Trail Circuit Mid-Year Standings

With a number of trail races in the can this year, we’ve started calculating the Stonehead and Pebblehead rankings for the 2018 Finger Lakes Trail Circuit. Kudos to Adam Engst for compiling the rankings, taking over the task from Karen Ingall. Karen had recorded these stats for many years and has now passed on the torch.

For those who aren’t aware, FLRC has three awards at the Annual Meeting in the winter for the previous year’s winners of the Stonehead, Pebblehead, and Boulderhead competitions. With Stonehead and Pebblehead, you get up to 100 points per trail race, based on the percentage of your time versus the winner of the race. So the winner gets 100 points, the second place person usually gets somewhere in the high 90s, and so on. The Stonehead competition takes all the races in the Trail Circuit into account, whereas the Pebblehead competition only looks at your top three races. 


Stonehead rankings

Pebblehead rankings

Note that Webscorer has no way of recognizing duplicate names. If you ended up with slightly different name formats in different races, let us know so we can normalize the data.

The Boulderhead competition is a bit different. It’s based on cumulative miles for Trail Circuit races, so if you run the Monster Marathon, you’ll get twice as many distance points as running the Monster Half Marathon, for instance. Boulder rankings will be available soon. More info on the series can be found here and here.

As of July 18, there are three races remaining in the 2018 series: Lucifer’s Crossing 6.66 Mile on August 18, The Monster Marathon and Half Marathon on September 22, and the Danby Down & Dirty 10K and 20K on October 6. The Forge the Gorgeous 3.5- and 7-miler is cancelled this year do to a closure in Gorge Trail at Fillmore Glen State Park.