Danby Down and Dirty Results 2018
9:00am Saturday October 06
Danby State Forest | FLRC | 10K and 20K

Thank you everyone who came out to Danby this morning to stomp through the swamp and then crush your quads on some big descents. The forest was the sloppiest it’s been in years come race day. It appears the crummy forecast didn’t scare everyone away. On the contrary, we had way more registrants than I expected and 141 total runners starting — 90 in the 10K and 51 in the 20K. We had a handful of first time trail runners and a bunch more new to the race. To all of you, I can (almost) promise the course will feel so much easier if you come back next year!

20K Webscorer Results

10K Webscorer Results

The FLRC Pebblehead, Stonehead, and Boulderhead winners and ranking will be announced shorty.

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Several speedsters took home potable prizes for overall and age-group wins. Oliver Rapp and Greta Seive won the 10K race in 50:54 and 55:23, respectively. Also impressive was our youngest runner, 10-year-old Jack Barton, finishing in just over an hour.

Fresh off a dominating course record run at The Monster Marathon, Yvette De Boer was our women’s winner in 2:02:15. On the men’s side, Dan Timmerman was victorious in 1:32:36. Only a few minutes later, Xavier Salvador edged out Eric Sambolec in a downhill spring by one second, taking second place.

This was my first go at directing a race, and overall I was pleased with how smoothly things seemed to go. I never could have done this alone, and want to thank the following people for their time and their help: Kathy, Dave, and Andrew Putnam, and  Anne Shakespeare all came out early to help me set up the aid stations, signs, and starting area; Steve Shaum and Nancy Kleinrock took care of bib pickup and race day registration, arriving early to help out before they both ran the race; Mickie Sanders-Jauquet and Allie Jauquet also helped with registration, along with t-shirt sales and timing, and on top of that they stuck around to help clean up; Gary McCheyne helped out with all the equipment and without him I would have been totally lost figuring out all the little needs needed to put on the race. Gary was also a course marshal at the first turn off the road; Aaron Proujansky directed runners at one of the road crossings; Sheena Heise and Ashley Gresock handled the Mile 3 / Mile 10 aid station in the middle of the woods; Amelia Kaufman and Zoe Freer-Hessler directed runners and took care of the Mile 6 aid station near the finish; My wife Hayley Kresock helped out at the finish and with cleanup, helped me keep my sanity throughout, and most importantly, arrived on time with the beer; Gerrit Van Loon swept the whole course after completing the 10K, then stuck around to help clean things up and load the van; Adam Engst led the timing crew and helped with cleanup, and over the past two weeks was able to answer a barrage of question I had about race details; Captain Michael Salter and his Wilderness Search and Rescue crew kept track of runners and made sure everyone stayed safe and accounted for. Lastly, Andy Jordan wasn’t there today, but as the previous Race Director he ensured a smooth transition and made things pretty easy for me.

It was great to see a ton of familiar faces out there and a bunch more new ones. I hope to see all of you on the trails again. Our off-roading resumes at the Thom B Trail Runs in May 2019. Next up is the Turkey Trot Prediction Run on — you guessed it — Thanksgiving morning. Then, stay tuned for the Winter Track Series and Winter Chill 5k series in January.

Happy trails!

Pete Kresock

Race Director, Danby Down & Dirty


20K Results

PlaceNameTeam nameAgeGenderTime
1Dan TimmermanTrumansburg, NY38Male1:32:36.0
2Xavier SalvadorIthaca, NY22Male1:35:58.8
3Eric SambolecIthaca, NY40Male1:35:59.9
4Tim Phelps-27Male1:41:34.9
5James KingIthaca, NY22Male1:46:55.2
6Kyle Fitzgerald-20Male1:49:44.4
7Tristan Baxendale-28Male1:49:58.3
8Aaron IversonIthaca, NY36Male1:52:47.8
9Daniel VandamBrooktondale, NY25Male1:53:08.2
10Timothy MaxsonIthaca, NY42Male1:54:00.1
11Christopher WatsonRedmond, WA19Male1:59:35.9
12Bill KingIthaca, NY58Male2:00:13.9
13Michael Schlimmer-32Male2:00:20.3
14Yvette De BoerIthaca, NY55Female2:02:15.6
15Jeremy Wheeler-44Male2:02:59.5
16Kaya KeysBrooktondale, NY38Male2:05:41.8
17Kenneth MannJamesville, NY58Male2:05:48.9
18Mark MorrisonNorth Syracuse, NY42Male2:07:56.1
19Michael StewartIthaca, NY37Male2:08:53.1
20Emily FunkIthaca, NY27Female2:09:05.0
21Paul JensenIthaca27Male2:09:59.4
22Nancy KleinrockIthaca, NY58Female2:12:25.9
23Jim ChelyElmira62Male2:13:03.2
24Steven GorgosBinghamton, NY31Male2:14:31.5
25Elisabeth FaughnanVestal, NY29Female2:15:37.4
26Bess Englehardt-30Female2:16:31.8
27William CarySyracuse, NY27Male2:19:50.0
28David DankoIthaca, NY25Male2:20:45.6
29Steven ButtonBinghamton, NY30Male2:21:10.8
30David JonesIthaca, NY60Male2:21:20.3
31Kirk SmithFreeville, NY38Male2:22:49.4
32Robert SeltzerFreeville, NY52Male2:25:08.7
33Verity PlattNewfield, NY41Female2:25:27.8
34Kevin ConlonCortland, NY55Male2:31:13.2
35Charles LeonardFreeville, NY63Male2:37:11.5
36Robert TaldaIthaca, NY57Male2:40:39.5
37Matthew ClarkIthaca, NY55Male2:41:00.1
38Catarina MassaIthaca, NY25Female2:41:02.7
39Kyle EricksonBrooktondale, NY33Female2:47:30.6
40Lauren CastellucciApalachin, NY23Female2:47:51.2
40Jeff WallIthaca, NY36Male2:47:51.2
42John ReschFarmington43Male2:48:19.9
43Laura WernerBlandon, PA46Female2:48:57.7
44Robert Stokstad IIEndicott, NY41Male2:52:58.3
44Michele StokstadEndicott, NY40Female2:52:58.3
46Joan BunnFleetwood, PA51Female2:53:56.6
47Jacquelyn Comerford-45Female3:02:58.4
48Leslie Davenport-54Female3:04:16.7
49Victoria CastellucciApalachin, NY59Female3:04:31.3
50Michael KleinRego Park, NY29Male3:07:48.9

10K Results

1Oliver RappRochester, NY19Male50:54.2
2Frederick WatsonIthaca, NY30Male52:27.2
3Derek ClementBinghamton, NY44Male53:06.2
4Nery TriguerosIthaca, NY42Male53:19.4
5Gerhard Stoeckel-41Male54:39.5
6Brian LeeIthaca, NY45Male55:02.9
7Greta Sieve-30Female55:23.0
8Mike Henderson-39Male55:23.3
9Alan LockettLansing, NY61Male56:37.7
10Robert SwizdorIthaca, NY52Male57:14.6
11Gerrit Van LoonIthaca, NY57Male57:17.3
12Guillermo MetzIthaca, NY50Male57:47.6
13Lucas Stone-38Male58:13.4
14Tyler BarkerIthaca, NY27Male59:29.9
15Joel CisneIthaca, NY36Male59:59.3
16Jill MayerIthaca, NY31Female1:01:13.1
17Jason BartonIthaca, NY41Male1:01:14.9
18Jack BartonIthaca, NY10Male1:01:16.7
19Heather FraebelIthaca, NY22Female1:01:22.1
20Emily SitkoIthaca, NY23Female1:01:50.9
21Dean RussoDryden, NY48Male1:03:04.4
22Brandon RosettieHorseheads, NY42Male1:03:07.1
23Joe SchlimmerIthaca, NY33Male1:03:20.3
24Tom Benner-28Male1:03:21.5
25Adam Ruszkowski-34Male1:03:32.3
26Ryan Sinko-37Male1:03:36.2
27Adi FairbankIthaca, NY42Male1:05:00.8
28Ryan GeorgiaIthaca, NY35Male1:05:07.4
29Pat Salerno-48Male1:05:14.9
30Stephen Sauer-49Male1:05:33.2
31Daniel LongakerIthaca, NY48Male1:05:55.4
32Jessica McArtIthaca, NY40Female1:06:13.4
33Eddie LubanSyracuse, NY66Male1:06:56.6
34Steve ShaumIthaca, NY53Male1:07:59.3
35Jenna ParkWallkill, NY23Female1:08:04.1
36John MayerIthaca, NY33Male1:09:08.9
37Kristen Mucitelli-HeathBrewerton, NY42Female1:09:19.7
38Frances KlemmIthaca, NY13Female1:09:46.4
39Tom BarronNewfield, NY55Male1:09:53.6
40Mike CostantinoOwego, NY38Male1:12:01.1
41Jason RiegOwego, NY45Male1:12:39.8
42Sean GallagherEndicott, NY33Male1:13:10.4
43Emily MadanIthaca, NY33Female1:15:20.6
44Caty MenardBig Flats, NY40Female1:16:12.5
45Paul CampbellBig Flats, NY56Male1:16:12.8
46Michelle MarinoIthaca, NY65Female1:16:30.8
47David LoseeDenver, NY47Male1:16:50.6
48Audrey BalanderCortland, NY62Female1:17:02.0
49Kelly SheaClinton, NJ19Female1:17:44.3
50Dan Cerretan-61Male1:17:49.1
51Capri MayOwego, NY32Female1:18:22.4
52Ryley MacKaySouth Burlington, VT21Female1:18:36.8
53Emily CarySyracuse, NY26Female1:19:20.3
54Amy HastingsIthaca, NY36Female1:19:21.2
55Fiona YoungIthaca, NY22Female1:19:44.6
56Rodrigo HorruitinerIthaca, NY24Male1:20:34.4
57Bridget BerkleyIthaca, NY40Female1:20:40.4
58Nick RuizOwego, NY38Male1:21:38.0
59Steve RyanIthaca, NY67Male1:21:48.9
60Mia King-O'BrienIthaca, NY13Female1:21:50.2
61Josephine GoodreauIthaca, NY14Female1:21:51.0
62Trevor JonesIntercourse, PA28Male1:23:26.6
63Sarah DoblerEndwell, KS40Female1:23:44.1
64Joseph NolanIthaca, NY53Male1:23:50.0
65Ashley SearsLisle, NY35Female1:25:21.9
65Mark SearsLisle, NY36Male1:25:21.9
67Brenda MichaudTrumansburg, NY56Female1:26:10.8
68Sonja PeltonSyracuse, NY23Female1:26:32.1
69Bill SquiresSyracuse, NY34Male1:26:33.2
70Toby HeathBrewerton, NY41Male1:27:52.8
71Tania PenafortCandor, NY31Female1:29:55.4
72Reed Steberger-28-1:29:58.6
73Marcie MannJamesville, NY57Female1:30:11.8
74Ed Desantis-54Male1:32:21.4
75James HochCortland, NY68Male1:32:51.8
76Erica MinerBinghamton, NY31Female1:32:54.1
77David KuckukIthaca, NY62Male1:33:12.2
78Jessica ClementBinghamton, NY43Female1:33:59.3
79Melissa AragonRego Park, NY29Female1:34:18.9
80Brendan ObrienIthaca, NY59Male1:36:14.7
81Austin LasseterWoodbridge, VA44Male1:41:28.3
82John LasseterTrumansburg, NY49Male1:42:47.9
83Sara Miller-38Female1:44:23.7
84Francine Arroyo-36Female1:48:27.1
85Eileen RandallNewfield, NY37Female1:48:27.2
86Alexa ReickertSlingerlands, NY19Female1:55:28.7
86Mary CrawfordAlbany, NY19Female1:55:28.7
88Rick MazzeoSkaneateles, NY66Male2:36:30.0
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