Bureau3:27
16Team EmmickLansing Lightning3:35
17Team Gold-RogersIthaca Youth Bureau3:45
18Team HouckIthaca Youth Bureau4:15
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