FLRC Challenge 2022: East Hill Dryden Rail Trail

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The 7.5-mile East Hill Dryden Rail Trail course brings back the popular downhill mile on the East Hill Rec Way from last year, but only as a part of the much longer Dryden Rail Trail. You’ll run out and back on both trails, all the way to Route 13.

Click for Google Maps showing the start/finish


Your best bets for post-run food are Collegetown Bagels at East Hill Plaza for breakfast or lunch and Agava for dinner. Slightly further away (and much smaller) is the Coal Yard Cafe.

The connecting trail from Game Farm Road to Stevenson Road isn’t open to the public yet while Tompkins County works on safety features for the crossing. Until then, we’ll stay on Game Farm Road and Stevenson Road, picking up the Dryden Rail Trail on Stevenson Road. Once the Game Farm Road crossing is open—soon, we hope!—the course will use the shorter connector, and we’ll extend the turnaround point at Route 13 to keep the distance the same.

Start at the access road to the Cornell Compost Facility off Stevenson Road. There’s plenty of parking alongside the access road all the way to where the trail becomes single-track.

Turn-by-turn RunGo directions are available; you can view them online and download them to the RunGo app on your smartphone (iOS or Android) or Apple Watch. Alternatively, follow these basic directions on the course map, keeping in mind that it is fine to run in the other direction, or to start at a different point, as long as you cover the ground:

  • Run northeast down the Cornell access road, continuing across Mount Pleasant Road (beware of cars!) and across the famous FH Fox bridge over Route 366.
  • You’ll also cross Monkey Run Road, where there’s another parking area.
  • Keep running all the way out to the turnaround sign.
  • Retrace your steps to the starting point, then take a right on Stevenson Road.
  • At the intersection, turn left on Game Farm Road and run down to the East Hill Rec Way. Pay attention to traffic!
  • Run down the East Hill Rec Way to the 1.0 mile mark, where you’ll find another turnaround sign.
  • Retrace your steps again on the Rec Way, turning left on Game Farm Road and right on Stevenson Road.