FLRC Cancels Official Group Runs

As much as it pains us to say this, until further notice, FLRC is canceling all official club group runs, including our 1st and 3rd Saturday runs on the Black Diamond Trail, the Sunday Skunkday runs, and the Tuesday night MITHACAL MILERS track workouts.

We are taking this step due to COVID-19 being found in Tompkins County and because the CDC has updated its guidance 1 to recommend cancellation of group events of more than 50 people. Most FLRC group runs aren’t quite that large, but we believe the club should support the public health message of using social distancing to reduce the spread of coronavirus.

However, from the perspective of an individual, running is one of the best things you can do right now. The stress-relieving benefits of running—and of being outside in general—are significant, so if the news gets overwhelming, you’ll probably feel better after a run. Plus, a 2018 article in Frontiers of Immunology suggests that exercise—even vigorous exercise—can reduce the incidence of infections. In short, running makes you happier and healthier. Yay!

Although we are canceling official group runs, we see little risk at this point in running with a friend or in small groups. Those who are feeling sick are unlikely to come out to run, there is little or no physical contact, there are no surfaces to infect or to be infected by, and even if someone was carrying the coronavirus, the mere act of running minimizes shared air. Feel free to post in the Group Runs & Workouts forum if you’re looking for company.

As always, please follow FLRC’s COVID-19 recommendations for runners!