August 2019 Outdoor Track Meet Results
6:00pm Tuesday August 20
Lansing High School | FLRC

FLRC’s August track meet—the last one for 2019—was a nice, relaxing time on the Lansing track, with kids as young as 2 and adults in their 70s. The Auburn Pulsars, Lansing Lightning, and SOAR clubs were once again in attendance, with Brett Shelton of SOAR again hosting informal long jump and shot put field events.

We led off with the 100m, with 19-year-old Francis Ongkodjojo taking the win in 11.89 seconds, but 43-year-old Dana Wood of SOAR notching a 12.86 for second. 13-year-old Annoura Stewart won the women’s crown in 16.71 seconds, just ahead of 8-year-old Nasia White of the Lansing Lightning.

Next, to move our marquee event earlier in the evening, we ran the 1 mile race, with four MITHACAL MILE SERIES age groups being decided in this final installment. Overall, Sam Lagasse maintained his unbeaten streak despite a blistering first three laps from Adam Pacheck. Lagasse’s kick once again served him a win in 4:26, with Pacheck coming in second in 4:31. That win also cemented Lagasse’s win in the 20-29 age group in the MITHACAL MILE SERIES. Rich Heffron took third in 4:39, locking up the 30-39 age group as well. In earlier heats, 10-year-old Jacob Varga and 13-year-old Keegan Brady of the Auburn Pulsars clinched the 1-10 and 11-15 age groups with an 8:07 and a 5:37, respectively. On the women’s side, 18-year-old Catriona Breen ran a strong 5:32 to outpace 17-year-old Catie Eisenhut of the Lansing Lighting in 5:30.

In the 400m, Trevor Donovan won handily in 55.76, but 14-year-old Jerry Czyz of the Auburn Pulsars wasn’t far behind in 59.09. The diminutive 8-year-old Abigail Wagner of SOAR, who may have the best kick of the meet, pound for pound, took the women’s race in 1:22, beating out 13-year-old Abby Silva of the Lansing Lightning.

Finally, the 800m wasn’t a huge race, but Mike Stewart used it to notch his first-ever overall win in a race with a strong 2:30. Hot on his heels was 13-year-old Keegan Brady of the Auburn Pulsars with a 2:31, and in third place overall and our female winner was 18-year-old Catriona Breen in 2:35. 11-year-old Kyleen Brady of the Auburn Pulsars was the second female in 2:49.

Thanks to Lansing High School and Coach Becca Lovenheim for hosting FLRC’s summer track season again. It has been a pleasure to use the Lansing track facilities, and we appreciate the Lansing Sports Boosters providing concessions as well. These meets wouldn’t be possible without the dedicated volunteers of FLRC’s Track Team. Josh Brockner took on head timer duties, with Tom Rishel serving as starter with our new and more reliable starting pistol. Jullien Flynn managed seeding with aplomb and published results within minutes after each event ended. Bill Watson and Jason Tuori lined up all the heats as clerks-of-course. Adam Pacheck’s girlfriend Christine recorded bibs of finishers in the longer races while simultaneously cheering for Adam in his bid to unseat Sam Lagasse. Tonya Engst ran registration (and then the mile) with help from Carl Franck, Truck Rossiter was backup timer and lap caller (when he wasn’t running the mile as the oldest guy on the track), and lots of people—including Steve Folsom, Tim Ingall, and a few parents whose names I missed—helped with sprint timing.

That’s it for 2019, and we hope you’ll join us for our indoor track meet series starting in January 2020!


1Francis OngkodjojoM19Unattached11.89
2Dana WoodM43Unattached12.86
3Samir GulatiM13Southern Tier SOAR13.19
4James SaundersMLansing Lightning13.52
5Oliver LambertM14Lansing Lightning13.98
6Benjamin LambertM12Lansing Lightning15.27
7Karl GranrothM46Unattached15.47
8Anthony CiotoliMLansing Lightning15.79
9Kieran StewartM14Unattached16.20
10Jonathan Gold RocaMUnattached16.53
11Ben SheridanM10Auburn Pulsars16.61
12Annoura StewartW13Unattached16.71
13Caelen ByrneM8Unattached16.85
13Nasia WhiteW8Lansing Lightning16.85
15Shayla ByrneWUnattached17.25
16Mia CiotoliW9Unattached17.31
17Josiah CzyzM9Auburn Pulsars17.93
18Elijah LittlejohnM9Lansing Lightning18.09
19Aaren StewartM10Unattached18.66
20Jasmine WagnerWSouthern Tier SOAR18.91
21Fiona DannW9Unattached19.58
22Joseph CzyzM9Auburn Pulsars19.76
23Max GossenMLansing Lightning19.95
24Grace FolsomW8Unattached20.03
25Roslyn FolsomW5Unattached21.00
26Eamon IngallMLansing Lightning21.30
27Annaliese GranrothW7Unattached22.37
28Wyatt CzyzM7Auburn Pulsars23.11
29Matt HartmanM6Unattached24.53
30Nick HartmanM3Unattached25.71
31Aurora DonovanW5Unattached28.82
32Willow DonovanW2Unattached41.80
33Estella StoosW4Unattached43.20


1Trevor DonovanM36Unattached55.76
2Jerry CzyzM14Auburn Pulsars59.09
3Tristan LambertM43Unattached1:00.04
4Dana WoodM43Unattached1:00.62
5Brian LazzaroM45Unattached1:02.78
6Mike StewartM38Unattached1:03.21
7Aaron KingM35Unattached1:05.16
8Dave ByrneM40Unattached1:07.47
9Samir GulatiM13Southern Tier SOAR1:07.71
10Alex ColvinM51Unattached1:09.07
11Benjamin LambertM12Lansing Lightning1:18.29
12Adam GossenMLansing Lightning1:19.77
13Aidan LazzaroM10Unattached1:20.60
14Caelan ByrneM8Unattached1:20.73
15Abigail WagnerWSouthern Tier SOAR1:22.34
16Owen SzczerbaM12Unattached1:29.77
17Jacob VargaM10Auburn Pulsars1:29.83
18Ben SheridanM10Auburn Pulsars1:31.00
19Abby SilvaW13Lansing Lightning1:33.31
20Teagan WilburM11Auburn Pulsars1:34.87
21Linda RockW68Unattached1:35.91
22Madeline SenecaW13Auburn Pulsars1:38.14
23Josiah CzyzM9Auburn Pulsars1:43.99
24Evelyn WilburW8Auburn Pulsars1:51.09
25Jasmine WagnerWSouthern Tier SOAR1:51.89
26Wyatt CzyzM7Auburn Pulsars1:53.58
27Max GossenMLansing Lightning1:54.49
28Joseph CzyzM9Auburn Pulsars1:55.09
29Eamon IngallMLansing Lightning1:58.87
30Roslyn FolsomW5Unattached1:58.93
31Grace FolsomW8Unattached2:02.00
32Annaliese GranrothW7Unattached2:10.34
33Matt HartmanM6Unattached2:11.14
34Nick HartmanM3Unattached2:54.89


1Mike StewartM38Unattached2:30
2Keegan BradyM13Auburn Pulsars2:31
3Catriona BreenW18Unattached2:35
4Aaron KingM35Unattached2:41
5Brian LazzaroM45Unattached2:42
6Alex ColvinM51Unattached2:42
7Kyleen BradyW11Auburn Pulsars2:49
8Karen Simmonds-BradyW45Auburn Pulsars2:50
9Abigail WagnerWSouthern Tier SOAR3:29
10Gabby SmithW9Auburn Pulsars3:50
11Ethan LittlejohnM8Lansing Lightning4:06
12Roslyn FolsomW5Unattached4:26
13Brett SheltonM47Southern Tier SOAR4:36
14Grace FolsomW8Unattached4:49
15Annaliese GranrothW7Unattached4:51

1 mile RESULTS

1Sam LagasseM25Unattached4:26
2Adam PacheckM27Unattached4:31
3Rich HeffronM36Unattached4:39
4Oliver RappM20Unattached4:47
5Mikhail KernM28Unattached4:48
6Christopher WatsonM20Unattached4:51
7Tyler AzbellM22Unattached4:59
8Sam BellM15Lansing Lightning5:09
9Mike StewartM38Unattached5:16
10Jack ThomasM17Lansing Lightning5:19
11Dave KaniaM39Unattached5:22
12Ryan BartonM17Lansing Lightning5:29
13Jerry CzyzM14Auburn Pulsars5:30
14Catriona BreenW18Unattached5:32
15Aaron KingM35Unattached5:34
16Alex ColvinM51Unattached5:35
17Keegan BradyM13Auburn Pulsars5:37
18Catie EisenhutW17Lansing Lightning5:40
19Andrew ByrneMUnattached5:47
20Emmaline JacksonW16Lansing Lightning5:55
21Kyleen BradyW11Auburn Pulsars5:56
22Karen Simmonds-BradyW45Auburn Pulsars5:58
23Tristan LambertM43Unattached6:03
24Teddy BrennerM16Lansing Lightning6:06
25Karl GranrothM46Unattached6:07
26Liz HartmanW37Unattached6:08
27Kinsley JacobsW14Lansing Lightning6:13
28Oliver LambertM14Lansing Lightning6:16
29Tom StalloneM13Lansing Lightning6:23
30Caden MichalecM15Lansing Lightning6:24
31Parker VoorisM15Lansing Lightning6:27
32Teresa GarciaW17Lansing Lightning6:33
33Dowain GeeseyM16Lansing Lightning6:43
34Aidan LazzaroM10Unattached6:44
35Vanessa BellW13Lansing Lightning6:45
36Daniel DedrickMLansing Lightning6:47
37Thomas WellsM14Lansing Lightning6:48
38Lucius DannM13Lansing Lightning6:53
39Hana ThibaultW15Lansing Lightning6:55
40Trent ThibaultM11Lansing Lightning6:59
41Abigail WagnerWSouthern Tier SOAR7:01
42Tonya EngstW51Unattached7:18
43Ben CalupcaM14Lansing Lightning7:19
44Felix HafnerM13Lansing Lightning7:50
45Loveta GeeseyW13Lansing Lightning7:52
46Teagan WilburM11Auburn Pulsars7:54
47Madeline SenecaW13Auburn Pulsars7:59
48Gabby SmithW9Auburn Pulsars8:00
49Jacob VargaM10Auburn Pulsars8:07
50Ethan LittlejohnM8Lansing Lightning8:07
51D Truck RossiterM70Unattached8:08
52Magnus RedsickerMLansing Lightning8:44
53Annaliese GranrothW7Unattached9:22
54Evelyn WilburW8Auburn Pulsars9:37

4x400m RESULTS

1Team KernUnattached4:17
2Team ThomasLansing Lightning5:04
3Team VoorisLansing Lightning5:17
4Team ByrneUnattached5:29
5Team CiotoliLansing Lightning6:10
6Team JacksonLansing Lightning6:22
7Team RedsickerLansing Lightning7:12
8Team FolsomUnattached7:21
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