Mr. Hector’s Thom B Race Recap

Now that everyone’s cold hands have finally warmed up, we here at Mismanagement HQ would like to offer a recap of Saturday’s festivities, held in memory of Thom Bugliosi. Given the weather, we are frankly amazed that about 18 first-timers of the 110 folks made it across the finish line, from 132 total registered. This is one reason why Finger Lakes trail running requires toughness, and will make you tougher as you continue along the path of the FLRC Trail Circuit.

As if on queue, the race day rains started at the stroke of 7 AM when the opening bell rang, keeping the long-haulers from overheating on the first couple of laps. The trail was in pretty fine shape leading up to the 10 AM start, but of 80 pairs of shoes have a way of softening up the wet ground. Therefore the final push in the 42K proved even more challenging.

With respect to the race results, notable performances of the day include the following:


Amelia Kaufman led Yvette De Boer by 90 seconds for the women’s win. Former co-RD Shelly Marino was able to keep up with Audrey Balander for a spell, though not long enough to secure top Turbo-Vet. Adam Engst took the men’s win handily, with the other top five runners four minutes off and finishing within mere seconds of each other. To the delight of those at the finish, a couple folks came late to the dance, but they happily jumped in and caught up with much of the pack for a morning well spent.


A close race between Cornell grad Michael Selig and local triathlon stud Brian Lee, ended with Selig ahead by 30 seconds in his last year as an Open competitor. Fourth overall and first woman Charlotte Malmborg led Open winner Jennifer Selig by five minutes. Team Atrocious stringer Dumptruck Rossiter ran another loop in memory of his friend — the titular Thom Bugliosi — but let Kevon Brisson of Cicero take Turbo-Vet since D-Truck retired from racing after last year’s Thom B.


Men’s winner Andrew Siefert was credited with “going the extra mile” and finishing in 4:06 by way of the parking lot due to a tactical error. Locals Nancy Kleinrock outlasted local Sheena Heise for the women’s win in 4:25, as the pair took the fifth and sixth spots overall. Ultra regulars Ed Housel and Cory West were out once again for Ed’s last appearance as a Vet, placing second and third, with Josh Buczek in fourth rounding out the front of the pack. Turbo-Vet winner Jim Chely — running on a strict eight-mile-per-week training routine — outpaced Ron Cunningham in 4:50. Local trail fiend Paige Anderson raced Elvina Scott to a 5:20 finish, leaving them with Turbo-Vet and Vet women’s wins.

The neat parts of trail racing are the ones often found in solitude out on the trail, forever a memory to those who push hard to reach their goals. A couple local trail denizens, David Losee and Kevin Tripp, fought off cramps and hypothermia — as did many of you! — to secure their marathon finishes just under the wire. Amanda Hsu and Paul Maza needed a few extra victory laps to properly welcome the spring, each collecting 29 miles total. Never one for conventionality, Peter Keirn donned his customary kilt, sandals, and hunting hat for his long forest journey.

Naturally, this amazing event could not go on without the efforts of some important folks who make this possible. Our thanks to:

  • Ann and Charlie Leonard, who swept the course and continually steward the land.
  • Mike Ludgate, the Leonards, Susan Rausch, Johnny Rocket, and the rest of the Friends of Hammond Hill.
  • Susan Rausch of Camp Earth Connection for hosting us.
  • CNY Wilderness Search and Rescue for keeping us tallied, safe, and on-trail.
  • Hammond Hill Social Club for trail condition updates.
  • NYS Deptartment of Environment Conservation for overseeing this gem of a multi-use forest.
  • The timing crew, led by Scott Wehrwein, with help from course marker Eric Sambolec, crew chief Adam Engst, and Kayla and Judson Powers.
  • Setup and breakdown: Thanks to Adam and Tonya Engst, Scot Jacobs, Eric Sambolec, Pete Kresock, and the few of you cool enough to jump in and assist wherever you could.We’re looking forward to the rest of the season and invite you to come back to Ithaca on June 2 during the Ithaca Festival. The FLRC next hosts the Tortoise & Hare Trail Run at Buttermilk Falls State Park, followed by the Finger Lakes 50s (volunteers needed) on June 30, and the beginner-friendly, ever-gorgeous Forest Frolic 7K/15K on July 14. And don’t miss out on the STRC’s Tanglefoot Trail Runs on Fathers Day — part of our Trail Circuit. All this and more at

    Yours always on happy trails,
    ~Joel C. & Gary M.
    Mr. Hector & Mr. Eckshonn, Thom B. Trail Runs

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