FLRC Challenge 2022: Long Loomis

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The 5.7-mile Long Loomis course reprises some of last year’s most popular trails in Hammond Hill State Forest, but instead of the traditional Thom B. course, we’re going to run the long course of the Super Frosty Loomis snowshoe race. (Which we hope you’ll try next February!) Alas, there are no nearby options for post-run food without heading to Dryden or Ithaca.

Click for Google Maps showing the start/finish


Start at the Hammond Hill parking lot, where the course sign will be in the same place as last year.

Turn-by-turn RunGo directions are available; you can view them online and download them to the RunGo app on your smartphone (iOS or Android) or Apple Watch. Assuming you’ll run clockwise, follow these basic directions on the course map:

  • From the parking lot, run up Y1 until it hits Y6. (Look for the round yellow trail markers on trees.)
  • Turn left on Y1 and continue up to the intersection with Y3, where Y1 turns left.
  • Turn left on Y1 and run out to Star Stanton Road, crossing it.
  • Continue around Y1 until it turns into Y2.
  • Stay on Y2 until it comes back to Star Stanton Road, then continue up Star Stanton Road to the big intersection.
  • At the intersection, take a left on Canaan Road, and then another quick left onto Y4.
  • Stay on Y4 until it intersections Y5 and R2.
  • Turn right on Y5 and run on it until it comes back to Canaan Road.
  • Cross Canaan Road and run uphill briefly before turning left into Y6.
  • Follow Y6 all the way back to the intersection with Y1.
  • Turn left on Y1 and run back to the parking lot.