FLRC Challenge 2022: Lansing Center Trail

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The 3.4-mile Lansing Center Trail course offers a sense of what classic cross country running is like, with grassy fields and loops. The numerous loops will make your first effort here a bit slow, as you figure out the turns, but Lansing has posted numerous trail maps, and you’re essentially just going around each field loop in succession.

Click for Google Maps showing the start/finish


For post-run food right near the course, check out the Crossroads Bar & Grille for lunch and dinner options, Scoops for afternoon ice cream, and Salt Point Brewing for evening refreshments and libations. Also nearby are the Lansing Pizzeria, Lansing Sub Shop, and Dunkin’.

Start at the parking lot for the Lansing Center Trail off Route 34 in Lansing. For an interactive map with trail names, see IthacaTrails.org.

Turn-by-turn RunGo directions are available; you can view them online and download them to the RunGo app on your smartphone (iOS or Android) or Apple Watch. You can run these trails in any direction and any order—the only rule is that you must cover the ground. Until you’re familiar with the layout, use these directions with the course map:

  • Start by running east on the Terpening Loop briefly, then turn left/north, remaining on the Terpening Loop and following it as it turns left/west.
  • Go right/north on the Knettles Loop, and turn right/east into the Townley Loop.
  • Halfway around the Townley Loop, continue straight east through the woods and run around the small Ozum Loop before returning to and finishing the Townley Loop.
  • Once you’re back at the connecting point, run around three sides of the Hedden Loop.
  • Turn right/north to the big Shoemaker Loop, running all the way up to the woods, turning left/west, and continuing to hug the edge of the woods all the way around.
  • Back at the Hedden Loop, complete the fourth side going south, then turn right/west into the Knettles Loop.
  • Run all the way around the Knettles Loop back to the parking area.