August 2018 Outdoor Track Meet Results
6:00pm Tuesday August 21
Lansing High School | FLRC

FLRC’s 2018 track season is in the books! On a dark and windy (and a little rainy) night, 117 runners from 1 to 71 heated up Lansing High School’s track. And no, we’re not making up any of that numerical nicety, although 1-year-old Willow Donovan did get a lift from her father for the middle section of the 100m, and 71-year-old David Keifer is a regular at our meets as both a runner and a volunteer. Full results are now available.

The 5000m proved surprisingly exciting. Not because of the times, with the Groton speedster Scott Weeks winning it in 16:09, but because Dave Cook started well back in fourth and worked his way up until they were neck-in-neck in the final lap. Weeks tapped his vaunted 800m speed in that final lap and managed to pull out the win by 1 second. Mary Bushallow was the only female entrant, taking the win in 23:16.

Weeks and Cook are both frequent entrants in our meets, but the sprints brought a newcomer, Ching Yu Chang, a veterinary student from Taiwan on a 2-month internship in Ithaca. He won the 100m in 11.39, nipping Kobe Oates in 11.50. On the women’s side, Anna Lowe of Team PREFO ran a strong 14.90 for the win, well ahead of Lansing Lightning’s Annoura Stewart in 16.48

Chang then came back in the 400 and won that too, running 54.03 to Devine Fenner’s 55.50. Lowe and Stewart recapped their 100m races too, with Lowe winning the women’s title in 1:15.6 and Stewart close behind in 1:18.5.

The mile was the marquee event of the night, with twice as many entrants as any other race. Unsurprising, perhaps since it was the final chance for runners to get their fourth mile in the MITHACAL MILE SERIES. In fact, the title in the 20-29 division was being contested in this race, since both Adam Pacheck and Mik Kern needed one more race, and Adam was leading by only a couple of seconds. Kern knew this was his only chance, but after the first lap or so, it was clear that Pacheck had the win in sight. The stiff breeze slowed the times, so Pacheck ran a bit slower than last month to break the tape in 4:36, with Kern gamely coming through in 4:45. The ever-versatile Dave Cook, despite not figuring in the race early on, came on hard to run 4:52. For the women, 16-year-old Catie Eisenhut of Lansing Lightning ran a strong 5:26 for the win, with Megan Luckner second in 5:31. Two other Lansing Lightning runners broke 6:00, so look for the Lansing girls to have a strong cross-country team this year.

We’d like to say more about the 4x200m relay but the rain clouds were so heavy that the ever-advancing darkness made the heats almost impossible to see—we were starting to worry about collisions during the handoffs. That said, our headlamp-equipped volunteers determined that the irrepressible Ching Yu Chang anchored an ad hoc winning team in 1:50.

Speaking of our volunteers, they once again did a fabulous job in challenging conditions that forced us to separate the registration and results table from the finish line. Josh Brockner is coming into his own as head timer now that Scott Wehrwein has moved on; Bruce Roebal continues to be a great starter; Jullien Flynn has become a wizard with entries, seeding, and results; Becca Lovenheim worked wonders with heat management as clerk-of-course with help from Carl Franck; Adam Pacheck did a good job in taking over recording finishers from recently departed Julie Quinn; Truck Rossiter handled backup timing with aplomb, Ally Salce provided lap counting and bell ringing services; Tonya Engst and David Keifer managed registration for individuals and teams; Tom Rishel floated quietly to wherever he was needed; and Anne Shakespeare and Ruth Sproul and Scott Dawson pitched on lane timing and other jobs as needed so other volunteers could race.

That’s it for 2018, and we’ll see you in January 2019 in Barton for the indoor season! As always, if you have any suggestions for how we can improve our meets, let me know. We’re constantly tweaking and adjusting as our meets attract more and younger runners while trying to make sure they’re as enjoyable as ever for long-time participants.


1Ching Yu ChangM23NPUST11.39
2Kobe OatesM19Unattached11.50
3Pete SigonaM24Unattached12.57
4John SaundersM16Team PREFO12.89
5Marcus HomaM13Team PREFO14.24
6Dillon TylerM14Lansing Lightning14.27
7Anna LoweF11Team PREFO14.90
8James SaundersM11Team PREFO15.23
9Karl GranrothM45Unattached15.33
10Harrison BrownM12Lansing Lightning15.49
11Aidan LazzaroM9Unattached15.63
12Benjamin LambertM11Lansing Lightning15.94
13Annoura StewartF12Lansing Lightning16.48
14Gregory HomaM11Team PREFO16.68
15Abigail WagnerFSouthern Tier SOAR17.29
16Tristin WeeksMWeeks17.33
17Kieran StewartM13Lansing Lightning17.36
18Nasia WhyteF7Unattached17.84
19Samson TelfordM12Team PREFO18.42
20Ben SweetM6Unattached18.72
21Tucker PuringtonM8Lansing Lightning18.75
22Abby SilvaF12Lansing Lightning19.22
23Jasmine WagnerFSouthern Tier SOAR19.23
24Aaren StewartM7Lansing Lightning19.25
25Norah HowellF9Lansing Lightning19.44
26Jacob JandrokovicMWeeks19.81
27Elijah LittlejohnM8Lansing Lightning20.20
28Jackson MichalecM6Lansing Lightning21.41
29Ethan LittlejohnM7Lansing Lightning22.09
30Natalie LovenheimF6Lansing Lightning22.50
31Annaliese GranrothF6Granroth Racing22.59
32Grace FolsomF7Finger Lakes Runners Club22.79
33Miley VitaleF5Auburn Pulsars23.13
34Roslyn FolsomF4Finger Lakes Runners Club23.42
35Kaarina GranrothF3Granroth Racing34.44
36Aurora DonovanM4Unattached43.08
37Willow DonovanF1Unattached1:00.00
37Trevor DonovanM35Unattached1:00.00


1Ching Yu ChangM23NPUST54.03
2Trevor DonovanM35Unattached55.50
3Franklin SkarupinskiM20Unattached1:02.12
4John SaundersM16Team PREFO1:02.39
5Dave CookM34Unattached1:03.55
6Karl GranrothM45Unattached1:14.12
7Anna LoweF11Team PREFO1:15.62
8Annoura StewartF12Lansing Lightning1:18.55
9Taylor FarrellF13Unattached1:20.64
10Kylah PuringtonF11Lansing Lightning1:25.01
11Abigail WagnerFSouthern Tier SOAR1:26.00
12Harrison BrownM12Lansing Lightning1:26.74
13Aidan LazzaroM9Unattached1:27.00
14James MouM10Team PREFO1:30.70
15Tucker FlaitzM9Southern Tier SOAR1:30.90
16Ben SweetM6Unattached1:36.00
16Tucker PuringtonM8Lansing Lightning1:36.00
18Charlie BrazierM9Lansing Lightning1:37.00
19Jackson MichalecM6Lansing Lightning1:45.00
20Norah HowellF9Lansing Lightning1:46.00
21Gracie BrazierF8Lansing Lightning1:51.00
22Samson TelfordM12Team PREFO1:54.00
23Annaliese GranrothF6Granroth Racing1:59.00
24Miley VitaleF5Auburn Pulsars2:07.00
24Grace FolsomF7Finger Lakes Runners Club2:07.00
24Fiona DannF6Lansing Lightning2:07.00
27Roslyn FolsomF4Finger Lakes Runners Club2:09.00
28Kaarina GranrothF3Granroth Racing2:44.00

1 mile RESULTS

1Adam PacheckM26Unattached4:36
2Mikhail KernM27Unattached4:45
3Dave CookM34Unattached4:52
4Chris MasonM29Auburn Pulsars5:00
5Jason TuoriM27Unattached5:05
6Phil KwasneyM37STRC5:12
7Jack ThomasM16Lansing Lightning5:14
8Michael StewartM36High Noon AC5:17
8Brian LazzaroM44Unattached5:17
10Scott DawsonM45High Noon AC5:20
10Max DauerheimM16Auburn Pulsars5:20
12Ryan BartonM16Lansing Lightning5:24
13Catie EisenhutF16Lansing Lightning5:26
14Miles BaroodyM12Auburn Pulsars5:29
15Sam BellM14Lansing Lightning5:31
16Megan LucknerF22Unattached5:31.20
17James CuddyM4Auburn Pulsars5:31.90
18Oliver BaroodyM14Auburn Pulsars5:32
19Jerry CzyzM13Auburn Pulsars5:36
20Emmaline JacksonF15Lansing Lightning5:38
21Keegan BradyM12Auburn Pulsars5:42
22Teddy BrennerM15Lansing Lightning5:50
23Pete SigonaM24Unattached5:51
24Kinsley JacobsF13Lansing Lightning5:58
25Elizabeth BaroodyF12Auburn Pulsars6:03
26Marcus HomaM13Team PREFO6:04
27Karen Simmonds-BradyF44Auburn Pulsars6:18
28Mikaela GarciaF18Unattached6:22
29Sean RingwoodM9Auburn Pulsars6:23.30
30Kyleen BradyF10Auburn Pulsars6:23.90
31Caden MichalecM14Lansing Lightning6:29
32Karl GranrothM45Unattached6:29.40
33Teresa GarciaF16Lansing Lightning6:30
33Bethany LorenzoF14Auburn Pulsars6:30
35Aidan ArcherM13Auburn Pulsars6:31
36Cassandra CollinsF12Team PREFO6:32
37Eden JacksonF17Lansing Lightning6:34
38Charlie MillerM14Lansing Lightning6:36
39Tristan LambertM42Unattached6:37
40Trey WarnerM17Lansing Lightning6:40
41Hana ThibaultF14Lansing Lightning6:44
42Oliver LambertM13Lansing Lightning6:45
42Ben CaveneyM17Lansing Lightning6:45
44Mason VitaleM12Auburn Pulsars6:47
45Coreen SteinbachF67Athena Track Club6:49
46Mary BushallowF47Unattached6:51
47Jacob VargaM9Auburn Pulsars7:07
48Tonya EngstF50Unattached7:08
49Dowain GeeseyM15Lansing Lightning7:11
50Tucker FlaitzM9Southern Tier SOAR7:14
51Zachary HwangM14Lansing Lightning7:18
52Taylor FarrellF13Unattached7:21
52Allison KeefeF17Lansing Lightning7:21
54David KeiferM71Unattached7:24
55Gabe DauerheimM13Auburn Pulsars7:27
56Abigail WagnerFSouthern Tier SOAR7:31
57James MouM10Team PREFO7:33
58Gregory HomaM11Team PREFO7:35
59Ben VitaleM49Auburn Pulsars7:37
60Maddie SchattingerF19Unattached7:38
61Carl FranckM66HNAC/FLRC7:40
62Ella VargaF13Auburn Pulsars7:46
63Penelope FergusonF11Auburn Pulsars7:50
64Anne ShakespeareF63Unattached7:57
64Abby RingwoodF11Auburn Pulsars7:57
66Julia LovenheimF8Lansing Lightning8:00
67Freddie CollinsM10Team PREFO8:01
68Quinn BradyF15Unattached8:07
69D Truck RossiterM69FLRC8:17
70Meghan WinksF11Auburn Pulsars8:55
71Madeline SenecaF12Auburn Pulsars8:56
72Annaliese GranrothF6Granroth Racing10:04
73Irene VargaF43Auburn Pulsars10:17


1Scott WeeksMWeeks16:09
2Dave CookM34Unattached16:10
3Sean DunnM25FLRC17:23
4William MullenM26Unattached17:28
5Michael StewartM36High Noon AC18:54
6Franklin SkarupinskiM20Unattached20:08
7Jason JenksM21Unattached21:00
8Mary BushallowF47Unattached23:16
9Kevin NelsonM53Unattached23:58
10Lucius DannM12Lansing Lightning27:49

4x200m RESULTS

1Team YuUnattached01:50.2
2Team BellLansing Lightning02:01.8
3Team CuddyAuburn Pulsars02:05.9
4Team SigonaUnattached02:11.8
5Team MillerLansing Lightning02:13.6
6Team SaundersTeam PREFO02:14.8
7Team JacobsLansing Lightning02:16.3
8Team ThibaultLansing Lightning02:16.8
9Team TylerLansing Lightning02:17.8
10Team ArcherAuburn Pulsars02:24.8
11Team LazzaroUnattached02:29.0
12Team MasonAuburn Pulsars02:30.5
13Team RingwoodAuburn Pulsars02:31.1
14Team BradyAuburn Pulsars02:32.7
15Team BrazierLansing Lightning02:36.3
16Team SaundersTeam PREFO02:39.6
17Team StewartLansing Lightning02:43.1
18Team Stewart 2Lansing Lightning03:08.6
19Team LittlejohnLansing Lightning03:37.6
20Team FolsomUnattached04:22.1
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