FLRC Family Running Program

The FLRC Family Running Program sessions are designed to provide adults and children with structured, age-appropriate workouts. Unlike many youth running programs, adults and children run at the same time, allowing parents to get in a workout while their kids learn more about running and enjoy some exercise.

Participation in the Family Running Program workouts is free, but all participants must be FLRC members (so join today if necessary!). Any adult may participate, whether or not they come with a child, but each child must be accompanied to a workout by a parent or responsible adult—this is not drop-off daycare! All participants—adults for themselves and parents for each of their children—must sign an annual waiver for the Family Running Program online.

All workouts will be set in advance by a volunteer coach, although the coach may not be present at every workout. Workout specifics will vary by season and the desires of the participants, as will schedules and locations. All children’s workouts will be managed by at least one adult, and preferably two or more, depending on the number of children.

Communication about adult workouts will take place on the main FLRC mailing list; details about the kid workouts will be posted to the Youth Running mailing list. Those interested in discussing youth running or organizing ad hoc running events involving children may wish to subscribe to the FLRC Youth Running mailing list.

If you have any questions or are interested in organizing a specific session or ongoing group under the FLRC Family Running Program umbrella, contact FLRC VP of Track Adam Engst.

Current Session(s)

The MITHACAL MILERS workout group started up again on August 27th and meets on Tuesday nights at 6 PM in the bowl of the Cornell Arboretum. Workouts are aimed at the 5K/10K distance with a focus on cross country and will be set by coaches Adam Engst and Jason Tuori. Workouts will include longer intervals and running on grass and hills and will be held primarily within the confines of the Arboretum. A mobility-based warmup will precede each workout, and each session will end with core-strength exercises. All ages and abilities are welcome.

Past Sessions

The FLRC Family Running Program evolved out of the winter MITHACAL MILERS workout group, which ran from December 2018 through March 2019.

The first Family Running Program group had a 7-week session running through mid-May, with adults running 5K/10K workouts designed by Jason Tuori, a USATF-certified coach. Kids ages 7 to 11 were coached by Sandy Gregorich, who is also a USATF-certified coach, has extensive experience coaching children of different ages in a variety of sports, and has up-to-date adult and child first aid and CPR certificates; the group also benefited from kid-wrangling assistance from FLRC board member Bill Watson.

During summer 2019, a Kids & Tots group formed to provide workouts to kids 7 and under; contact Nichole Cappadora for details. This group is taking a break and plans to start up again in mid-October. It was run by Nichole Cappadora, a USATF-certified coach and mother of two young girls who participated in FLRC’s indoor track meets this past winter and wanted to do more. Since Nichole and her husband Vinny are both certified coaches and run the event and race timing business Happily Running, they decided to give back to the community by organizing a youth running group for kids who are too young to train and compete vigorously. The goal of the sessions was to introduce kids to the sport of running while keeping it fun and interesting. Sessions included instruction on proper stretching techniques, agility drills, and a focus on running games. Parental participation is always welcome!