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This event finished on 10 March 2020

FLRC organizes an indoor track training group focusing on the 1-mile race with the goal of helping runners improve their mile time throughout FLRC’s winter track season. Each week, an RRCA-certified coach will set a pace-based track workout, lead the group in dynamic warmups, and close with strength and mobility exercises.

All ages and abilities are welcome, although adults should be running at least 15–20 miles per week to ensure that the workouts are appropriate. These workouts are part of the FLRC Family Running Program, so children 7–13 are welcome and will run custom workouts based around running games.

FLRC membership is required.


Workouts take place at Cornell University’s Barton Hall on Tuesday nights at 7 PM. Please arrive by 6:45 PM to change and be ready for warmups starting promptly at 7 PM. Workouts usually last about 90 minutes.

The kickoff time trial will be December 3rd, 2019, and workouts continue through FLRC’s last indoor track meet in March. There will be no workouts on December 17th, 24th, or 31st due to Barton Hall being closed for finals and then the holidays.

Free parking is available in the Cornell Parking Garage.


  • Since these workouts are official FLRC events, a signed waiver is required for liability reasons. Please sign the waiver online before your first workout for both yourself and any children you’re bringing. This signup is also used for timing the time trial!
  • When you arrive for the workout, please sign in at the front desk, noting FLRC for your affiliation.
  • If the Cornell track team is still using the track when you arrive, please stay off until they’re done. It is of the utmost importance that we don’t interrupt their workouts or we could lose our track privileges.
  • Restrooms and drinking fountains are available in Barton Hall.
  • Note the spelling of MITHACAL, which contains ITHACA. :-)
  • For questions, contact Coach Adam Engst at