FLRC Footnotes for December 2020

Happy New Year, runners! We had no races in December, but quite a bit has been happening since our last issue. 

  • Nearly 150 people ran the Virtual Turkey Trot on their own to support Loaves & Fishes. 
  • Our Happy Holidays Scavenger Hunt has been a great success, with lots of participants and plenty more enjoying their silly photos. 
  • We had an FLRC Presents talk about Achilles tendinopathy that you can watch. 
  • Although we have been forced to cancel some races in early 2021, we have a peek at our big initiative for next year: the FLRC Challenge!

On to the details!

Are you ready for the FLRC Challenge in 2021?

COVID-19 has thrown a monkey wrench into our race schedule, so we have something new for you in 2021: the FLRC Challenge! It’s a series of ten virtual races, half road, half trail, ranging in distance from 1 mile to the half marathon. Complete them all to win the coveted FLRC Challenge medal! To increase the challenge, we have individual and team competitions for the speedy, the consistent, and the deliberate. The twist is that you can run each course as many times as you want throughout the year. Individuals will compete for over 200 cash prizes based on fastest times (overall and age group), best average times, and most efforts for each course. 10-year age group teams will go up against other generations for bragging rights based on age-graded times and most efforts. A dynamic online leaderboard will display individual and team standings. All profits from the FLRC Challenge will support local running programs like Girls on the Run and the GIAC Navigators. Race director Adam Engst isn’t quite ready to open registration, but you can watch his intro video and stay tuned for updates!

FLRC’s Happy Holidays Scavenger Hunt Gets Runners Taking Pictures

In FLRC’s Happy Holidays Scavenger Hunt, fellow runners from around the world (hi, Shelly!) competed to find six items each week and post their pictures to the FLRC Forum. The pictures have been hilarious, as contestants looked for ever-sillier ways of meeting the spirit of the hunt’s requirements, so be sure to check out the photos from Week #1, Week #2, Week #3, Week #4, Week #5, and Week #6. Thanks to Scavenger Hunt director Heather Cobb for giving many people some focus for their runs and pictorial entertainment for the rest of us!

FLRC’s Virtual Turkey Trot raises over $4000 for Loaves & Fishes!

A huge thank you to everyone who participated in FLRC’s Virtual Turkey Trot! Together, 148 runners raised over $4000 to help Loaves & Fishes feed those in need in our community, exceeding our usual goal by $1000. Kudos to race director Bruce Roebal for not letting the pandemic put a stop to this fine tradition of runners working to prevent hunger among us.

Watch “FLRC Presents: Managing Achilles Tendinopathy” on YouTube

If you missed Jason Tuori’s third FLRC Presents talk on Achilles tendinopathy, you can still watch it on FLRC’s YouTube channel. And if you have questions about pain in your Achilles or the back of your foot, feel free to ask them on the FLRC Forum! We took a break from FLRC Presents in December due to the holiday season, but we’re planning to be back in January with an open mic session where everyone can ask injury-related questions of several experts.

FLRC weekly workouts continue 

If you’re looking for some structure for your training, remember that we continue to post our weekly workouts for middle (5K to 15K) and long (half marathon and marathon) distance runners on the FLRC Forum. If you run with a friend or find yourself in the presence of walkers or runners, please follow FLRC’s recommendations for safe running!

Canceled: Winter Chill 5K series, indoor track meets, Hartshorne Masters Mile, and Skunk Cabbage Classic

It is with deep regret that FLRC must announce the cancellation of the Winter Chill 5K series, our indoor track meets, the Hartshorne Memorial Masters Mile, and the Skunk Cabbage Classic. Given expected infection rates, venue restrictions, and recommendations from local public health officials, FLRC believes that it would be irresponsible to encourage large gatherings of runners. Please help us control infections in our community by staying home, celebrating the holidays virtually with loved ones, and masking up whenever you’re in public.

Until next time, stay fit and stay healthy, and we look forward to running together again!

—Adam Engst, FLRC President and VP of Track