Running in Barton Hall: A Reason to Become an FLRC Member

For the most part, FLRC races and other activities are available to everyone, regardless of whether or not you’re an FLRC member. However, as a member you’ll be able to:

• Receive a discount on most FLRC-sponsored races.
• Get free entry to all meets in FLRC’s summer and winter track series.
• Run in Barton Hall during the winter months.
• Meet and train with other runners with your own interests and abilities.
• Attend the annual club meeting and banquet.
• Participate in the annual vote for club officers and Volunteer of the Year award.
• Support the club in its mission to promote a healthy lifestyle through running.

I mention this not to be all promotional, but because the general public is technically not allowed to run in Barton Hall, whereas FLRC members are allowed — it’s a liability thing. Just sign in as an FLRC member at the front desk when you come in. I need to generate a list of members to give to the Barton Hall building coordinator soon, and it will make everyone’s life easier if the list I generate in a week has more people on it so there’s less confusion with recently joined members.

(And yes, I will once again be coordinating evening track workouts — probably Tuesday nights — for the MITHACAL MILERS group, possibly starting in December if Barton is available, and definitely in January. You’ll want to be an FLRC member if you plan to come to those.)

You can join and pay online ($20 per year for an individual, $35 for a family, with 3- and 5-year discounts). There’s also a paper form if you’d rather not register online.

Adam Engst, FLRC Vice President of Track