Try Race Walking at FLRC’s March Track Meet with World-Record Holder Erin Taylor-Talcott

Here’s something to brighten your week—looking forward to learning race walking with Erin Taylor-Talcott at FLRC’s March 4th track meet.

Erin has had an outstanding athletic career as a race walker, with a current focus on the 50K distance. The About section of her Facebook profile tells us that she is a world record holder in the 50K and has 23 U.S. records. Erin is also notable for her efforts to get women included equally in Olympic race walking and to help women receive equal prize money in USATF-funded races.

When race walking, one foot must be in contact with the ground at all times. To see what race walking looks like and to learn more about Erin, watch this video.

If you’re interested in race walking, you can watch, learn, race, and review at the FLRC March 4 track meet:

  • Watch at 9:00 AM: Erin will be race walking in the first event of the meet, the 3000-meter race, so you can watch her to see how it’s done. (Experienced race walkers are welcome to compete in this event or the 1 mile, though we don’t have a special race walking heat.)
  • Learn at 9:30 AM: Once Erin finishes competing and recovers from her race, she’ll conduct a free race walking clinic behind the bleachers. Beginners are welcome and highly encouraged!
  • Race at 10:45 AM (estimated): After the 60-meter sprints, we’ll have one heat (or more, if necessary) of an 800-meter race specifically for race walking, making it possible for those who attend the clinic to give race walking a try on the track.
  • Review your race: After the 800-meter race, Erin will be available to talk about how the race went for you, if your form was legal, and what to try next in the pursuit of more race walking.

You can register now to race! To register for the 800m race walk, be sure to select the 1500m race walk (our registration software doesn’t have an 800m option, but it will be an 800m at the meet). Pre-registration is free to all FLRC members, and either $3 (students) or $5 (adults) for nonmembers. Day-of-race registration costs $10 for everyone. The registration fee includes as many races as you care to run (or race walk!).