FLRC Challenge: Waterfront Trail


This out-and-back course starts by the bike rack behind Ithaca Youth Bureau, at the east end of Stewart Park, and follows the Waterfront Trail until the turnaround point marked by a white-line car crossing for the parking lot associated with the building that used to be the Haunt. Scan the FLRC Challenge sign for both the start and the finish.

FLRC Challenge Waterfront trail turnaround at the Haunt

Turn at the second set of white lines at the old Haunt parking lot

Note that you must follow the trail from the Youth Bureau through the intersection that goes into the park and then turns right toward the lake. Do not cross the railroad tracks other than at the intersection, and if a train is coming, be smart and wait for it to go by. If you get to the bridge that heads over to the Farmer’s Market, you’ve gone too far.

Waterfront Trail course map

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