February 2023 Indoor Track Meet Results
Don't stress about the mid-winter jicker when you're racing on the indoor track!
9:00am Sunday February 19
Barton Hall, Cornell University | FLRC

We’re getting back into the swing of indoor track meets again with our second meet of the year. Attendance was up, with 145 runners, including 7 teams, who completed a total of 338 efforts. Although we didn’t have a professional photographer at this meet, several people have uploaded their photos already, and if you took some, we’d love to see them too. It’s really easy to upload to the public album—give it a try! Scroll down below the write-up for full results.

Although the 5000m race, our first event, didn’t compare in size to our February 2020 meet, when we had 86 registrants and 71 finishers across 3 heats, we still ended up with 24 runners, enough for a box start to separate the crowd. Lucas Baker took the lead in the 25-lap race early and kept it all the way to the finish in a solid 16:39, holding off Jordan Varano in 17:04. Liz Hartman won for the women in a personal best of 20:16, ahead of Olivia Zeigler of Northwestern Elementary School in 21:32.

Moving from longest to shortest, we switched gears for the 60m sprints, where we had 10 heats. In the final heat, Braddock Salisbury ran 7.28 seconds for the win, edging out Noah Bosket in 7.53 and Karim Nimaga of Morrisville State College in 7.58. Matti Johnston of Corning was the fastest woman in 8.39 seconds, followed by Madelyn Weeks of the Groton Project Track Club in 9.60 seconds.

The mile was our most popular race of the day, with 62 finishers across 5 heats. After top seed Lucas Baker scratched, the race became incredibly tight, with a five-man pack running close together the entire race. Charles McCurdy stayed at the head of the pack for the win in 4:49, holding off the hard-charging Dan Timmerman in 4:50 and Scott Weeks of the Groton Project in 4:51. Our first woman was Heather Webster of GVH, who ran a strong 5:49, and Olivia Zeigler of Northwestern Elementary claimed her second silver of the day in 6:07, just ahead of Abigail Wagner of the SOAR Running Club in 6:13.

Our final individual event was the 200m, where Zuri Ruffin took the win in a blistering 23.85, outpacing Corning’s Brady Hughes in 24.57. Mattison Lucey of the Groton Project repeated her January win, breaking the tape in 27.91, which was 0.6 seconds faster than last month. This time, however, she had close competition with Matti Johnston of Corning just a half-second behind in 28.43.

Throughout the meet, Brett Shelton and Steve Wagner of the SOAR Running Club managed the high jump and long jump. Those events proved popular again, particularly with the GIAC Navigators and SOAR Running Club kids—33 competed in the high jump and 43 in the long jump. In the high jump, Noah Ruffer cleared 6 feet for the win, with Connor Trimber, Brady Hughes, and Matthew Gonzalez tying for second with jumps of 5 feet, 6 inches. Matti Johnston of Corning was the top woman with a jump of 4 feet, 10 inches, and Molly Doran of SOAR was second with 3 feet, 6 inches. In the long jump, Noah Ruffer took home another win by leaping 19 feet, 2.75 inches, ahead of Connor Trimber’s second-place jump of 17 feet, 8.75 inches. Tess Eisner won for the women with a jump of 17 feet 3.75 inches, with Samantha Oakes second thanks to a 14-foot, 4-inch leap.

The final event of the day was the 4x200m relay, where 15 teams ran across three heats. Only three teams broke 2:00 this month—some of the Ithaca High sprinters from last month were volunteering at this meet—with the win going to Morrisville State College in 1:45, just ahead of an unattached team in 1:47 and a High Noon & Friends team in 1:59.

As always, the meet was made possible by the highly amiable and capable efforts of 28 members of our track volunteer team. Ronke Ilegbusi and Crosby Woods showed up early to help us set up. Carl Franck once again served as head timer and master of the PA system, Tom Rishel helped train David Rossiter as starter, and Patrick Boyle and Heather Cobb kept everyone lining up on schedule. Jesse Koenecke managed Meet Manager with help from Ronke Ilegbusi and Moss Dengler. Tonya Engst and Rebecca Lambert held down the bib pickup table, recruited for the relays, and answered runner questions. Molly Doruska recorded bibs for the longer races with help from Kaleb Smith, Katie Gannon handled backup timing, and Izzy Silbert counted laps, and they teamed with Amalia Skilton, Sandy Gregorich, Anne Shakespeare, Ayoub Oulida, Diana Hackett, Max Sheehan, and Clara Bennett to time the sprints. Bethany Schiller and Aya Oulida assisted Brett Shelton with the long jump, and Elodie Fey helped Steve Wagner with the high jump. Special thanks to Brett and Steve of the SOAR Running Club for making the jumps possible!

See you again on March 12!


1Bradock SalisburyMUnattached7.28
2Noah BosketMUnattached7.53
3Karim NimagaMMorrisville State College7.58
4Alex TchiproutM19Ithaca College Running Club7.87
5Noah RufferMUnattached7.91
6Xzavier LewisMUnattached7.99
7Matti JohnstonWCorning8.39
8James EastmanMUnattached8.56
9Matthew MarzanMUnattached8.57
10Patrick MilanoM33Unattached8.59
11John McEachenMUnattached8.70
11Mike SalisburyMUnattached8.70
13Gavin WhiteMIthaca Youth Bureau8.88
14Logan RussoM12Southern Tier SOAR8.89
15Ben HazlettM12Southern Tier SOAR9.25
16Jacob SmithMUnattached9.47
17Madelyn WeeksWGroton Project TC9.60
18Connor HarringtonM11Southern Tier SOAR9.86
19Sylas RuzaM11Southern Tier SOAR9.89
20Theodore WeeksMGroton Project TC10.11
21Jerod BaptistM10GIAC Navigators10.12
22Hayden StewartW11GIAC Navigators10.18
23Emily PolanishW20Ithaca College Running Club10.31
24Conor DeSantisM13Unattached10.32
24Ursula SilbertWUnattached10.32
26Carter LeShoreM10GIAC Navigators10.51
27Joaquin BaptistM7GIAC Navigators10.59
28Nattalie LombardiWGroton Project TC10.64
29Ava SierraW9GIAC Navigators10.72
30Cameron LeshoreM11Unattached10.79
31Johnny LucenaM8GIAC Navigators10.81
31Amari MorroneW7GIAC Navigators10.81
33Joharra LucenaW9GIAC Navigators10.88
34Aiden SalisburyMUnattached10.90
35Henry MosherM9Southern Tier SOAR10.98
36Jerome BaptistM10GIAC Navigators10.99
37Gary StumpM12Southern Tier SOAR11.01
38Elias NicholsM8Southern Tier SOAR11.09
39Colton WorleyM10Southern Tier SOAR11.11
40Reis SmithW9Southern Tier SOAR11.20
41Janaiyah LucenaW9GIAC Navigators11.22
42Rowan DeSantisW9Unattached11.50
43Elliana RussoW7Southern Tier SOAR11.57
44Elijah ClevelandM10GIAC Navigators11.88
45Yekaterina Mugamb-LoanideW7GIAC Navigators12.06
46Taytum RoseW8Southern Tier SOAR12.12
47Xavier CampbellM9GIAC Navigators12.31
48Jocelyn BaptistW7GIAC Navigators12.35
49Ysenia AshtonW8GIAC Navigators12.63
50Somaya HaynesW10GIAC Navigators12.73
51Oliver MollMGroton Project TC13.06
52Nicholas JusticeMGroton Project TC13.37
53Journey BaptistW4GIAC Navigators14.00
54Zamara ButlerW7GIAC Navigators16.47
55Jayvyn MahoneyM7Southern Tier SOAR18.10
56Simon WoodsM7Unattached19.54
57Camryn GoldenWUnattached20.86


1Zuri RuffinMUnattached23.85
2Brady HughesMUnattached24.57
3Noah RufferMUnattached25.25
4Karim NimagaMMorrisville State College25.36
5Noah BosketMUnattached26.15
6Nasir KingMMorrisville State College26.21
7Alex TchiproutM19Ithaca College Running Club26.98
8Xzavier LewisMUnattached27.44
9Mattison LuceyWGroton Project TC27.91
10Matti JohnstonWCorning28.43
11Matthew MarzanMUnattached29.41
12Patrick MilanoM33Unattached29.49
13John McEachenMUnattached29.57
14Logan RussoM12Southern Tier SOAR30.26
15Max SgrecciMOdessa-Montour30.95
16Jacob SmithMUnattached31.33
17Jacob JandrokovicMGroton Project TC31.95
18Steph BaileyWUnattached32.03
19Maren GoldenWUnattached32.12
20Connor HarringtonM11Southern Tier SOAR32.92
21Gavin WhiteMIthaca Youth Bureau32.94
22Abigail WagnerW12Southern Tier SOAR33.71
23Ben HazlettM12Southern Tier SOAR34.52
24Molly DoranW11Southern Tier SOAR34.73
25Sylas RuzaM11Southern Tier SOAR35.79
26Ursula SilbertWUnattached35.80
27Ava SierraW9GIAC Navigators36.96
28Gary StumpM12Southern Tier SOAR37.39
29Janaiyah LucenaW9GIAC Navigators38.06
30Theodore WeeksMGroton Project TC38.41
31Conor DeSantisM13Unattached38.98
32Amari MorroneW7GIAC Navigators39.01
33Carter LeShoreM10GIAC Navigators39.49
34Colton WorleyM10Southern Tier SOAR39.54
35Anthony JusticeMGroton Project TC39.94
36Rowan DeSantisW9Unattached40.08
37Johnny LucenaM8GIAC Navigators41.03
38Tesla WhiteWNorthwestern Elementary School41.32
39Joharra LucenaW9GIAC Navigators41.35
40Nattalie LombardiWGroton Project TC41.50
41Cameron LeshoreM11Unattached42.20
42Joaquin BaptistM7GIAC Navigators42.46
43Taytum RoseW8Southern Tier SOAR42.57
44Reis SmithW9Southern Tier SOAR42.59
45Elias NicholsM8Southern Tier SOAR42.65
46Elliana RussoW7Southern Tier SOAR42.79
47Yekaterina Mugamb-LoanideW7GIAC Navigators44.49
48Xavier CampbellM9GIAC Navigators45.77
49Elijah ClevelandM10GIAC Navigators46.42
50Jayvyn MahoneyM7Southern Tier SOAR47.01
51Hayden StewartW11GIAC Navigators47.70
52Ryan PlumeauMGroton Project TC48.57
53Zamara ButlerW7GIAC Navigators49.54
54Jocelyn BaptistW7GIAC Navigators51.14
55Ysenia AshtonW8GIAC Navigators51.74
56Nicholas JusticeMGroton Project TC52.63
57Somaya HaynesW10GIAC Navigators1:02.50
58Journey BaptistW4GIAC Navigators1:03.06
59Camryn GoldenWUnattached1:14.90


1Charles McCurdyMUnattached4:49
2Dan TimmermanMUnattached4:50
3Scott WeeksMGroton Project TC4:51
4Nasir KingMMorrisville State College4:54
5Patrick MilanoM33Unattached4:55
6Zayne HowleyMUnattached4:56
7Matthew GonzalezMUnattached4:56
8Aaron PlantyMUnattached4:57
9Samir GulatiMUnattached4:58
10Mike NierM58Unattached5:02
11Jiaji MaMUnattached5:04
12Jacob ReveloMUnattached5:05
13Joseph MoraM61Unattached5:08
14Calvin HowardMUnattached5:16
15Nate DziedzicMMorrisville State College5:17
16Benjamin CampbellMOdessa-Montour5:17
17William BosciaM14Unattached5:30
18Walter SilbertMUnattached5:34
19Sean HollandMUnattached5:43
20Derek PowersMMorrisville State College5:43
21Zach WyreMOdessa-Montour5:48
22Alistair HaydenMUnattached5:49
23Heather WebsterWUnattached5:49
24Keith EgglestonMGroton Project TC5:50
25Steven VanekMUnattached5:52
26Dylan DineenMUnattached5:52
27Kurt BrosnanMUnattached5:54
28Gary WilliamsM58Unattached6:00
29Zoltan LampmanM18GIAC Navigators6:01
30Xander VakkasMUnattached6:01
31Olivia ZeiglerWNorthwestern Elementary School6:07
32Robert MozoMUnattached6:08
33Abigail WagnerW12Southern Tier SOAR6:13
34Charlie WukovitzM11Southern Tier SOAR6:13
35Benjamin LambertM16Unattached6:17
36Ayla KerwanWUnattached6:20
37Mark RybinskiMUnattached6:27
38Sherry GoldenWUnattached6:32
39Liz HartmanW40Unattached6:35
40Kim JacksonW54Unattached6:37
41Maren GoldenWUnattached6:37
42Jeffrey WoodMUnattached6:39
43Samantha OakesWUnattached6:40
44Michelle WoodsW47Unattached6:41
45Ken HodgesMUnattached6:44
46Matthew MahmetM21Ithaca College Running Club6:45
47Molly DoranW11Southern Tier SOAR6:47
48Alison BelcherWGroton Project TC6:48
49Everly ZingerWOdessa-Montour6:48
50Renee MadcharoW21Ithaca College Running Club6:49
51Amalia SkiltonWUnattached6:59
52Tabitha OakesWUnattached7:05
53Lexi StrobelW12Southern Tier SOAR7:08
54Nora GoldenWUnattached7:09
55Jacob SmithMUnattached7:12
56Tesla WhiteWNorthwestern Elementary School7:14
57John ClarkMUnattached7:15
58Monica MollWGroton Project TC7:48
59Lauren BelcherWGroton Project TC7:57
60Tracey MoreMUnattached8:24
61Kim LoganWUnattached8:28
62Joseph SullivanM65Unattached8:32


1Lucas BakerMUnattached16:39
2Jordan VaranoMUnattached17:04
3Ryan LohrMUnattached17:20
4Ian GoldenMUnattached17:44
5Andrew WoodruffM19Ithaca College Running Club17:48
6Peter FrazierM44Unattached18:47
7Jake RomanMMorrisville State College19:07
8Tristan LambertM46Unattached19:30
9Zack DespreauxM29Unattached19:56
10Toby SalisburyM21Unattached19:57
11Liz HartmanW40Unattached20:16
12Dylan ReischM21Ithaca College Running Club20:37
13Kurt BrosnanMUnattached20:40
14Olivia ZeiglerWNorthwestern Elementary School21:32
15John ClarkMUnattached22:03
16Caleb TurnerMMorrisville State College23:05
17Christopher CollierMUnattached23:22
18Aria LoganWNorthwestern Elementary School24:25
19Tracey MoreMUnattached25:56
20Jen LombardiWGroton Project TC25:58
21Charles W Strobel IIIMUnattached26:09
22Jacob SmithMUnattached26:53
23Matthew MahmetM21Ithaca College Running Club27:23
24Nicole BelcherWGroton Project TC31:09


1Anchor NamigaMorrisville State College1:45
2Anchor BroducuUnattached1:47
3Anchor HaydenHigh Noon & Friends1:59
4Anchor ZingerOdessa-Montour2:02
5Anchor GulatiReal2:04
6Anchor WhiteAwesome2:10
7Anchor GoldenGolden Family2:19
8Anchor HazlettSouthern Tier SOAR2:21
8Anchor WeeksGroton Project TC2:21
10Anchor WagnerSouthern Tier SOAR2:23
11Anchor HowardTeam May/Howard2:34
12Anchor LuceyGroton Project TC2:45
13Anchor BelcherBelcher Family2:46
14Anchor RuzaSouthern Tier SOAR2:55
15Anchor NicholsSouthern Tier SOAR3:03


1Noah RufferMUnattached6-00.00
2Connor TrimberMUnattached5-06.00
2Brady HughesMCorning5-06.00
2Matthew GonzalezMUnattached5-06.00
5Max SgrecciMOdessa-Montour4-10.00
Matti JohnstonWCorning4-06.00
Jacob SmithMUnattached4-06.00
Cameron LeshoreM11Unattached3-06.00
Molly DoranW11Southern Tier SOAR3-06.00
10Ysenia AshtonW8GIAC Navigators3-03.00
10Charlie WukovitzM11Southern Tier SOAR3-03.00
10Rowan DeSantisW9Unattached3-03.00
10Conor DeSantisM13Unattached3-03.00
14Ava SierraW9GIAC Navigators3-00.00
14Janaiyah LucenaW9GIAC Navigators3-00.00
14Jocelyn BaptistW7GIAC Navigators3-00.00
14Violet MillerW10Southern Tier SOAR3-00.00
14Amari MorroneW7GIAC Navigators3-00.00


1Noah RufferMUnattached19-02.75
2Connor TrimberMUnattached17-08.75
3Samir GulatiMUnattached17-05.25
4Tess EisnerWUnattached17-03.75
5Samantha OakesWUnattached14-04.00
6Jacob JandrokovicMGroton Project TC12-09.50
7Jacob SmithMUnattached12-07.75
8Connor HarringtonM11Southern Tier SOAR11-08.25
9Logan RussoM12Southern Tier SOAR10-10.50
10Patrick MilanoM33Unattached10-09.50
11Sylas RuzaM11Southern Tier SOAR10-09.00
12Jerod BaptistM10GIAC Navigators10-02.00
13Theodore WeeksMGroton Project TC10-00.00
14Madelyn WeeksWGroton Project TC9-10.00
15Ben HazlettM12Southern Tier SOAR9-07.75
16Abigail WagnerW12Southern Tier SOAR9-05.50
17Henry MosherM9Southern Tier SOAR9-04.00
18Joaquin BaptistM7GIAC Navigators8-09.00
18Janaiyah LucenaW9GIAC Navigators8-09.00
20Anthony JusticeMGroton Project TC8-06.75
21Jerome BaptistM10GIAC Navigators8-04.25
22Joharra LucenaW9GIAC Navigators8-03.75
23Gavin WhiteMIthaca Youth Bureau8-03.00
23Colton WorleyM10Southern Tier SOAR8-03.00
23Carter LeShoreM10GIAC Navigators8-03.00
26Gary StumpM12Southern Tier SOAR8-02.00
27Reis SmithW9Southern Tier SOAR7-09.00
28Yekaterina Mugamb-LoanideW7GIAC Navigators7-08.00
29Nattalie LombardiWGroton Project TC7-07.25
30Cameron LeshoreM11Unattached7-06.00
31Johnny LucenaM8GIAC Navigators7-05.25
32Amari MorroneW7GIAC Navigators7-00.75
33Hayden StewartW11GIAC Navigators6-11.50
34Ava SierraW9GIAC Navigators6-07.50
35Ysenia AshtonW8GIAC Navigators6-06.75
36Elias NicholsM8Southern Tier SOAR6-05.00
36Somaya HaynesW10GIAC Navigators6-05.00
38Zamara ButlerW7GIAC Navigators6-04.00
39Ryan PlumeauMGroton Project TC6-00.00
40Jocelyn BaptistW7GIAC Navigators5-02.25
41Xavier CampbellM9GIAC Navigators4-09.25
42Journey BaptistW4GIAC Navigators4-06.00
43Jayvyn MahoneyM7Southern Tier SOAR3-11.00
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