Danby Down and Dirty Results 2019
Hilly, muddy, and so much more!
9:00am Saturday October 05
Danby State Forest | FLRC | 10K and 20K

The course was drier than usual this year, while a frigid, low-30-degree start gave way to a sunny and warmer finish line. Word from the Thatcher Pinnacles is that the fog dissipated enough for a clear view of the western valley as runners crested the course’s high point at mile 4.

We’ve got some finish line photos. Although there was no professional photographer onsite, check out the photos Adam Engst captured while trying out the camera on his brand new iPhone 11X.

This year’s 10K race saw the top three men only 25 seconds apart, as Charles Hollister edged out Bill Watson by four seconds for the win. Lauren Brzozowski was our women’s 10K winner, followed by Catriona Breen and Emma Harte less than a minute later. Only two seconds separated Breen and Harte for the second and third places. After her age-group win at the Forest Frolic earlier this year, seven-year-old Mckenzie Leonard couldn’t get enough trail action and again became our youngest finisher.

Yvette de Boer, fresh off her course record win at the Monster Marathon, snuck in just under two hours for the women’s 20K win. Eric Sambolec led all runners through the 10K checkpoint before wining the 20K handily in 1:36:42. Both Yvette and Eric have a long history of top finishes at the Down & Dirty, and each remains the 20K course record holder (from 2009 and 2008, respectively.) More stats are available here on Webscorer.

I couldn’t have pulled this race off without help from a number of FLRC volunteers and Ithaca’s wonderful running community. Adam Engst, Dave Kania, Megan Powers, and Erika Powers comprised the timing crew and tapped in times while battling frozen fingers. Michael Salter and his Wilderness Search and Rescue team recorded bib numbers and kept track of runners in the forest’s most remote areas. Mike Surrena came down early to help set things up, before heading out to single-handedly man the mid-loop aid station until the last runner came through. Mickie Sanders-Jauquet assisted with finish line set up and apparel sales. Gerrit Van Loon, after winning his age-group in the 10K, set back out and swept the whole course, then helped pack up the van. Kerra Quinn, master composter, handled all the food scraps and helped us clean up the finish area. John Donaldson, Emily Funk, and Brend Michaud all showed up an hour early to work the registration table before running the race. Nancy Kleinrock helped me mark the course on Friday before running the 20K on Saturday. Amelia Kaufman helped with course setup and marshaling at the first turn onto the trail, ensuring that runners didn’t blow past the turn and continue all the way down to Tioga County. Gretchen Gilbert headed up the 10K aid station, with course marshal help from Sedona, Aidan, and Coral, as the later three kept busy while their parents ran the race. Mikhail Kern pitched in around the start/finish area for the entire duration, helping out with a variety of things. FLRC’s equipment manager, Gary McCheyne, got me set up with all the necessary event gear. My wife Hayley Kresock was a big help all weekend long, assiting with some of the most mundane tasks like stickering bibs and slicing bagels, and most importantly, helping me stay focused during the final stages of race preparation.

The Down & Dirty brings FLRC’s trail season to a close. Check back for our Stonehead, Pebblehead, and Boulderhead rankings, coming as soon as the statistics are compiled. Our last race of the year is the Thanksgiving Day Turkey Trot Prediction Run, which serves as a fundraiser for a local charity. Our next trail race will be the Super Frosty Loomis Snowshoe Race in February 2020.

I hope to see you again on the trails!

Pete Kresock,

Danby Down & Dirty Race Director

20K Results

1163Eric Sambolec1:36:42.941MIthaca, NY
2159Kris Norberg1:40:48.031MLansing, NY
3175Lars Van Galen1:47:38.524MIthaca, NY
4136Kaya Donaj-Keys1:48:08.939MBrooktondale, NY
5144Jeffrey Funk1:48:36.724MBrighton, MA
6164Michael Schlimmer1:50:06.033MCortland, NY
7156Timothy Maxson1:50:49.143MIthaca, NY
8138Boris Dzikovski1:51:27.555MIthaca, NY
9142Peter Frazier1:51:34.140MIthaca, NY
10182Joseph Welklin1:52:27.329MIthaca, NY
11146Andrew Horning1:54:54.727MIthaca, NY
12150Bill King1:58:59.059MIthaca, NY
13184Yvette de Boer1:59:56.356F-
14132Tyler Coverdale2:01:21.831MIthaca, NY
15152Heather Leiggi2:01:54.443FPhiladelphia, PA
16121Marty Alani2:03:53.119MIthaca, NY
17157Mike Micklow2:06:50.338MFairport, NY
18151Nancy Kleinrock2:07:10.159FIthaca, NY
19143Emily Funk2:08:34.228FIthaca, NY
20171Josh Teeter2:10:34.543MIthaca, NY
21158Mark Morrison2:10:42.343MNorth Syracuse, NY
22153Timothy Lott2:11:17.723MPearl City, IL
23148Nate Jenny2:12:24.443MWalworth
24177Juan Velasco2:12:25.333MIthaca, NY
25585Timothy Lambert2:12:45.332M-
26134Jon Cummings2:16:06.641MWalworth
27133Jeffrey Cronk2:16:45.751MIthaca, NY
28161Vanessa Rappold2:19:16.525FAllentown, PA
29126Cody Brenneman2:19:16.726MAllentown, PA
30155Catarina Massa2:19:57.026FIthaca, NY
31167Robert Seltzer2:20:12.353MFreeville, NY
32180Anna Wallis2:24:31.331FGeneva, NY
33176Brittany Vanbuskirk2:26:16.930FSomerville, NJ
34124Daniel Bowers2:27:11.734MIthaca, NY
35130Jim Chely2:28:37.263MElmira, NY
36172Connor Thompson2:28:51.531MSomerville, NJ
37141Kyle Erickson2:32:09.234FBrooktondale, NY
38160Christy Post2:32:13.745FRochester, NY
39149David Jones2:33:03.161MIthaca, NY
40162Sarah Ridenour2:35:48.434FDanby, NY
41122Suzanne Barron2:35:52.359FThe Villages, FL
42128Dan Cerretani2:37:12.162MCortland, NY
43179Carlos Wallace2:39:09.943MGrand Island, NY
44515Jared Gallina2:39:42.321MValparaiso, IN
44566Nicole Tseng2:39:42.321FMoraga, CA
46181Kate Warren2:40:12.433FBinghamton, NY
47166Elvina Scott2:42:40.050FIthaca, NY
48147Joanne Howard2:49:53.939FFulton, NY
49165Robert Schmidt2:52:16.037MEndicott, NY
50169Dennis Stadelman2:53:57.758MCicero, NY
51154Tony Magnosi2:59:23.854MLansing, NY

10K Results

1581Charles Hollister-31M50:34.4
2574Bill WatsonIthaca, NY31M50:38.3
3588Derek Clement-45M50:59.4
4556Juan SaldivarNewfield, NY34M55:11.0
5568Gerrit Van LoonIthaca, NY58M55:57.1
6562Lucas StoneJohnson City, NY39M56:43.4
7499Sawyer BrownWillseyville, NY32M57:03.2
8127Lauren BrzozowskiIthaca, NY28F57:13.6
9570Hugh WallaceIthaca, NY42M57:21.8
10501Ethan CramtonIthaca, NY32M57:23.5
11125Catriona BreenBrooklyn, NY19F58:01.8
12520Emma HarteWestwood, MA19F58:03.8
13504Jim DevonaBinghamton, NY36M58:07.0
14547Emily PinheiroLagrangeville, NY18F58:25.7
15496Tom BarronNewfield, NY56M59:51.2
16580Gregory WoolIthaca, NY31M1:00:37.3
17557Craig SalinoIthaca, NY28M1:00:48.7
18565Timothy ThomasBaldwinsville, NY37M1:00:56.1
19498Jason BrinerBuffalo, NY45M1:00:57.0
20510Adi FairbankIthaca, NY43M1:01:15.6
21543Merle MulletGoshen, IN25M1:03:02.3
22527Tristan LambertLansing, NY43M1:03:29.3
23131Joel CisneIthaca37M1:03:41.4
24533Daniel LongakerIthaca, NY49M1:03:43.4
25582Anh Tuan Nguyen-36M1:04:56.2
26558Joe SchlimmerIthaca, NY34M1:07:30.6
27500Mike CovertInterlaken, NY55M1:07:45.3
28524Liz KluzIthaca, NY39F1:08:06.5
29579Stacey WilburBrighton, MA29F1:08:16.4
30538Liebe Meier SwainIthaca, NY41F1:08:32.3
31536Rick MazzeoSkaneateles, NY67M1:09:45.8
32517Daniel GrahamIthaca, NY40M1:09:49.0
33583Louise Mahar-55F1:10:01.5
34170Bryan TeeterEndicott, NY46M1:10:36.1
35531Tim LogueIthaca, NY46M1:10:38.1
36513Lia GaleanoSomers, NY19F1:10:41.0
37522Katie KeranenIthaca, NY40F1:11:06.9
38587Ilana Brito-39F1:11:10.4
39577Lauren WetterhahnSyracuse, NY30F1:11:33.6
40534Emily MadanIthaca, NY34F1:11:42.8
41564George ThomasSkaneateles, NY63M1:12:40.4
42512Raymond FrycBinghamton, NY29M1:12:44.4
43508Scott DoyleIthaca, NY43M1:12:48.5
44507Brett DonaldsonRochester, NY29M1:12:54.3
45528Jeffrey LapennasIthaca, NY36M1:13:39.6
46554Nick RuizOwego, NY39M1:13:50.0
47545Caitlin ParrucciIthaca, NY26F1:14:41.8
48578Linnie WieselquistIthaca, NY45F1:14:49.1
49509Hugh EdwardsFreeville, NY60M1:15:09.6
50550Carina RamseyLansing, NY36F1:15:19.1
51541Brenda MichaudTrumansburg, NY57F1:16:18.5
52542Faith MillerMoravia, NY52F1:16:24.3
53553Courtney RoyalIthaca, NY37F1:16:30.5
54530Mckenzie LeonardDryden, NY7F1:16:57.1
55529Benjamin LeonardDryden, NY35M1:16:57.5
56563Tom TeeterEndicott, NY70M1:18:19.2
57584Brian Sexton-47M1:18:19.6
58526Rebecca LambertLansing, NY43F1:18:26.5
59137John DonaldsonInterlaken, NY56M1:18:45.1
60555Steve RyanIthaca, NY68M1:18:50.2
61560Esperanza ShenstoneIthaca, NY26F1:19:02.8
62571Melissa WallaceIthaca, NY46F1:19:07.5
63506Sarah DoblerEndicott, NY41F1:20:16.7
64532Kate LonerganIthaca, NY27F1:21:35.7
65518Elizabeth HainesFreeville, NY27F1:22:05.1
66576Bethany WelgossDryden, NY24F1:22:37.2
67497Bob BeavanJohnson City, NY55M1:22:54.1
68514Melissa GalliherDanby, NY38F1:23:10.3
69569Angela WallaceGrand Island, NY51F1:26:07.3
70586Kim Scholl-43F1:27:48.3
71511Emily FrancoLansing, NY49F1:28:30.7
72494Jase BaeseIthaca, NY47M1:28:31.0
73523Laura KipferEndicott, NY33F1:29:15.6
74503John DannLansing, NY46M1:30:40.0
75140Molly English-BowersLiverpool, NY58F1:34:50.4
76178Robert VidulichCortland, NY70M1:36:55.2
77129Susan CerretaniCortland, NY62F1:37:14.0
78540Jo MicalizziBinghamton, NY47F1:47:58.1
79495Magee BarneyIthaca, NY25F2:13:16.6
80572Kelly WardManlius57F2:13:16.9
81521Patricia KawrygaSyracuse, NY63F2:13:17.3
82535Chari MayerSyracuse38F2:13:17.7
83546Erin PericozziCortland, NY31F2:13:18.1
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