Winter Chill 5K #4 2022 Results
Brave the Ithaca winter!
11:00am Sunday January 30
Cass Park | FLRC | 5K

Thank you all for such a great final Chill! I’d like to give a big thank you to Adam, Mickie, Heather, and the Timing Team. As well as a great big shout out to my volunteers, Merin Ketcham and Bob Swizdor, for standing around in the cold for two hours.

We awarded some notable performances:

Roger Moseley: Fastest male
Sarah Codd: Fastest female
Chelsea Hauser: Anchor award
Asher and Milo Moseley: Youngest runners
Aaron King: For running with a stroller
Damian Clemons: For extreme dedication in driving long distances (from Phelps)
Rodney Egli: For arriving before the race director (he actually came the longest distance since Newark is about 10 minutes past Phelps)
Josef Hauser: For making the great Winter Chill stickers
Genevieve Bruce: in recognition for diligently completing all 4 races

You can also check out all the results on Webscorer for Chill #4 as well as the entire series. Please feel free to upload any photos to our community-driven Yogile album.

Thanks again for a great year of Chill. It was great to be back!

– Sarah Drumheller, Race Director

5K Results

1Dan Timmerman-41M18:31
2Roger MoseleyNew York, NY47M18:53
3Patrick MilanoIthaca, NY32M19:08
4Brian LazzaroSyracuse, NY47M20:15
5Banyan LoveNewfield, NY16M20:17
6Tristan LambertLansing, NY45M20:37
7Sarah CoddDowningtown, PA23F20:53
8Scott DawsonTrumansburg, NY48M20:55
9Dave KaniaIthaca, NY41M21:02
10Nathan Scinto-MadonichIthaca, NY27M21:20
11Rodney EgliNewark, NY21M21:35
12Gabrielle WooIthaca, NY30F21:46
13Gerrit Van LoonIthaca, NY60M22:00
14Michael LeonardFreeville, NY58M22:03
15Liz HartmanIthaca, NY39F22:11
16Jilene DemontIthaca, NY36F22:16
17Pete KresockIthaca, NY39M22:46
18Damian ClemonsPhelps, NY47M22:50
19Kate BlackwoodIthaca, NY44F22:56
20Caitlin LoehrIthaca, NY56F22:58
21Aaron KingIthaca, NY38M23:08
22Bradford BellIthaca, NY47M23:08
23Jacqueline FrankTrumansburg, NY46F23:09
24Jonathan LadleyIthaca, NY41M23:10
25Ben ShulmanIthaca, NY29M23:16
26Helen WangIthaca, NY30F23:16
27Aidan LazzaroIthaca, NY13M23:28
28Frances SteenIthaca, NY29F23:34
29Brenda OsovskiIthaca, NY55F23:40
30Jesse KoenneckeIthaca, NY51M24:05
31Julie BarclayGroton, NY48F24:20
32Anton VolneyCortland, NY34M24:55
33Milo Moseley-10M24:58
34Hillary CreedonIthaca, NY31F25:03
35Kyle ReynoldsPine City, NY43M25:08
36Mark JauquetIthaca, NY55M25:43
37Matthew ClarkIthaca, NY59M26:01
38Josef HauserIthaca, NY30M26:12
39Grant BriggsWindsor, NY54M26:24
40Elizabeth Rechtin-51F26:43
41Jamie LoehrIthaca, NY59M26:45
42Sara Scinto-MadonichIthaca, NY28F26:57
43Lloyd GravesIthaca, NY48M27:02
44Diana HackettIthaca, NY38F27:10
45Jennifer TotiNorwich, NY44F27:20
46Thomas JohnsonBrooktondale, NY46M27:34
47GG KingIthaca, NY8F28:02
48Amy DawsonTrumansburg, NY48F28:03
49Amanda KingIthaca, NY34F28:07
50Sarah GiesyTrumansburg, NY44F28:16
51Guthrie GravesIthaca, NY11M28:56
52James MinerDryden, NY73M28:57
53Steve RyanIthaca, NY70M28:57
54Michelle DardiaFreeville, NY62F29:19
55Guy HoffmanIthaca, NY48M29:31
56Asher Moseley-10M29:32
57Verity PlattIthaca, NY44F29:32
58Bob CongdonIthaca, NY76M29:47
59Stephanie MulinosDryden, NY57F30:46
60Yinghua WangIthaca, NY48M31:06
61Charles WangActon, MA19M31:50
62Gretchen GilbertBrooktondale, NY53F32:19
63Carl FranckIthaca, NY69M33:07
64Rahmon Daily JrCortland, NY12M33:08
65Jessica DailyCortland, NY41F33:13
66Amy Spadolini-58F33:35
67Terry MatticeIthaca, NY63M34:00
68Kate AndersonIthaca, NY47F34:24
69Stacie MannIthaca, NY52F35:29
70Tonya EngstIthaca, NY54F35:29
71Lisa DannLansing, NY48F35:40
72Trisha LadleyIthaca, NY39F37:07
73Christopher CrookerIthaca, NY56M37:35
73Chris Anderson-54M37:35
75Genevieve BruceIthaca, NY45F38:15
76Cheyenne Cardamone-KnewstubIthaca, NY48F/M38:31
77Tony ZukasNewfield, NY68M39:35
78Chris Spadolini-58M40:48
79Ana HaffUnion Springs, NY49F46:25
80Chelsea HauserEl Cajon, CA30F/M54:50
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