FLRC Group Runs Begin February 4th

Running with other FLRC members just got easier, thanks to several group runs being organized for 2018!

With Shelly Marino as our volunteer Group Run director and a few FLRC members who’ve volunteered to lead these runs, we’ve been able to schedule a regular run for the first and third Sundays of every month, starting on February 4th. These runs will begin at the base of the Black Diamond trail, near the Children’s Garden and turtle at Ithaca’s Cass Park.

An important historical detail is that Black Diamond in this case refers to coal, and to the former railroad line that the Black Diamond trail follows. What Black Diamond does not refer to is a super-steep ski slope! So, although this trail does have a slight incline up from its base at Cass Park, it’s not a challenging hill by any standard.

We hope to have several volunteer leaders at each of these runs, with, perhaps, one leader actually leading, one in the middle, and one “sweeping” at the back. If you’d like to join the Group Run team and lead these runs regularly (or just occasionally), please get in touch with Shelly.

Mingling and registration will begin at 8:30 AM and we’ll start running at 8:45 AM. The group will run along the trail for about a half-hour and then turn around. In this way, everyone should start and finish together, regardless of pace, and we hope that everyone will find a few buddies going at an enjoyable speed. Walking or stopping to rest is also okay!

You need to register only once for the entire year—your registration is mostly just signing a liability waiver. You can do this online here, or if that’s not convenient for you, make sure to arrive at 8:30 so there will be time for you to register.

For more details, visit the Group Run page.
FLRC will also be involved with the popular Eat & Run runs that Vicki Brous has led in the past, and we believe that these will kick off in March of 2018, on the second and fourth Sunday. These runs will have a later start time than the 8:45 AM Black Diamond runs. Stay tuned to the FLRC site for details.