January 2023 Indoor Track Meet Results
Masters runners, test your legs in the mile before next weekend’s Hartshorne Masters Mile!
9:00am Sunday January 15
Barton Hall, Cornell University | FLRC

Thanks to excellent work by old and new volunteers alike, our first indoor meet since 2020 went off well. We hosted 134 runners, including 7 teams, who completed a total of 280 individual efforts. Don’t miss the fabulous professional photos from Jamie Love. (The pictures below are representative of each event but don’t necessarily show the people mentioned.) Scroll down below the recap for full results.

After a little behind-the-scenes stress caused by our meet management software crashing whenever a particular USB-C hub was attached, we kicked off the meet with three heats of the 3000m. The final heat belonged to 2022 Skunk Cabbage half-marathon champion Henry Williams, who cruised to the win in 8:59 (4:49 mile pace), with Nick Ryan hanging on gamely to finish second in a still-strong 9:40. The women’s race was even more of a blowout with Stephanie Bitcon running an impressive 10:12 that was good for fourth overall, well ahead of the strong trail and cross-country runner Donna Langerfeld in 11:21.

Next up were the sprints, where numerous heats of the 60m were filled by runners in the 10-and-under set, particularly kids from the GIAC Navigators and the new Groton Project Track Club. Ultimately, the win went to Skylar Lagramada from Watkins Glen in 7.70 seconds, edging out Candor teammates Wyatt Stouffer (7.90) and Matt Fitch (7.92). Candor took the top two spots for the women, with Jess Wells winning in 9.01 seconds and Angelina Porras second in 9.62. 12-year-old Lauren Younkin of the SOAR Running Club was third in 9.78.

In the mile, our Hartshorne Masters Mile rabbits tested out their legs. First, Henry Williams showed that he had plenty of speed to pace the elite men by running 4:30 for the win not long after his 3000m victory. This time, his competition came from Lucas Baker, who crossed just 4 seconds later in 4:34. Then women’s elite rabbit Bella Burda ran a controlled 5:13 to prove that she’d be able to pace three-time Olympian Michelle Rohl to a W55 American record. Donna Langerfeld settled for second again in 5:46. Finally, a shout-out to our pack of older milers, with 63-year-old Laura Helmerick (8:14), 68-year-old Steven Clark (8:46), 65-year-old Joe Sullivan (8:59), 75-year-old Deb Bliss (9:20), and 74-year-old Jim Miner (9:34) all testing their legs in advance of running Hartshorne. Apart from Bliss, who was a handful of seconds slower, the others all ran significantly faster at Hartshorne, with Helmerick dropping 19 seconds, Clark 20 seconds, Sullivan 19 seconds, and Miner a whopping 77 seconds.

Our final individual event was the 200m, where Candor’s Matt Fitch avenged his third place in the 60m by nudging out Watkins Glen’s Skylar Lagramada by 3 hundredths of a second, 25.65 to 25.68. (We’ll pretend that our hand timing is accurate enough for that to be meaningful; in reality, it’s not.) However, the women’s side wasn’t even close, with Mattison Lucey of the Groton Project breaking the tape in a speedy 28.51. Nearly 4 seconds later, second place went to Candor’s Jess Wells in 32.45.

Throughout the entire meet, Brett Shelton and Steve Wagner of the SOAR Running Club managed the high and long jumps. This was the first time we’ve officially hosted field events at an FLRC meet, and both proved popular with kids, with 34 competing in the high jump and 43 in the long jump. In the high jump, Candor’s Ayasha Schweiger cleared 4 feet, 8 inches for the win, followed closely by her teammate Angelina Porras, who jumped 4 feet, 6 inches. In the long jump, Ross Bush of the Groton Project soared to the win by jumping 16 feet, 9.75 inches, with Patrick Milano (our third Hartshorne rabbit) leaping 12 feet, 9 inches for second.

The final event of the day was the 4x200m relay, where 16 teams ran across three heats. Five of the teams ran 2:00 or faster, with a team of Ithaca High runners running powerfully and employing blind handoffs for the win in 1:42. Second place went to Candor in 1:52, with a Watkins Glen-anchored team third in 1:55.

As always, the meet was made possible by the highly amiable and capable efforts of the dedicated track volunteer team. Carl Franck reprised his role from the summer as head timer, Tom Rishel once again served as starter, and Patrick Boyle and Laurel Gilmer stepped into the clerk of course role to keep everyone lining up on schedule. Jesse Koenecke managed Meet Manager with help from Dave Kania, who also timed and performed other essential tasks that cropped up. Tonya Engst and Amelia Kaufman held down the bib pickup table, recruited for the relays, and answered runner questions. Rich Bernstein recorded bibs for the longer races, Katie Gannon handled backup timing, and David Rossiter counted laps, and they all teamed with Bob Swizdor, Rebecca Lambert, Aeron Jauquet, and Bob Talda to time the sprints. Thanks to all, and extra appreciation to Steve Wagner and Brett Shelton of the SOAR Running Club for volunteering their expertise with the jumps!

See you again on February 19th and March 12th!


1Skylar LagramadaM18Watkins Glen7.70
2Wyatt StoufferMCandor7.90
3Matt FitchMCandor7.92
4Drew BushMGroton Project TC8.01
5Tucker FlaitzM13Unattached8.06
6Ross BushMGroton Project TC8.07
7Matt KarrM14Unattached8.20
8James KaneMCandor8.38
9Bryan HessM15Unattached8.41
10Luca RomansMCandor8.52
11Matthew MarzanM15Unattached8.61
12Ronan WilliamsM13Unattached8.91
13Roger MoseleyM48Unattached8.92
14Jess WellsWCandor9.01
15Asher MoseleyM11Unattached9.20
15Milo MoseleyM11Unattached9.20
17Logan RussoM12Southern Tier SOAR9.28
18Gavin WhiteMIthaca Youth Bureau9.45
19Arya BasuMIthaca Youth Bureau9.48
20Angelina PorrasWCandor9.62
21Gerrit Van LoonMUnattached9.71
22Asa AwaM9GIAC Navigators9.72
23Lauren YounkinW12Southern Tier SOAR9.78
24Verity PlattW45Unattached9.86
25Jerod BaptistM10GIAC Navigators10.04
26Jerome BaptistM10GIAC Navigators10.13
27Conor DeSantisM12Unattached10.35
28Ava SierraW9GIAC Navigators10.43
29Keene StricklandMIthaca Youth Bureau10.60
30Karina SwarthoutW12Southern Tier SOAR10.67
31Raheem SpearsM10GIAC Navigators10.84
32Nattalie LombardiWGroton Project TC10.98
33Anthony JusticeMGroton Project TC11.06
34Janaiyah LucenaW9GIAC Navigators11.10
35Gary StumpM11Southern Tier SOAR11.16
36Joharra LucenaW9GIAC Navigators11.22
37Amari MorroneW7GIAC Navigators11.31
38Joaquin BaptistM7GIAC Navigators11.42
39Carter LeShoreM10GIAC Navigators11.48
39Reis SmithW9Southern Tier SOAR11.48
41Alexander MaynardMIthaca Youth Bureau11.51
42Johnny LucenaM8GIAC Navigators11.55
42Hazel StricklandWIthaca Youth Bureau11.55
44Ysenia AshtonW8GIAC Navigators11.70
45Elliana RussoW7Southern Tier SOAR11.75
46Rowan DeSantisW9Unattached11.86
47Steven ClarkM68Unattached12.42
48Taytum RoseW8Southern Tier SOAR12.55
49Leo MaynardMIthaca Youth Bureau12.58
50Jocelyn BaptistW7GIAC Navigators12.60
51Somaya HaynesW10GIAC Navigators12.75
52Nicholas JusticeMGroton Project TC12.79
53Xavier CampbellM9GIAC Navigators12.83
54Ryan PlumeauMGroton Project TC13.50
55Archibald CampbellM6GIAC Navigators13.61
56Jayvyn MahoneyM7Southern Tier SOAR14.04
57Jasper ChilsonMUnattached15.52
58Zamara ButlerW7GIAC Navigators16.45
59Journie BaptistM4GIAC Navigators16.66
60Joel KresockM2Unattached41.69


1Matt FitchMCandor25.65
2Skylar LagramadaM18Watkins Glen25.68
3Ross BushMGroton Project TC26.37
4Wyatt StoufferMCandor26.86
5Drew BushMGroton Project TC27.11
6James KaneMCandor27.47
7Bryan HessM15Unattached27.69
8Luca RomansMCandor28.08
9Matt KarrM14Unattached28.45
10Mattison LuceyWGroton Project TC28.51
11Tucker FlaitzM13Unattached28.96
12Patrick MilanoM33Unattached29.23
13Matthew MarzanM15Unattached29.44
14Roger MoseleyM48Unattached30.24
15Damian ClemonsM48Unattached31.63
16Jacob JandrokovicMGroton Project TC32.01
17Gerrit Van LoonMUnattached32.07
18Milo MoseleyM11Unattached32.27
19Jess WellsWCandor32.45
20Elliot RuddMIthaca Youth Bureau32.60
21Casey CarlstromMUnattached32.63
22Angelina PorrasWCandor32.99
23Connor HarringtonM11Southern Tier SOAR34.02
24Arya BasuMIthaca Youth Bureau34.23
25Asher MoseleyM11Unattached34.49
26Asa AwaM9GIAC Navigators34.80
27Lauren YounkinW12Southern Tier SOAR35.12
28Ayasha SchweigerW16Candor35.55
29Verity PlattW45Unattached35.95
30Joharra LucenaW9GIAC Navigators35.97
31Gary MasonM61Unattached36.07
32Jerod BaptistM10GIAC Navigators36.73
33Gavin WhiteMIthaca Youth Bureau36.95
34Jennifer TotiW45Unattached37.23
35Jerome BaptistM10GIAC Navigators37.85
36Karina SwarthoutW12Southern Tier SOAR38.40
37Ava SierraW9GIAC Navigators38.63
38Gary StumpM11Southern Tier SOAR38.77
39Keene StricklandMIthaca Youth Bureau39.02
40Janaiyah LucenaW9GIAC Navigators39.97
41Rowan DeSantisW9Unattached40.60
42Nattalie LombardiWGroton Project TC41.03
43Conor DeSantisM12Unattached41.07
44Jen LombardiWGroton Project TC41.22
45Hazel StricklandWIthaca Youth Bureau41.43
46Carter LeShoreM10GIAC Navigators41.99
47Amari MorroneW7GIAC Navigators42.07
48Alexander MaynardMIthaca Youth Bureau42.17
49Anthony JusticeMGroton Project TC43.09
50Taytum RoseW8Southern Tier SOAR43.20
51Donette BaptistW52GIAC Navigators43.35
52Steven ClarkM68Unattached43.89
53Elliana RussoW7Southern Tier SOAR44.14
54Jace HoveyMGroton Project TC45.14
55Johnny LucenaM8GIAC Navigators46.16
56Leo MaynardMIthaca Youth Bureau46.22
57Joaquin BaptistM7GIAC Navigators47.14
58Reis SmithW9Southern Tier SOAR47.33
59Nicholas JusticeMGroton Project TC49.18
60Jayvyn MahoneyM7Southern Tier SOAR50.78
61Jocelyn BaptistW7GIAC Navigators51.75
62Archibald CampbellM6GIAC Navigators52.07
63Ysenia AshtonW8GIAC Navigators52.32
64Xavier CampbellM9GIAC Navigators56.04
65Zamara ButlerW7GIAC Navigators1:03.46
66Somaya HaynesW10GIAC Navigators1:04.58


1Henry WilliamsMUnattached4:30
2Lucas BakerMUnattached4:34
3Eric ReppMUnattached4:49
4Charles McCurdyM18Unattached4:50
5Riley HubiszM15Unattached4:50
6Zayne HowleyMUnattached4:53
7Dan TimmermanMUnattached4:54
8Nick RyanM27Unattached4:55
9Carter StevensM16Unattached5:04
10Joseph MoraM61Unattached5:11
11Bella BurdaW25Unattached5:13
12Tristan LambertM46Unattached5:19
13Roger MoseleyM48Unattached5:22
14Reid BushMGroton Project TC5:24
15Joseph PrattMUnattached5:24
16William BosciaM14Unattached5:31
17Peter FrazierM44Unattached5:32
18Bryan HessM15Unattached5:43
19Donna LangerfeldW36Unattached5:46
20Xander VakkasMUnattached5:49
21John FeenanMUnattached5:52
22Keith EgglestonMGroton Project TC5:52
23James KaneMCandor5:53
24Liz HartmanW40Unattached5:53
25Damian ClemonsM48Unattached5:53
26Casey CarlstromMUnattached5:55
27Rob WhiteM53Unattached5:56
28Jeremy WheelerMUnattached5:58
29Steven VanekMUnattached5:58
30Gary WilliamsM58Unattached6:00
31Ronan WilliamsM13Unattached6:00
32Tucker FlaitzM13Unattached6:04
33Alistair HaydenMUnattached6:07
34Abigail WagnerW12Southern Tier SOAR6:23
35Luca RomansMCandor6:23
36Benjamin LambertM16Unattached6:25
37Bella BeresW12Southern Tier SOAR6:35
38Charlie WukovitzM11Southern Tier SOAR6:35
39Scott UlrichM49Unattached6:39
40Gerrit Van LoonMUnattached6:40
41Gary MasonM61Unattached6:41
42Ayasha SchweigerW16Candor6:47
43Elliot RuddMIthaca Youth Bureau6:47
44Lexi StrobelW12Southern Tier SOAR6:50
45Connor HarringtonM11Southern Tier SOAR6:50
46Alison BelcherWGroton Project TC6:50
47Molly DoranW10Southern Tier SOAR6:53
48Verity PlattW45Unattached6:57
49Jennifer TotiW45Unattached7:06
50Levi HoveyMGroton Project TC7:20
51Kate HoveyWGroton Project TC7:20
52Violet MillerW10Southern Tier SOAR7:21
53Chad HoveyMGroton Project TC7:21
54Lauren BelcherWGroton Project TC7:41
55Colleen NewmanWUnattached7:44
56Laurel GilmerWUnattached7:50
57Tonya EngstWUnattached7:52
58Keene StricklandMIthaca Youth Bureau8:11
59Laura HelmerickW63Unattached8:14
60Maple HubiszW11Unattached8:42
61Steven ClarkM68Unattached8:46
62Joseph SullivanM65Unattached8:59
63Deborah BlissW75Unattached9:20
64James MinerMUnattached9:34
65Madison TuttleW14Watkins Glen9:38
66Johnny VanScoykM16Watkins Glen10:59


1Henry WilliamsMUnattached8:59
2Nick RyanM27Unattached9:40
3Carter StevensM16Unattached10:03
4Stephanie BitconWUnattached10:12
5Mike NierM58Unattached10:17
6Eric GaoM29Unattached10:58
7Jay HubiszMUnattached11:08
8Chris MasonM34Unattached11:16
9William BosciaM14Unattached11:19
10Donna LangerfeldW36Unattached11:21
11Josh PlumeauMGroton Project TC11:28
12Wyatt StoufferMCandor11:37
13Ronan WilliamsM13Unattached11:56
14Alistair HaydenMUnattached11:57
15Jeremy WheelerMUnattached12:11
16William ShawMUnattached12:27
17Gerrit Van LoonMUnattached12:46
18Jennifer TotiW45Unattached13:50
19Alexander MaynardMIthaca Youth Bureau14:33
20Ken HodgesM69Unattached14:40
21Colleen NewmanWUnattached14:50
22Jen LombardiWGroton Project TC15:17
23James MinerMUnattached18:23
24Deborah BlissW75Unattached18:36


1Team SheehanIthaca1:42
2Team RomansCandor1:52
3Team LagramadaUnattached1:55
4Team KarrUnattached1:59
5Team BosciaUnattached2:00
5Team MilanoHigh Noon2:00
7Team ZogariaCandor2:17
8Team MoseleyUnattached2:19
9Team YounkinSouthern Tier SOAR2:20
10Team HarringtonSouthern Tier SOAR2:25
11Team BasuIthaca Youth Bureau2:37
12Team HoveyGroton Project TC2:39
13Team BaptistGIAC Navigators2:45
14Team BelcherGroton Project TC2:49
15Team RoseSouthern Tier SOAR2:57
16Team AshtonGIAC Navigators3:53


1Ayasha SchweigerW16Candor4-08
2Angelina PorrasWCandor4-06
3Milo MoseleyM11Unattached3-09
3Bella BeresW12Southern Tier SOAR3-09
3Gerrit Van LoonMUnattached3-09

For full results beyond the top five, see the scanned results sheets.


1Ross BushMGroton Project TC16-09.75
2Patrick MilanoM33Unattached12-09.00
3Lauren YounkinW12Southern Tier SOAR11-08.00
4Milo MoseleyM11Unattached11-02.50
5Logan RussoM12Southern Tier SOAR10-06.75

For full results beyond the top five, see the scanned results sheets.

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